Graham Berry témoigne sur Kendrick Moxon et d'autres avocats ou "litigants" de la secte criminelle

 (Résumé: implication d'avocats scientologues dans des activités criminelles/délictueuses bien documenté)

Ceci ressort du témoignage de l'avocat Garham Berry, du Barreau de Californie, dans son témoignage du 3 juillet 1996. La secte a réussi depuis, à coup de faux témoignages et de millions de dollars de procédures, à l'éloigner du barreau californien.

Exhibits 56, 57 and 58 evidence Scientology's involvement in a wide range of serious criminal conduct --
even conspiracies to murder opposing counsel. See generally, Exh. 57, table of contents. Indeed, Exh. 58 represents an agreement between Scientology defendants and the United States Department of Justice. This agreement, or stipulation of evidence, was made in connection with the largest ever known infiltration of the United States government. This was by Scientology as part of its "Snow White program." As a result of this infiltration, dozens of United States government departments, 11 senior Scientologists went to jail including L. Ron Hubbard's wife (Mary Sue Hubbard). Scientology attorney Kendrick Moxon is named a number of times in this stipulation of evidence -- in connection with activities to obstruct the course of justice. See Exh. 58, pp. 197-198, 212, 213, 214, 239. Even Kendrick Moxon's wife, Carla Moxon is mentioned on Exh. 58. p. 24. Similarly, Moxon is mentioned on numerous occasions throughout Exh. 57 which probably represents the most serious allegations ever made against practicing attorneys anywhere in the United States. Moreover, the many volumes of exhibits to the Scarff deposition contain documents evidencing many of Scarff's allegations. One allegation, involving the alleged theft of bank funds, at Timothy Bowles, Esq.'s instructions, was so serious that Gary Scarff pleaded the fifth on it, e.g. Exh. 57, pp. 127, 142 and 150.

In 1994, Scientology became the first church ever convicted of criminal conduct in Canada. Again, for obstructing justice. Similarly, in 1994, a Canadian appellate court upheld a jury award against Scientology for levelling false charges against a Canadian
[Crown] attorney. At that time, the jury award plus interests was approx. $4,000,000. See Exh. 24. Similarly, earlier this year the Ninth U.S. Circuit of Appeals upheld a $2.9 million sanction award against Scientology in connection with its litigation misconduct before United States District Court James Ideman (whose chambers adjoin those of Judge Hupp who handled the Geertz case). Exh. 46.

In 1988, the president of the Church of Scientology International and dozens of other Scientology officials, were arrested on serious criminal charges in Spain. They are on bail and in trial. Similarly, in Germany, Scientology has lost its not for profit status in one state and is the subject of federal government minister demands that it be monitored as a terrorist organization. Scientology has also been facing major problems in France and Greece.

In earlier years, the governments of Great Britain and the State of Victoria in Australia issued danming reports against Scientology after extensive government investigations. Indeed, for a period of time, Scientologists were banned from entering Great Britain. Moreover, a French Court convicted L. Ron Hubbard of criminal conduct in absentia.

More recently, Scientology investigator, Eugene Ingram was alleged to have impersonated a peace officer and a warrant for his arrest has been issued in Florida. See generally, Exh. 25. Many more examples of alleged Scientology criminal and ethical misconduct could be provided.

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