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Cults - scientology - the technical critic against the crazy story of the upper level of scientology, called "OT 3 - The wall of fire".

To be compared with the tape "Assists"

Part translation/adaptation of this text in my book (-I've never had the courage to do it till now) - This part is coming in my book after some explanations about chat was OT 3 story , the Coltice star near North Star, the travel by DC8s in 9 weeks for 300 light years, etc.

It's already amusing to observe that those people
[the thetans of the 76 planets around 21 stars called for tax check by Xenu] have been killed a lot of times: those "thetans" are killed a first time while glycol is injected in their veins. Then a second time through icing before sending them in "boxes"; a third by the acceleration suffered during the travel -we'll explain later; a fourth, by the deceleration; a fourth, through the H Bombing, a fifth, through the winds at 20000 to 100000 km/h and possibly, a sixth by the electronical implants, and, last but not least, a sixth (or a seventh) through solding the "thetans" in implant/solding/clustering stations in Hawai or La Palmas de Mallorca.

A refrigerator ten times bigger than the Everest

A word about congelators: 13 trillions people, supposing them like we are, weight ca. 1 trillion tons. Unneeded to be very precise. They'll need circa 1 trillion cubic meters or a bit more. This is a congelator of 10 x 10 x 10 kms, ten times or so larger than the Everest. How many nuclear plants to make it runnning? See:

The meat heat-weight ratio is somewhere near 1 cal/g. Ice melting needs some 80 cal/g. With 10^11 water tons or meat , the difference being not large - to be iced and cooled to - say, to minus 100° Celsius, - some 1820 cal, 820 j per unit are needed. It's somewhere near 200000 Terawatt/h - TWHs. The nuclear plants of France are producing 315 TWHs/year. You see the comparison. With our plants, 6 centuries would be needed to ice that mass. How many would be then needed to maintain them at cryogenic temperatures?

Now, how to travel such a colossal mass via some DC8-rockets, on some 300 light years distance**? A DC8 takes some 189 people. To simplify, and as the people have to be kept inside boxes according Hubbard, say that we'll have 130 passengers in such rocket-planes. Therefore, 100 billions flights back and forth should be needed.

Suppose that these DC8 rocket planes are really solidly conceived, and could be used for ten years each. They would do, under the hypothesis that they are maintained on ground one week each time between flights, one travel every 20 weeks, 250 travels before being destroyed, having then done the short distance of 150000 light years - that's 1,4 quintillions kilometers. Some 400 millions of those DC8s would be necessary to do it, with millions of pilots and co-pilots to run them during centuries upon centuries, not to speak of the number of airports, pilot schools, mecanics schools, plants to build DC8s etc.

Now, to estimate the energy needed for each flight, that's harder, as it's impossible to travel in 9 weeks on a 300 light years distance, unless violating the Einstein relativity law.
[don't forget that Einstein is ridiculed once again by elrong in this "Assist" lecture]. "To get this calculation done, we have to use equations linking speed and energy... but the only ones we have are those on relativity. Supposing that Einstein was wrong - why not - we don't have any more equations, to calculate the energy of a body moving. Therefore, this problem is impossible to solve using the usual relativist mechanics."

The travel would ask 300 years

So, go on and make some abuse of the relativity laws: " One could reduce the duration to 9 weeks, if one measures this duration in the referential time of the "rocket". This could give an idea for such calculation: one could have an order of magnitude by supposing that the travel is done near light speed C. In such conditions, the travel would ask 300 years for Earth people. But the energy needed would then be that of millions of nuclear plants, for every back and forth. Therefore impossible to do this travel in 9 weeks of earth time. Even for a body having a non-null mass travelling at light speed, one needs to have an infinite source of energy. Therefore, to make this in 300 years/9weeks referential time, the rocket should fly at 1500 times the lightspeed.

