Scientologie: la folie des prix 

The prices are crazy

Dernière estimation des prix - last estimation of prices, from the Magazine SOURCE 136, 2002

(voir aussi prix 2, d' août 2002, calculé d'une autre manière)

voir aussi, prix d'une bibliothèque complète de la secte


prix non-membres

prix membres à vie

prix que paiera le client pour ce niveau

Flag - intensives de 12,5 heures auditing

-cela n'arrive jamais - it does never happen in real world.

6776 $

135520 $
(nota: il faut quelques 250 heures dans les niveaux inférieurs, ou bien plus]

Bridge acceleration package


13975,50 $

13975,50 [il est très rare qu'on n'en ait pas besoin au moins une fois - almost every pc buys one of those when in Flag]

Listes, par 12h30, 2 au minimum par liste



72600 $

CCRD avec Sunshine




OT preps pour les non-OTs




OT preps et eligibility pour OTs




OT 1




OT 2




OT 3




OT 4 et 5, DRD et la suite, par 12,30h




OT 6




OT 7 - par six mois de temps du C/S




PTS:SP course




E meters Mk VII




autres cours ou "donations" (TRs, dianétique auditor, électrométrie, etc)



IAS membership minimum



livres, ouvrages



Hotellerie: 8 mois x 500 dollars la semaine prix minimal




OT 8, super power ?? estimation




439 997 dollars

 Voir aussi/see too: the Bridge's price: some 400000 dollars - that's 3 millions FF or so.

Voir aussi- see too: Prices for books etc in october 2000

Voici les derniers prix d'intensives d'auditions etc. à Flag, "la Mecque" des scientologues. Une intensive, c'est 12h30 d'audition... les prix (deux fois plus élevés) du procédé ayant tué Lisa Mc Pherson (voir ici) ne sont plus indiqués: la secte craindrait-elle qu'on les trouve?

Here are the last crazy prices for auditing etc. in Flag, the "Mecca" of scientology. One intensive auditing is just 12,5 hours. The prices (twice those of other services) of the "procedure" having killed Miss Mc Pherson (see here in french) are no longer indicated: would the cult be worried that they could be known?

Vous pouvez constater que selon les sectaires, l'inflation des USA est de 230% par an, puisque l'excuse pour augmenter ces tarifs est qu'ils rattrappent l'inflation.

You can see that according the cultists, the inflation rates in US are 230% per year, as the excuse to increase those prices is that the cult wants to balance with the inflation.

Nous atteignons donc 6930 F de l'heure, et plus de 13000 de l'heure pour la procédure meurtrière dite "procédure d'introspection".

We are now at 1100$/hour and 2200 (?) for the killer procedure called 'Introspection rundown'.

Ajoutez bien sûr les 1300 $ par semaine pour l'hotellerie de retraite... ou 3720 $ pour un électromètre, dont les boites de conserves valent... 475 DOLLARS LA PAIRE, soit la boite de conserve à 1496 Francs!!!

Don't forget to add the 1300 $ a week for the "accomodations" or 3720 $ for the e-meter, whose solo cans cost now 475 dollars a pair, which gives you a simple can for 237,5 dollars!!!

Nota: la photo du texte sur les prix des boites n'a pas été ajoutée, pour alléger l'ensemble.
The can's prices photo has not been added to lighten the page (it's written in very small charcaters needing at leat 100 ko to be readable)

Septembre 2000: quelques autres prix et leur comparaison avec les prix de 1995:

PACKAGE PRICES - Prix 2001. En rouge (in red) the 1995 prices

Full Price Lifetime Membership Price

(All in US Dollars)


25,652.00 15,391.00 [3300 to 6600 $, most probably]


24,222.00 16,940.00 [ 1995: 24000 $]


50 HOURS -- 30% off full donation

31,944.00 22,360.80 (450 per hour) - [1995: 520 $ an hour]

YOU CAN FIND THE 1995 PRICES HERE : Still more crazy!
LES PRIX 1995 étaient encore plus dingues...Il s'agit bien sûr de prix en dollars US
(7000 F de l'heure, le dollar ayant remonté)
Des cours durant généralement 3 semaines coûtent 4000 $ par cours (25000 FF)


This is a listing of the Scn 'bridge' at Flag 1995 prices in US dollars.
It assumes a "processing" route i.e. paying for courses individually.
A "co-auditting" route ends up paying a roughly similar amount for
books, tapes, and other materials. The alternative of signing on as
staff means you have little time for the ("free") training in practice,
and are presented with a bill for the cash price if you don't complete
the contracted time. This is based on Martin poulter's original list.

