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It could be interesting to discover and disclose who, in the scientology system, were most often supposed by other scientologists to be the real "suppressive" ones. This being done "scientologywise", I mean. But, instead of using their short views, as they do with their weekly stats, using the long term ones to decide of the "suppressivity".

First of those examples I've in mind, (I was studying in Paris org), was a senior Class IV C/S named Jean-Michel Wargniez. I presume he was then the highest trained C/S they had. I'd bet he was a bad auditor himself - though I'm thinking one can be a correct C/S without being a very good auditor.

At least five persons, all OTs or soon to-be-OTs, to whom I've spoken then, said Wargniez was a suppressive C/S and a suppressor of auditors: lots blew under him... Cramming was the room where some - too much - cries happened, as many auditors were unable to discover what they had done from his stupid corrections, and he used threats of SP declares sometimes to force some **public** auditors of renown to audit public pcs - a thing they should'nt have done, but at the time, professional auditing could be gotten for some 10 dollars an hour, and they were few good pro auditors in Paris org, so, the best external ones were asked to audit the public for no pay or award, and with therats as a prize.

He also tried to make declared the highest trained auditors in France when they came on his lines for a while : it was Alain and Sarit Rosenberg, who went to be the founders of the CC Paris, both class VII, OT III.

Wargniez was highly prized in Paris org, probably because nobody could really match his knowingness of tech, but in fact, he was a very bad C/S from my viewpoint now (flunking or cramming a large majority of sessions, unable to find most of the true whys, writing up to three times "flunk, flunk, flunk!!!!" on worksheets, with two or three exclamations points, plus various qualifications of bad auditor etc.

I presume JM Wargniez could now be in Flag, under the supervision of the present (or ex??) - senior Flag C/S , his once friend Alain Kartuzinsky - the one Clas XII C/S who had C/Sed Lisa Mc Pherson to death. I dunno.

The second case is very interesting too: he was the CO Europe, and now, he's the E/D INT: Guillaume Lefevre. He was said to have been an LSD dealer and druggie before becoming a clam, though I've not checked myself if that was true or not; someone else said so to me. That's not yet enough to suppose he is an "SP" - though according to clam standards, it was then enough to disqualify him a staff, if true [Freddy Hunkeler, who was AOSH EU I&R, and later CO or DCO AOSH EU & AF, was also a heavy drug case: he said himself].

More interesting was Guillaume Lefevre methods to see that possibility of "SPness": not only was he not annoyed to work little onto his FOLO EU and CO EU jobs - he preferred posing with rutilant caskettes as his vain commodore - , but as well, he was essentially dictating stupid telexes to every orgs under him, establishing some game conditions between them to push the stats - to no avail. I dunno if he cared much of the truth of such stats, neither if he ever was able to read them correctly, but that's another problem.

Interesting to note that his FOLO E/Os were also the SP type (very accusative, very fast to punish for nothing, etc), and that his sort-of-justice was rather inept. Folo Eu and everything running around it was extremely low-toned and looked "dangerous". Even the building had no real security - for fire etc; Folo EU hotel has been near to burn.

Interesting also to observe that while he was still CO EU, the best auditors from the AO were all RPFed or DPFed, under various out-techs accusations (1982-83). That most of the COs og EU orgs were fired or declared. Interesting enough too, to know that the few OTs or friends to whom I was able to speak of him without restraint shared the same views: he is an "SP".

Also interesting, the fact that his own founder was sentenced to 4 years jail in France while he was the CO EU - and while the C/S paris org having gotten this remarkable result on the pc having sued and won this suit was also, if I remember well, Jean-Michel Wargniez...

The third is not the least: that's our poodleboy, the miscarriage hisself, the great gang-banger short legged short dicked, short viewed asthmatic-despite-scieno-techs litlle shit brained paranoïd-schizophrenic David Miscavige.

Hatable sort of hate-monger.

I'll not extend to his many vices, as they are already much known. Not surprising to know that he choose the "SP" Lefevre as ED WW - or that he got rid of better staffs; like Mayo, or Stacy Young etc. or that he got such idiot helps from people like International Finance Police chief Wendell Reynolds - later disavowed by his own chief miscarriage, or from arch-criminals like his upper troop of guns to hire.

And what about the fourth? That's the founder, the scieno navy admiral himself, elwrong hubbie... he did whatever he could in fact to shrink his affair, at the same time as he was running it: if his adepts had not been far more convinced of the value of his rants than he was, he would never have had any real f* success - each and every stupid decisions of real importance taken inside scientology, wherever on the globe, can be traced to his own orders and deliriums, before or after his death.

Therefore, as he said into his KSW #1 series, "Keeping Scientology Working", he was much right for once:

"Attacks from governments or monopolies occur only where they are "no results" or "bad results".

Yeak! as scientology can't give real stable results, for the main reason that its tech is entirely flawed (yet more so on upper levels than on lower ones) , that its ethics equals its founder's ethics which was far under the zero line, that its admin is as bad as any corrupt countries' admins, and that its devotion to some valuable purposes equals its founder devotion to make people win [unuseful to remind that he was only money motivated, which is making people lose] ; so, scientology can't and could'nt help itself to run right at any point of the past, present or future.

Scientology is a moribound organization : the one-eyeds led by the blinds, or the stupids led by the crazies, that's scientology.

Thanks, the greatest fraud of the century, the only true SP, Hubbard (he is alone to have invented the "SP" concept: he knew).


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