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France 3, News, July 28th, evening

(newscaster): Scientologists are calling  it victory,  after the sentence rendered this afternoon by Lyon Court of Appeal, indeed the condemnations pronounced against its in-charge are lesser and less heavy than those given into lower Court (Tribunal Correctionnel); they were suited after an adept's suicide in Lyon in 1990 and for fraud.  Precisions with Didier Bouillot and Annie la Sablière...

(voice off): 3 years jail deferred, and 85000$ amend, Jean Jacques Mazier, the ex-chief of Lyon's Dianetics Center escapes to firm jail, but he's recognized guilty of second degree murder and fraud against 18 victims; his nearest assistants have also been sentenced to 10 to 12 months deferred jail. Appeal Court retained fund's extorsion against two in-charge of scientology. Total, 6 sentenced, that is the figure the enemies of scientology  are aware of.

(just outside the Court after the judgement pronounced)

(Attorney for scientology, Metzner): Scientology's exercise in intself is not recognized as a fraud, this is what the court recognized, and that only excesses, probably regrettable ones,  can lead to a sentence; but those will be corrected thereafter. This is therefore no indulgency, it is law that has been applied.

(Daniele Gounord, president of Scientology Paris): We'll now be able to consecrate to scientology's purposes and continue our development in France, hem, I think, without problems, up to a recognized religion in France, it's on this we'll work. [I must put some emphase here on the fact that the scieno president, whatever said the Appeal Court, is not yet herself considering scientology as a religion, from what she just said!]

TV Question: Is this a victory for scientology?

Gounord: Say this is a good decision, yes, on COULD (emphasis added) say it is a victory...[once agin, she does not believe entirely it is... one COULD say]

TV: 23 persons, adepts and ex-adepts were suited, fifteen have been into appeal court after 7 years procedure, the affair started in 1990 after the suicide of a family's young father, driven to pay to enter into scientology.

(Attorney LLACER, for the family of the suicided person): I 'm believing that the most important here for the opposing [to scientology] party, is the fact that second degree murder has been recognized, and this is also that fraud has been recognized.

(Yvette Genosy, president of Lyon's french "CAN", the ADFI): The essential for me is the fact that one retained Mr Vic (the suicided person) has committed suicide, not because of M. Mazier, but because M. Mazier was under the scientology's founder,a and that he used L.R.Hubbard technologies; that's what is important for us here.

(TV): the main two parisians persons suited have been relaxed,  is one cause of deceipt for scientology's adversaries, because Lyon's Court of appeal recognized them also the right to claim the religious title. Out is the suit against a cult; condemning their bad elements, judges get the affair into a Lyon's circle of influences.

(Voic off): <http://wwwperso.hol.fr/~rgonnet>... you are connected to the Secticide; this under-title, the "anti-scientologist" is clear:

(Roger Gonnet, me): There are now almost 400 thousands words, which is more or less 4 good novels' size; they are divided in more than 80 text's files, and a number of images.  Sources are innumerable, because they are now hundreds of Internet sites or web pages aimed at criticizing scientology.

(TV) : Roger Gonnet opened this site the 1st of April; he's translating there press articles and documents; some concerning suits actually in courts in USA against the organization; he gives his own book, relating his own life in scientology. He's essentially criticizing the scientology's litterature.

(me) I'm trying to get some sort of a dictionary on scientology - what's really scientology - not what they say it is, but what is is really, because it's not at all what they are saying, but what it is really, and what they are doing, therefore, to synthetize their activities.

(TV): But if speaking is a weapon, the target is money; to have them well known, Roger Gonnet is knowing scientology's many secrets and its cosmology; and he knows his efficiency while exposing them publicly.

(me) : This lot of secret texts speaking of this, scientology does'nt want them to be discussed, because it very well realize this is that which is making most of the money: to get in the highest part of this way, you have already to pay 1 million francs (180000$), and to get the highest point here, it's another 180000$.

TV: But you, what is your motivation in this struggle?

(me) Good, when I was exercising scientology, I did it in a humantarian purpose, because I believed into it; I realized after a time that it was not at all what was said to me, therefore, I took an inversed position to try to repare a bit my error while working as a scientologist.

(TV) at 56, Roger Gonnet attributed himself virtuallly a mission, to settle accounts with L. Ron Hubbard.

(soon some more on the same file, because i have some other texts to translate)

French TV 1

July 3Oth, 1997

(TV newcaster): Good Evening, those are actuality's titles: the controversy following the Court of Appeal sentences given yesterday, which for the first time***recognizes scientology as a religion. Reactions have multiplied all along the day, but the Parquet Général sent the affair into Cassation Court   and the  Deputies' Chamber Reporter for Cults ask the Interior Affairs Minister to intervene.

After the very controverted decision of the Appeal Court recognizing the scientology as a religion and not as a cult (sect) - if organization's adepts are crowing over their victory,  it's somewhat surprise and worry by those struggling cults since years, with at core this question: do Courts have any competency to recognize the religious aspect of the organization; -  Bernard Nicolas?