The secret materials consist of the Grade5 up to Clear--
the original Operating Thetan levels--and some optional courses such
as the 'L' rundowns, realeased in the Fishman Affidavit. Subsquently
the New OT levels / NOTs which form the *current* OT four, five, six and
seven were posted by Vorlon.

=================NON-CONFIDENTIAL MATERIAL============================
Basic Courses:
Communications Crs oneoff $ 50 = $ 50 ($ 50)
Purification Rndn oneoff $2,560 = $ 2,560 ($ 2,610)
Life Repair 2x12.5hr intensives @ $5600 = $11,200 ($ 13,810)
TRs & Objectives 2x12.5hr intensives @ $5600 = $11,200 ($ 25,010)
Scn Drug RunDown 2x12.5hr intensives @ $5600 = $11,200 ($ 36,210)
ARC straightwire 2x12.5hr intensives @ $5600 = $11,200 ($ 47,410)

The Grades:
Grade0-COMMUNICATION 3x12.5hr intensives @ $5,600 = $16,800 ($ 64,210)
Grade1-PROBLEMS 2x12.5hr intensives @ $5,000 = $11,200 ($ 75,410)
Grade2-OVERTS/W'HOLDs2x12.5hr intensives @ $5,600 = $11,200 ($ 86,610)
Grade3-ARC BREAKS 2x12.5hr intensives @ $5,600 = $11,200 ($ 97,810)
Grade4-SERVICE Fxms 2x12.5hr intensives @ $5,600 = $11,200 ($109,010)
New Era Dianetics 3x12.5hr intensives @ $5,600 = $16,800 ($115,810)

=================CONFIDENTIAL MATERIAL================================

Most people go clear on Grade4 and NEDs. If not, the following
optional processes are run one by one....
Grade5-POWER 2x12.5hr intensives @ $5,600 = $11,200 /not added
R6EndWords ?2x12.5hr intensives @ $5,600 = $11,200 /not added
Clearing Course ?2x12.5hr intensives @ $5,600 = $11,200 /not added
these items are included in the Fishman affidavit before O.T.1

Immediately after clear the punter takes....

ClearCertaintyR/D 1x 5.0hr intensive @ $2,800 = $ 2,800 ($118,610)
Sunshine RunDown ?2x12.5hr intensives @ $5,600 = $11,200 ($129,810)
this apparently consists of 5 questions repeated over and over.
Solo Auditting CsPt1 oneoff $3,200[#] = $ 3,200 ($133,010)
O.T.Preparations 2x12.5hr intensives@[#]$3,300= $ 6,600 ($139,610)
Solo Auditting CsPt2 oneoff $1,900[#] = $ 1,900 ($141,510)
O.T.Eligibility 2x12.5hr intensives@[#]$3,300= $ 6,600 ($148,110)
the above are [#]Saint Hill prices from 'the Auditor' magazine;
the last item is a lengthy 'Sec Check'.


OT-I oneoff $2,000[#] = $ 2,000 ($150,110)
it consists of a single action, go oustide and "spot a being",
but it still costs $2,000.
OT-II oneoff $3,800[#] = $ 3,800 ($153,910)
it consists of solo audutting some very long series
of verbal formulae ["GPMs"] similar to those in the clearing course.
OT-III oneoff $6,500[#] = $ 6,500 ($160,410)
in which it is revealed that out forefathers were brought here by
the space tyrant Xemu, blown up with H-Bombs, and their spirits
made to watch movies: many of them are now without bodies of their
own and act as spirit fleas ["BTs/Body Thetans"] on ours.