Acceleration : 95850 m/s2

We'll try to get further through the use of the newtonian system. To travel a distance L, a duration T is needed. To minimize the necessary energy, the best could be to accelerate evenly during the first half and decelerate evenly in the second one. What sort of acceleration? 95850 m/sec. That's 0 to 60 km/h in some 0,17 thousands of a second. Much better than Discovery or any Ferrari, oh yes.

An acceleration around 100m/sec makes the most solid men comatose, 200 m/sec kills them. No more pilots, no more passengers either, even iced! Most probably no longer any rocket/DC8 either. And the power of each rocket should be somewhere near 40 % of the total french nuclear plant production. Not to speak of the Heating problems when passing through the heat wall!

Winds at tens of thousands km/h

Later, Hubbard speaks of the winds on earth, after the H bombing, describing them as going up to tens of thousands of km/h. Impossible either. The fastest speed ever reached on earth are around 16000 km/h, using hydrogen cannons or electrical ones. Such winds are impossible, whatever the energy used to develop them, would'nt it be only because of the expansion speed for gases.

Saturn winds, to compare, are somewhere near 1800 km/h. On the sun, which is nothing but a H bomb having no "atmosphere" such as ours, only some particles are travelling at such speeds.

Okay, but let say we ignore the impossibility, and go on for such "hurricanes" - well, the fastest ever hurricanes known here are somewhere near 500 km/h. So what? Winds at 30, 50 or 100000 km/h would certainly just blow the entire surface of the planet, that's it, no longer any montain, not to speak of the heating provoked by such mecanical energy! That planet would be covered with no lucys-in-the-sky, but with a very large diamond and perhaps boiling waters below. Perhaps such speed would cause a nuclear chain of explosions; someone could try to calculate it.

Some geological and geographical ideas...

Hawai did not exist, neither Canaries Islands, 75 millions years ago. The earth crust has much moved since, particularly the volcanic areas (the magnitude being around 3000 km), through tectonic plaques and continents derivation. The volcanoes are no longer the same, neither in the same locations. That did not inhibit our scientist Hubbard to allegate that "the soldering station for thetans in Las Palmas is still some meters below the main Las Palmas street." He went up, adding that this was the reason for which this street is dangerous and causes many casualties.
[reminding that HE had had an accident with his motorcycle, probably while stoned - or whiskhied ? - these allegations "proving" that the OT 3 "wall of fire" engrams were restimulated there.]

Don't forget the radiations after the H bombing of 13 trillions people in various volcanoes. How were they dispersed? A magic spell, perhaps? Hubbard says that 3 days after thes H bomb cataclysms, some space mecanics came to fit the soldering stations on Earth, while after the 'collossalest' H bombs ever produced (from H like Hubbard's memory!) followed by the 'powerfulest' ever winds , just to make some de-icing, perhaps? - well, well. We have not done any serious & scientific researches to find out a trace of any 75 millions years cataclysm, neither did we find any such radiations traces, neither any glassed crust... Was it really needed to check? Strangely enough, we have found many fossils far before this period. And some of the far older reliefs exist still, even if quite different of what they were 75 millions years before. We did not understand quite well either how the "electronical 3D implanting pictures systems, the electronical nets" etc.etc, did resist to H bombing and winds - don't forget they were used during or just after the bombing.

One could suppose that Hubbie had swallowed a bit too much alcohol-glycol the day of this lecture. But he was used to such sci-fi stories, that could have stunned the "stupid" Einstein himself, sure. In "A History of the Man", he wrote
[retranslated from french] "The best argument one could set to prove the reality of the Time Track, it's that it exists. Convincing ourselves of this fact, we'll get more results through auditing"...

Great. The one student who got Fs and Es while pretending to understand some physics in George Washington College came with a law: "It does exist, so, it exists." I do believe that M. Lapalisse would have said it too.

**NOTE: Hubbard has elsewhere given the name of the 21 stars, like Aldebarran, Arcturus etc. Some of them are far much further than 300 light years...

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