Criminal Law Thesis on Scientology
France, 1st February 2002,

Passed with highest Honours & Congratulations from the Jury

The webmaster is extremely honoured to present - a Worldwide Première - what could be the most important work of Law theory of those last years about the culs topic: the criminal law thesis of M. Arnaud Palisson. The webmaster wants to thank the author of this honour, moreover so after having had the luck to assist to this Thesis brillant defence before the Honorable Jury.

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The nocuous cult can judicially be defined as an entity having philosophical, spiritual or religious purposes, whose organisms and managers are committing, for the entity, criminal actions as authors or accomplices. The danger of the group is increased when the seriousness of such crimes raises when the member is progressing in the spiritual body of the cult.

The french organizations claiming to depend from scientology, managed strictly as established into the founder L. Ron Hubbard orders, constitute the scene of such reprehensible activities.

The "Purification Rundown" of the physical member's body leads to illegal medicine.

Treating the mind through auditing leads to aggravated fraud and deception.

Once on this step, the member wanting to progress so as to reach a spiritual dimension can become a member of the elite body of scientology, the Sea Org, where he'll apply the "Ethics" - the scientology disciplinary rules.

Till then a simple victim, he becomes then author or accomplice of illicit activities, including arbitrary emprisonment aginst his coreligionists, but as well, against oppposants to scientology.

Every organization on the national territory is therefore able to be charaterized as a nocuous cult. Like physical persons participating to fobidden acts, it can be condemned before courts, through the criminal responsability of moral persons that should systematically be considered.

Regarding of the seriousness of the crimes, the judge could, in almost every case, decide of the dissolution of the group.

Le droit pénal
et la progression spirituelle au sein des sectes :
l'exemple de l'Eglise de Scientologie

Faculté de Droit de Cergy-Pontoise,
février 2002

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Volume 1:

The Thesis

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Introduction ..........................................................................PAGE 2
I - Physical body purity :

The purification rundown and illegal medicine practice
description of the process

1 Material element
2 the moral element
3 who are the people concerned by the repression

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2nd part - The mental treatment: dianetics auditing and deception 199
Presenting the dianetics therapy 201
1. Fraud and dianetics auditing
2. Fraud and processes used to get the prospect interested
3. E-Meter sale and fraud (Consumer's rights)

3nd part - Ethics, for a spiritual purity: from the disciplinary law to the criminal law 370
Ethics bases 373
1. Ethics, a traditional association's disciplinary law
2. Ethics and Criminal law

General conclusion 519
Bibliography 525
Table 555

Volume Two:


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