[+++++++++++ NOTS (Newera diantics for OTs), the New OT Levels +++++++
NOTS are an expanded version of Old OT-IV "Dormant & Sleeping BTs"

New OT-IV ?2x12.5hr intensives @ $6,500 = $13,000 ($163,410)
the NOTs drug rundown
New OT-V 4x12.5hr intensives @ $7,400 = $14,400 ($177,810)
auditted NOTs

Prior to training as a NOTs auditor, i.e. OT6, the punter has
to be fully trained as an auditor via the Saint Hill Special Briefing
course (or the similarly priced "Accademy Levels")

SHSBC oneoff $25,600 = $25,600 ($203,410)
Course Materials oneoff $18,390 = $18,390 ($221,800)

New OT-VI setups 2x12.5hr intensives @ $9,250 = $18,500 ($239,300)
preliminary material on NOTs auditting
New OT-VI oneoff $12,800 = $12,800 ($252,100)
NOTs auditting course [the complete Flag NOTs pack]
Pledge Intensive 1x12.5hr intensive @ $9,250 = $ 9,250 ($261,350)
?possibly more SecCheck material
New OT-VII oneoff @ $3,500 = $ 3,500 ($264,850)
Solo NOTs
New OT-VII C/Sing two years @ $3,200 = $ 6,400 ($301,250)
case supervisor work

+++++++++++++++++++++++ end of NOTs +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++]

OT-VIII course oneoff $10,000 = $10,000 ($311,250)
OT-VIII auditting ?2x12.5hr intensives @ $ 7,400 = $14,800 ($316,050)
OT8 "The Truth Revealed" has never changed from its original form
and is only given aboard the Sea Org ship the Fartwinds/Freewinds.
It's said to be the level which finally discusses god or the infinite,
and leads people to think LRon Hubbard is god. Well worth $300K, eh?

Most punters would take certain prestigious extra courses.

Key to Life course&
Life orientation Cs oneoff $11,500 = $11,500 ($327,550)
L10 RunDown 2x12.5hr intensives@$10,000 = $20,000 ($347,550)
L11 Rundown 2x12.5hr intensives@$10,000 = $20,000 ($367,550)
L12 Rundown 2x12.5hr intensives@$10,000 = $20,000 ($387,550)

The punter is now ready for OT9, if and when it is released.

=================UNRELEASED MATERIAL================================

You can't buy levels above OT8, but David Miscarriage and his
cronies are likely to have done further unreleased levels.
They are said to be the repackaged old OT levels.

New OT-IX (old OT-V)
Spot some spots on the sun & get mastery over the physical universe.
New OT-X (old OT-VI)
Learn astral travel & save on planefares.
New OT-XI (old OT-VII)
Planting intentions: become Dr Doolittle & talk to zoo animals.
[these are found under their old OT numbers in the Fishman afd].

By clear and CCRD completed---$119,000
By OT3 completion---$160,000
By NOTs (OT4,5,6,7) completion with mandatory SHBC---$301,000
Add optional KTL+LO & 'L' rundowns---$388,000

english - français plus bas.

As I got the new pricelist from one of our friends, I took some time to
calculate what it cost to buy it full price, with no double use, and the
best meter.

No course packs at all are counted there... you can add some thousands canadian $ for
all the course packs, probably almost as much as for books alone.

Well, start up with books. Elrong (L. Ron Hubbard) is supposed to have written 600 something
books, right? But only 118 are there in the list (I've not added the books
in other languages, and I've taken only the english ones: foreigners can pay
more, as shown by the list), and, repeat, no packs counted.

118 books cost:

10500 dollars plus.

Take now the E-meters. Two are now imposed sale, and with one set only of
their small accessories, such as tin can boxes at 300 $ for the three pairs
(cheap soup can? perhaps gold plated, unless platinium?), plus one set solo
can, you get a small

12237 $ to add there.

Now the small jewelry set, with the small regular 3 inches crosse
(rechristened there as "big" cross) at 210, you can pay a:

1141 $ - for one item of each.

