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This is an open letter sent to M. Alain Kartuzinski, one of the persons accused of some responsability into the Lisa's Mc Pherson death in December 1995 (see here). It has been posted on alt.religion.scientology.

To Alain Kartuzinski, ( FLAG Tech Terminal between those guilty of Lisa Mc Pherson's death)


Probably you could remember me with some small effort of memory, as we were somewhat understanding each other, while you were a staff in Paris Org's tech div, and myself starting my auditing courses then after having opened the first provincial mission in France (only Paris had an org and a mission inthose years, plus Jean Jacques DELANCE, who was field auditor in Paris and Vichy - he's now dead at 65, the most ancient scientologist of France).

Who could have believed between us, that you would have to respond one day of a death crime in judicial ways, just because you were "applying the tech" of Hubbard?

Now, it seems that your affair went like this, as far as I can imagine from what I know:

First, you became a good student, being somewhat intelligent, but, as most were in scientology, not having enough observation's powers to detect the wrong between the true.

You can remember all the small settlements absolutely needed with your own consciousness when working in an org like Paris was, where most things were OUT: neither the public services, neither the courses, neither the tech or translations quality were in. That org was a mess, but you nevertheless insisted to be more and more of a scientologist, as many, because the reality of the real purposes elaborated by Hubbard was not a visible things for us, poor souls!

And you kept on wanting the impossible dream to come true. You did not resist, for whatever personal reasons, to the attraction of power, more power, and to come nearer from power.

Your wife (probably no longer , uh?) Alicia was an american girl, if I remember well: she was a bit more critic of the strange things, but not enough for both of you. Ethics handlings and the lack of money, of data, added to the work's excess, were enough to make a rondroïd from you.

Instead of gaining any freedom, you lost yours, and helped others not only to lose their freedom, but  their lives as well, as it happened.

How does it feel to be responsible for another's death, Alain?

How does it feel, to have been so confident into a Great Liar, that you killed or helped to kill who you considered your own friend and co-believer?

How did you feel when working hard for nothing in the RPF? Was it a good experience, and are you now a better man, or even, a better scientologist?

What is your justification to have killed or helped to kill someone else, knowing perfectly what you should have done instead of following the "tech"? Were you so afraid of consequences, so terrorized by another RPF's tour for you, that you obeyed robotically those orders of  the dead Ron Hubbard and its cliques' chief Miscavige?

I'll say you something else, Alain:

Between the reasons having helped me to come back to life and leaving scientology, I've been not far from killing people like you did or helped to do by inactions or actions, and have observed at least two deaths in my own scientology small org (600 paying real members in 8 years), that would not have happened, if those persons had not been enrolled there.

Here the stories:

1/ Young intelligent dynamic guy, 20, entering scientology small courses; he became over-excited about it all, and though coming no longer on courses since perhaps six months, I had news from him: he was in total game condition with his father, continually trying to prove him he was the best, because that was the result of his two lower courses in scientology: he thought being the best after doing those courses. No damage? Yes, they were such damages  that he speeded himself into death on a car accident, running likje a fool after his own new game with his father. He had child and wife, and was 22 or so at his death.

2/ A sympathetic couple; around 30, with 3 children. The couple was okay, nothing special happening bad, no out-2Ds (nothing between them outside their marriage: I knew, because I was the C/S and Ethics Off, as well as the CO). But scientology courses gave them other "ideas", and the same false self-confidence as the guy above;  the wife went to another guy, and one month later, she was found buried in an arson in his mobil home. Three orphans and her husband turned almost crazy and was interned in an asylum some weeks for it. Scientology was only the cause of her looking elsewhere, not for the arson.

3/ The one i have not been far from killing now:

She was 30, a very brilliant successful woman. She did well on auditing, courses and so on; lots of money to spend, and very dedicated.

One day, she was on a Purif R/D "redone" for some two or three days, because she has been operated (small operation physically needed).

I was also Purif's C/S and I/C. The first aftrenoon, I went to see her in the org's big sauna- we had the biggest one in EU orgs -, to check if everything was okay. But I found her with a few  "blisters", sort of bullas around 1 inch wide, with some liquid inside (was blood serum). So, we spoke of it, and i decided to check this a bit later, because i found this very strange, despite the dangerous speech of Ron about what the purification RD could get...

Later on, the number of those bullas had increased, much increased. I decided then that it was really strange, and got her to the MD as fast as possible. He gave us some medicines; we went back to the org. Before she rested (we were the only org in EU to have rooms for students - 3 dollars a night), i went back to see her, and discovered she had more and more of these bullas: now,  she had perhaps 100 of them everywhere on the body. I phoned back to my friend the MD - he had just taken one small course by us - and he recommended us to get her first hour in the morning into a big clinic in the City, where he phoned.

The morning after, we sent her to the clinic; there, the professor asked her to take photos of the ailments: she was litterally covered of hundred of those big bullas, and the diagnose was severest: bullas' illness, one illness whose death is the "normal" result in 80% occurences. It had almost nothing to do with the Purif RD or sauna, in that case: she was extremely allergic to one of the products given during the operation, and nobody knew.

Medecine finally got her out of this, with special treatments and so on.

Following the purif would have killed her the morning where she went in the clinic: heat upon those liters of blood serum would have killed her very very fast. And I would have been jailed; and do you know? In such a case, I would have felt absolutely responsible and guilty for having followed the tech. And I would have refused any defense or advice from scientology: rather, I would have over-charged them and Hubbard for having provoked this cretinism and this criminality in me. But I would not have refused to go to jail, that would never compensate the death of a friend, neither my own guilt for having obeyed imbecile orders and killing tech.

I don't think you are still able to understand this, but I've tried, Alain.

I'd prefer you to act like a responsible person rather than keep on following OSA orders and LRH's dangerous and killer technologies. Jail is better than stupidity for life. Responsability is better than letting it to others wanting to keep on killing and robbing and frauding others.

Roger Gonnet
16 Décembre 1997


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