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Robert Vaughn Young



Robert Vaughn Young

Presented here for the first time is Vaughn's deposition testimony in the Lisa McPherson case. 

This is a photograph taken in 1975, when Vaughn was doing the Snow White research about Interpol. He was sitting at his desk on the seventh floor of the Manor, where the Guardian's Office worked.  






This photograph was taken in September 1979 while Vaughn was on mission in Washington, D.C. to create news stories that would divert media attention away from the upcoming trial of Mary Sue Hubbard and the rest of the "DC 9." The defendants ended up stipulating to the evidence to avoid the scandal a public trial would have created, but Vaughn's news stories were picked up by AP and UPI internationally. 

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Note:  In converting the files to readable text, dashes in the transcripts ( - ) were changed to question marks ( ? ).  Until the files are cleaned up, please be aware of this glitch.



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