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Letter to some of the signatories of these paid articles

- Open letter to the French Prime Minister Jospin (International Herald Tribune, March 23, 2000) and

-Open letter to the French President Chirac (Journal France-Soir, April 20, 2000)

(sorry for the dullness of the english)

1. Why this letter?

  • Who was behind the "Commission of international experts"
  • Rulings and expertises
  • Arguments used to convince religious leaders - the 1 billion dollars
  • Dangers and liabillities while associating with scientology.

    2: Conclusion

    3: about the letter's author

Why this letter to the signatories of the above "Open letters"

- First, if I'm adressing to you this document, it's because I'm almost certain that you could be ignoring a lot of things about the true organizer of this campaign against a french governmental Mission. It is the church of scientology, through Rd L'Heureux.

M. L'Heureux organization (Queens Federation of Churches) paid 226000 FF (some 32000 $ to an agency for the France Soir ads, and a similar sum to International Herald Tribune. I' don't know yet how these relationships between Rd L'Heureux and scientology have been established, but certainly, M. L'HEUREUX got the money to pay these large sums though one scientology front.

It could be very possible too, that scientology had exerted pressures onto Rd L'Heureux or other signatories, since Scientology has obtained a very large database of documents (through lies to a young man whose sole award was a 10000 dollars in a suit against the CAN, where he had won 3 m$) scientology disposes now of this CAN database against many religious or non-religious groups, and use them.

[note: the Herald Tribune open letter was never published in France, and was not published in french language, despite being adressed to the French Prime Minister].

Rulings and expertises

- The fact is that various activities attacking some positions of the french government have been planned since months by the "Church of Scientology" , since several scientologists - the founder of scientology Hubbard included, - have been sentenced to various jail, amends and damages penalties in France for fraud, extorsion, manslaughter, non-assistance to an endangered person, and some other indictments being still pending, everyone being in direct relationship with the direct accomplishment of scientology rules and techniques.

As it appears, from lots of foreign judgements and rulings, that scientology had been sentenced as well in many other countries, for similar facts and crimes, that the list of its wrongful deaths, either by dubious suicides or else, or the list of other crimes committed against various governmental offices, including burglarizing, conspiration, theft, fraud against tax, against people, against its own staffs, against judges, publishers, or against disabled adults, [to quote some], one cannot be surprised that France - between other countries [Germany, England, Sweden, Belgium, Greece, Hungary, Russia, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland etc] - has studied the way to deal with the new phenomenon represented by Scientology and a handful of other groups having adopted similar ways of defense of their interests. Scientology has not even a real interest into God, neither any real form of cult toward God or gods, or toward supranatural entity or entities, or any real form of transcendance, despite all its assertions and front claims. (see: <http://www.antisectes.net/essai-religion-eng/htm> for more details.)

As you may know, US constitution does not recognize a religion more than another, and can't allow judges to rule into matters of religion. This is perfectly normal and fits into the international various other texts defending the religion freedom. This is what France does too, though a bit differently. Groups are not sued because of religious or beliefs activities, but because of crimes of their members. Whether secular or religious, they can be sentenced the same. For France like for US or in most civilized countries.

One should remind here that scientology had lost its IRS recognition during decades, and that if it has reconquered it since october 1993, it was the very first time ever in all the US history, that any group has had such a non-profit recognition SECRETLY, that the incredibly complex contract (5000 lines) was hidden for years, till an indiscretion exposed its probably unconstitutional deals [some US suits are actually and presently dealing with the matter].(see the deal if you don't lack courage and law-hints: <http://www.antisectes.net/irs_final.htm>)

And finally, Scientology is still under many suits in US: the Flag "Mecca" of scientology [Clearwater] is under attack, between others, for illegal medicine practice, abuse of a disabled adult - penal case regarding the death of one of their longtime member in 1995), plus the wrongful death accusation for the civil part of the case.

Arguments of scientology to convince the religious leaders abroad

First, Scientology has no friendship with any, I say any, of the other religions and similar practices. It is clearly announced even from the scientology Credo, if one can read it like it is written. But it says that you have such an interest, and it invents conspirations from states against religions. That does not exist at all in our countries. It also invents persecutions: they don't exist either. What exist is the resistance of responsible citizen toward totalitarism, political or other.

Indeed, scientology says "We, of THE [capitalization added] Church, believe...". This is THE Church, and this is repeated 4 times in the original text. Besides, Scientology practices include a lot of what they call "repair lists", (questions to find some possible "mental charge"). Some of them (like the "C/S series 53"), ask specifically to the scientology members such questions: "Are you involved in some other practice" [page 150, volume 12 technical bulletins), which means here any other philosophy, psychology, or religion, or even medical or paramedical system. And it sends those who have not abandoned such practices under punitive discipline, or they ask more payments to "repair" the person in "trouble" because that "practice".

For those of you who are believers of a christian belief, I'll add that Hubbard has said that "THERE WAS NO CHRIST ON THE CROSS, THERE WAS NO CHRIST ON THE CROSS", and some other ridiculing assertions on Christians. All this being known since decades, highly documented, and never disputed by scientology.

Worse, scientology complained before the courts when a french writer [Bernard Fillaire, le Grand Décervelage, publisher Plon] quoted an Hubbard "OT 8" bulletin saying that the Christ was a pedophile and a men lover, plus a angry guy. Later, they cancelled their copyright violation complaint. I cannot affirm if the bulletin has really existed, or has been cancelled later, but why did they complain first before Courts, then?