(Bernard Nicolas, off, quoting): "Considering that church of scientology represents a communitry of people lead by a same belief," Lyon Court of Appeal estimated therefore that this sect could revendicate the religion's title. This small phrase into a 40 page sentence get immediate reactions from specialists of cults who think that Appeal Court has somewhat erred.

(M. Guyard, co-reporter against sects in Chamber of Deputies): In this affair, the Court has eminently trespassed his competencies; it's not to Civil Justice to say if a group is or not a religion, and if it can have religious activities; the only agency in France which, by law, can recognize a (privilegedly fiscal) status is the Internal Affairs Minister; and, in some Cases, State Council, but it is certainly not to civil justice, who has the only power to decide upon commited offenses.

(TV 1): Ex-scientologist, Roger Gonnet has also underlined the incompetency of civil Court of Appeal regarding religion, but he only retained the pronounced condamnations.

(Roger Gonnet) If you look more attentively the judgement, one can see that it is impossible to get to the generalization "scienbtology is a religion". Simultaneously, the Court sentences it to be guilty of fraud, second degree murder and funds extorsion - and this is not especially a religion's classic method.

(TV): Since years, Scientology wants unsucesssfully to get the "cultual association" status,  giving some fiscal benefits. With symbols (images of the scn's cross), with attracting slogans, and with a name, "Church of Scientology", this was not enough.

Since always, scientologists insist upon upon their founder's works, Layatte Ron Hubbard, who never hide his purpose (then image of "Make Money, Make More Money with LRH's photo), this being not so very spiritual.

(Serge Faubert, author of the book "a cult at republic's core".): I have some difficulties to see any religious aspect into this organization, a very hierarchized one, which has an intelligence's service, which is filing its critics, which is extorting funds, all this precisely underlined in a number of sentences, which has been filed into bankrupcy for commercial activities; then its religious dimension is not so evident for me, as i believe it neither is for public opinion.

(TF1) In january, 1996, say here some of the unclear past of church oàf scientology - a parlement's enquiry named it a cult, between 172 others plaguing in France.

(TF1 newscaster): The argument around scientology extends beyond France, and got various reactions from foreign countries where it is well implanted.
Spectacular victory for adepts in US, extreme watchfulness in Germany where it is severely fought those last years; - Nelly Pause?

(Nelly Pause, Off): Cult, religion, profit organization, in every country, the church of scientology fights to be recognized as a religion. It succeeded in BG last year where it was recognized as a bona fide religion, as catholics roman are.It is having strong difficulties though in Germany; it is considered there as looking only for profit; lowered from its non-profit association status, it is under commercial trade laws. Last Summer, in Bavaria, the President even forbid employing scientologists into Public Service, and some weeks ago, the German Govt palced the cult under Enquiry for a one year period ; it could be then be dismantled.

(Manfred Kanther, Deutsches Internal Affair Minister): We have to know if scientology is only an unwanted organization, a troubling one, or if it has criminal activities forbidden by our la    w and Constitution; our information's services have to establish that.

(TF1) Reversely, in the States, here the organization is the most powerful, a recognition has been gotten from the IRS. Church of Scientology has had the status of religious association since 1993  and is therefore profit taxes exempted; with its 800 millions F (120 Millions $) estimated fortune, this is giving quite a profit. A recognition really very far from philosophical considerations, but this is enough for the american government to criticize german attitude againt scientology. Looking all this, the Court of Appeal sentence is a victory for scientologists.

(Alex Jones, scientology PR in USA): France was at the crossing of roads; and we consider that the decision engages the country into freedom of religion and belief. This is therefore a victory for scientology as well as for other small religions.

Please note well this: because the scientology cult is since long using other cults to federate  - and picking them their adepts - and using them or their decisions to advance scientology. Those cults do ignore that scientology has a only one purpose; to conquer that planet and that universe. And furthermore, many of those cults have been "declared suppressives" by scientology itself, which says yet more on their intent regarding those other "small religions" as well as against the biggest ones.

(TF1): A nevertheless frail and temporary victory: Court of Cassation has been summoned on the affair and could cancel the apeal court's sentence.

..."Her it's upon the religious caracter of an organization; the Court of Appeal decision to give scientology the religion's title called for a controversy and is in the middle of an argument. This decision, thanked as a a victory by scientology, has gotten strong reactions from the legal partners; the Parquet Général de Lyon has indeed asked the sentence into cassation's court. Equally criticized by the main religions, who are considering scientology as a cult.

We'ell have Jeanine Tavernier (ADFI, the french CAN, president) in some minutes in the "LES QUATRE VERITES" (the four truths) show.


***This not exactly true, since scientology already declared in France as soon as 1980 that it had been recognized as a religion by the sentence of the 13th Chambre du Tribunal Correctionel de Paris. In fact, the founder himself had been sentenced 4 years jail, as well as 3 other persons, in abstentia, for fraud essentially. - It is to be noted that Hubbard got into seclusion a bit later in USA, as he was also looked at by IRS. The wording of the Court was in France "even considering the scientology as a religion"... and scientology twisted it into: The Scientology has been recognized as a religion".



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