Some thoughts about scientology so-called "study tech"


This is an open letter posted in reaction to a may 29th article from Charles Lussier on "The", link:

Dear Sir,


I read your article on scientology way to learn/teach.

Being an ex-executive of the cult in France, trained for years into these methods, I have observed the following facts, that nobody having not been a scientology course supervisor for years can have easily seen.

Not only I was a course sup, but also a Case supervisor , an auditor, a translator of Hubbard's works, and a specialist trained in France, UK and DK in Hubbard's "techs".

Now, if that method was so great (not that it has NO quality: taking a dictionary is nothing new, and drilling is nothing new either), here are some observations that could'nt be done after students have really been trained on it. 

1/ if the learning method was really great, people of average or highest IQ levels would not  lose their critical abilities while studying such documents and courses as the stories presented in upper levels of the cult  ["OT levels"].
Such secret texts of the cult are presented there:
Indeed, these have been at length demonstrated as ridicule and utter sci-fi by many scientific methods, and they are as incoherent scientifically speaking as the creationnist idea that the World has been created in 7 days.

2/ If the learning method was so great, how come professional executive scientologists of vast experience and high training levels  in the cult's methods have been forced to get *retrained* or "crammed" times after times on that method?

How come scientology would be  very very often forced to send or resend its staffs to "retraining", "cramming sessions", and "world clearing sessions", plus various other tools such as disciplining them by way of punishment, threats and other humiliating ways?

3/ If that learning method was so great, how come it has produced mostly people people who  have finally left the cult, after days, weeks or years inside, thinking that they had been had and lured by so many lies?

4/ Now, the fact that the method insists so much and almost only on the words' meaning, helps sci-fi writers like Hubbard or unscientific people, to create whatever pseudo-science they want, add any metalanguage in it to explain unexisting or unprovable theories like most of the mind theories and "auditing" theories of M. Hubbard.

That's the real cause and motivation having led him to fabricate that teaching system: with it, an evil-purposed group can impose some parts of its theories on many many people without them being able to exert their natural critical abilities.

In your article, you have noticed that, quote: "The tutors are well trained, the students are closely monitored and students can’t move on until they’ve mastered the material, he said."  Thinking more about that, you could discover the second hidden way by which scientology obtains some results with this method: it insists and does not let a student go. But that needs a considerable teaching time. Much more than anywhere else.

And it happens that  the purpose of this perpetual insistance is to have a total control on the students, and doing this would also bring to 'frame' or 'limit'  the education's topics and interpretations, limiting these to the only ones having been choosen by the government or dept of education. We are not far from Big Brother.

Furthermore, it would end up narrowing the variety of teaching, which would indeed empoverish the studies, since the supervisors/professors could'nt offer any of their viewpoint in 'scientologically taught' courses.

To conclude, there is another bigger danger with that. If scientology gets a partly deserved reputation to be able to help studies and students, it'll seduce more future victims and obtain the real unique  purpose behind:  to govern the world, like exposed in the famous "Targets defence" confidential Hubbard policy:

I let you imagine what would be a world  governed by an extremist/totalitarian system where anything contrary to Hubbard's ways would be savagely repressed, where people not enthusiastic enough would be parked and/or murdered. See Hubbard's written murder orders to his staffs:

It is evident that scientologists will deny these critics.

But there are way too much evidences that they are acting by seduction first to attract new clients, then by pressures, to gain an almost total control of the individuals under their spell.

I hope you'll "counterbalance" your article by going further in your analysis of the "applied scholastics" scientology system.


Roger Gonnet

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