And now the worse is to come: you can buy as many as 2011 tapes or cassettes
(I did not count the CD doubling some cassettes, neither those in other
languages that were already counted in english). Her is the large
sledgehammer price:

$ 53300 for the set

Now the total: 10500 + 12237 + 1141 + 53300 equals... 77178 canadian dollars. - around 50000 US ones.

You'll need something very large to get them all.

Perhaps a truck, as you'd need something like 0,9 to 1,1 m3 for the
cassettes and tapes, then 0,2 m3 for the books, 0,02 for the meter, box and
so forth, and your own pockets for the hideous jewelrey. Total volume:
around 1,5 m3.

Weight: something near 650 K.

Price per kg: around 90 US $.


If one adds some 100 + packs at some 60 dollars each, that's still 6000 $
more, some 0,3 m3 and some 90 Kg more.

If one adds some 100 + packs at some 60 dollars each, that's still 6000 $
more, some 0,3 m3 and some 90 Kg more.

and add some more years, plus a total far above 400000 dollars to take all
these courses and auditing.

Scientology complete can't cost less than 500000 dollars.

français: prix en octobre 2000 pour les matériaux

Derniers prix parus.

(USA: c'est moins cher chez eux que chez nous...)

Commençons par les livres, dont Hubbard est supposé avoir pondu plus de
600... mais la liste n'en contient toutefois que 118, tous ignés de lui,
mais une bonne part ne sont pas de lui. J'ai pris les prix US, sinon c'est
encore plus cher.

118 livres coûteront quelques :

78750 F, vu le dollar dans les 7,50 F.

prenons maintenant les deux électromètres obligatoires et leur quincaillerie
complète d'accessoires, genre boite de soupe galavnisée à 2250 F les trois
paires. Cela donnera:

91778 F, pour le plus beau modèle, plein pot.

Now the small jewelry set, with the small regular 3 inches crosse
(rechristened there as "big" cross) at 210, you can pay a: La petite
quicaillerie qu'ils nomment pompeusement "joaillerie", pârmi laquelle on
trouve une croix de 8 cms, dénommé "grande croix", ne coûtant que 1575 F...
le tout, un exemplaire de chaque, s'élève à:

8558 F.

Le pire est à venir. Ce sont les bandes, cassettes des conférences
Hubbardiennes. Il en existe pas moins de 2011 à vendre. Acheter chacun des
jeux vous coûtera

399750 F.

Pour le total, l'addition est simple: 78750 + 91778 + 8558 + 399750 F =
578838 F

Il vous faudra quelque chose d'assez volumineux pour tout mettre: environ
1,1 m3 de cassettes bien tassées, 0, 2 m3 pour les livres, 0,02 pour
l'électromètre, vos poches suffiront pour la quincaillerie.

Total: environ 1,5 m3.

Poids: envuiron 650 K

Prix du kilogs d'escroquerie garantie:

environ 850 Frs.

Temps de lecture: minimum 3500 heures, c'est à dire plus de 20 mois full
time comme au travail...

Et ce n'est pas fini: si vous ajoutez les packs de cours, une centaine pour
l'ensemble, vous aurez environ 40000 F de plus à débourser, et environ 90 K
de plus à porter.

Quant au temps nécessaire, il s'agira de quelques années.

Et pour finir, prix de l'ensemble des cours, estimation TRES basse: 3
millions de F.

La liste de ces prix (les 3 jpgs tenaient trop de place) - liste partielle. prendre le lien pour une meilleure présentation.
(I have changed the formatting from the oringinal, Agent simply
destroys the formatting otherwise. Here is the original typing job:
This is easily viewed)

(Partial price list for Scientology, circa Oct 2000 - les prix sont en dollars US)

Autre liste: quelques prix vers fin 2000 en Allemagne (prix en DM)

(en bref: devenir un auditeur compétent coûte 30000 DM PLUS les cours précédents et supplémentaires divers, soit environ 10000 DM, plus 2 électromètres à environ 10000 DM pièce, plus les "internats obligatoires", environ 20000 DM soit au moins 280000 FF)


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