Without any doubt this was the sort of things Hubbard could allegate : he also allegated - this time it is certain, that "Religion was an implant" - meaning, a bad thing implanted in our minds millions years ago by malevolent galactic leaders. We have the documents!

Therefore, when scientology uses arguments saying that the freedom of religion is at stake, it's just its own freedom to practice their beliefs (unreligious, mostly pseudo-psychological) which is at stake. But those Scientologists dealing in "social matters", from their intelligence service called "OSA", learn to lie, and are trained the hard way to lie convincingly [ref: TR-Lie, teached in OSA]. And they are very able to do it.

Scientology spends at least 25 millions dollars a year in attorney costs. It spends fantastic sums to publish enormous glossy books* and glossy brochures, in many languages, just to make believe it is a religion: this unprecented effort is totally unknown in the whole human history.

Usually, religions are religions, and nobody disputes the religiousness, even if some specific beliefs or rules are criticized, the religiousness is apparent all by itself. [see "Scientology, Theology and Practice of a contemporaneous Religion", which contains only 2% of their own "scriptures"...mostly impossible to comprehend for non-scientologists].

I let you free to guess which church would spend far more than 25 m$ a year on such "proofs", rather than on charity or proselytism. Scientology leader Miscavige announced his victory against the IRS in october 1993, saying the group had won as much as 1 billion dollars with that (secret) deal. If scientology had spent 1 billion $ before 93 on charities or on God's service or both, it would never had had to defend itself against the IRS as a for-profit organization. Don't hope you could get these money, even for charities, without engaging in large and dubious deals with them: they'll find profits of the relations with you, where you can't imagine they are profits for them.

Association with scientology incurs great liabilities for other groups

Scientology continues to-day, despite the ruling of IRS, to spend colossal sums in those self-satisfecit allegations that it is a religion, while being attacked and extremely criticized in most countries where it has installed some "service" center.

Who is attacking them first? Mostly, compllaints come from people having been duped for years, and who don't fear the wrath and blackmail or "fair-game" results of their protestations.

Then, associations of "counter-cultists" start, very often after the death or disappearance of one of their relatives; later, journalists follow the lines, observe that the accounts of ex-members are true, and start not only to target scientology, but as well, members of other new religions, or sects or cults, some of them not even demanding to be recognized "non-profit" or "religious"!

Just a figure as a proof: phone calls from families to "anti-cultic" associations; 40 % of them are about scientology problems, while scientology is at best, a 100000 members group WWide, representing some 2 or 3 percents of the total of NRMs or so-called cults.

Associating oneself as a religious or similar group with scientology is incurring two major risks:

- getting its bad repute extending on one's group

- getting anti-cultic or anti-sectarian associations started, and later, if the country is rich, getting some establishement of official workgroups extending their activities to other groups.

See: a dangerous cult has never been heard off lately in Uganda, before it killed more than 1000 persons. Its bad repute will certainly be remembered, but no chance exist that it shall ever be so badly reputed than scientology is. Who remembers of the name of the founder and of the cult having killed 930 person in Guyana? But who does'nt know what scientology is in non third world countries?

- finally, and that could be the worse, secular or atheists citizen, or citizen of large religions, could be displeased to see that some privileges given before to religions go now to groups like scientology: this could force the governments to rule against any privilege.


Who could then sanely assert as well, that scientology, having some files on anybody in its intelligence service, will never use against the person or the group? It'll do that, soon or late? And as many members - even from the upper echelons of scientology, leave scientology one day, they'll disclose the facts and the links with you, who can be very honestly defending religious freedom. But scientology does not care of your freedom. It cares of self, and it 'll use you as long as it fits its own plans.

Don't ever hope you could win against it, if you don't use truth, prudence, and love of God. Scientology founder learned a large part of its tricks under the satanic spells of Aleister Crowley, Ordo Templis Orientis. All this highly documented and already public since years. Without any proofs of the contrary ever given by scientology.

The author:

Some words about the author: I'm Roger Gonnet, 59, french retired consultant; I have been a scientology executive director, minister, founder and president of a regional organization of scientology; I have been trained for 8 years into scientology techniques, have translated 2,5 millions words of L. Ron Hubbard, and have reached the highest level of "spirituality" sold by the group, "OT 7". [someone who is supposed to be at cause over life itself, and over everything therefore].

I've left scientology when it appeared that the little parts of idealism were really more and more forgotten and replaced by money and power greed. I've since written a book called "La Secte" in french, and I am regularly adding a lot of data to my two (WWide biggest french speaking websites) on scientology, none of this having been attacked by the group as wrong, or defamatory, or libelous, or anything that could lead me before justice, in France and in Switzerland, where these sites are registered.

Lots of similar sites exist in english and various other langugages elsewhere in the world.

Roger Gonnet

April 21th, 2000

PS: I witness that everything here is highly documented. I can send details, URLs, etc. to those wanting more details about it.

PS2: I know that scientology shall say the worse things about me. They are'nt true. I've never been sued before any courts. Not that I'm the perfect guy: I'm not. Who is?

But the things they could say are gross exxagerations or facts twisted their way, aor just plain defamation: I don't care, even if some are true. But the facts and opinions exposed here on scientology are based on true facts, otherwise, they'd had jumped to my throat since years before justice. They did'nt even dare a try.

PS3: those who would like to get more data about the french MILS position against scientology can get them from <http://www.antisectes.net/index-fr.htm>


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