Les passages traduits sont en bleu et en  italiques. [Remarques du traducteur adaptateur entre parenthèses carrées, remarques en anglais traduites en rouge]
[in red letters, observations done by the "ex-OT" having translated the text in french]

Declaration of Warren McShane in RTC vs. Panoussis

This declaration was given by Warren McShane, President of Religious Technology Center, on Sep 5 1997, in the copyright infringement case against Zenon Panoussis.
Cette déclaration écrite émane de Warren Mc Shane, président du RTC (une des instances dirigeantes de la secte), lors du procès intenté par la scientologie contre Zenon Panoussis, pour violation de droits d'auteur.

The most fascinating aspect of this declaration is the way it shows how Scientology top management believe that every Scientologist is a potential thief. Not only new, unproven members are suspected, but even the most highly trusted long-time Scientologists, who according to McShane must pass a rigorous examination of their qualifications before being allowed access to the "advanced levels of spiritual counselling" known as the OT levels, are considered criminal minded villains who would seize every opportunity to run off with the "holy scriptures". Only the most extreme security measures, which are detailed in the declaration, keep this from occurring. (sections 19-33)
L'aspect le plus intéressant de cette déclaration sous serment est la manière dont tout scientologue même de haut niveau, est considéré comme un voleur potentiel des secrets de la secte.

Unfortunately, that does not quite explain how Robin Scott and company in 1983 were able to get hold of those "holy scriptures" by simply dressing up in navy blue uniforms, walking into the Advanced Organization in Copenhagen and demanding a copy...
Cela n'explique toutefois pas comment Robin Scott et des amis ont pu pénétrer en 1983, vètus d'uniformes de l'organisation scientologique, et se faire remettre les niveaux secrets par l'organisation avancée de Copenhague!

This document also gives some information about exactly how much of the OT 2, OT 3 and NOTs materials Zenon made public. (sections 15-18)
Ce document indique également la proportion des documents secrets de "NOTs" que Zenon Panoussis a réussi à rendre publics en Suède, où n'importe qui peut les lire et en demander copie désormais.

Due to the ways of the Swedish justice system, this written statement is not given under oath. However, it was the basis of McShane's testimony at the trial, where he did speak under oath. The transcript of that testimony is sealed though. This declaration is a public document.
Notons au passage que le système juridique suédois n'exige pas de serment pour une telle déclaration; néanmoins, cette déclaration a servi de fondement au témoignage sous serment cette fois, de M. Mc Shane devant la Cour; le témoignage oral est toutefois scellé et n'est pas public, tandis que la déclaration est publique.

The first row of numbers seem to be from the fax machine of RTC's Swedish lawyers.

SEP 05 ' 97 05:02 FR        TO 9011 46 8 6797565 66 P.02

The Primary Court
of Stockholm
Divison 7
1997 - 09 - 05
Case no T - 7 - 866 - 96
File attachment no 189
[end of stamp]


I, WARREN MCSHANE hereby declare:

1. I am a citizen of the United States of America. Since August of 1983, I have been employed by Religious Technology Center ("RTC"), a church of the Scientology religion. Since October 1983, I have been a Director and Officer of RTC, and I am currently its President. An important part of my functions is to ensure the protection of certain unpublished, confidential scriptures belonging to RTC which are often referred to as "Advanced "Technology" and are described throughout this declaration. I make this declartion in Case Number 7-866-96 of the Stockholm District Court, Section 7:5, in which RTC is the plaintiff and Zenon Panoussis is the defendant. I have personal knowledge of the facts set forth herein and I am willing and intend to appear as a witness in this case.
Je suis ....... et déclare être compétent pour discuter des violations de droits d'auteur...


2. RTC is a Church of the Scientology religion. The Scientology religion is based on a vast body of religious writings by its founder, L. Ron Hubbard, which are protected by federal and international copyright law. All but a small percentage of Mr. Hubbard's original written and recorded works have been published and made generally available. Among the unpublished works is a body of special works written by Mr. Hubbard known as the "Advanced Technology" which contains confidential and proprietary information. The majority of those writings arte published works which are sold in Church bookstores and a number of them i secular bookstores as well. Scientology religious counseling, also referred to as "auditing", is delivered in a series of gradient steps, each of which must be completed before the next step is undertaken. The published religious works of Mr Hubbard are used up to a certain level of auditing. Beyond that point, however, an individual must be fully prepared spiritually to be introduced to each level, and Mr. Hubbard instructed that the confidential works used on those levels, which are collectively referred to as the "Advanced Technology", are therefore to remain unpublished and not be made available to anyone who has not met the qualifications for that level, as discussed below. The practice of maintaining confidentially is a central tenet of the religion.

... au delà [d'un certain point de progression] une personne doit être entièrement préparée spirituellement pour chaque niveau postérieur, appelés collectivement "Technologie Avancée", lesquels ne sont donc pas publiés ni accessibles à quiconque n'a pas les qualifications....

3. Scientology religious counseling, also reffered to as "auditing" is delivered in a series of gradient steps, each of which must be completed before the next step is undertaken. The published religious works of Mr. Hubbard are used up to a certain level of auditing. Beyond that point, however, the auditing levels are confidential and Mr. Hubbard instructed that confidential works (the Advanced Technology) used on these advanced levels were to remain unpublished and not made available to anyone who has not met the stringent qualifications for that level, as discussed below. The practice of maintaining confidentiality is a central tenet of the religion.
... ces niveaux doivent donc ne pas être dévoilés à qui que ce soit [notons au passage que cette interdiction ne souffre pas d'exceptions, et que par conséquent, le RTC/scientologie n'a pas pu déposer ces textes auprès du bureau des copyrights aux Etats-Unis, s'il est cohérent avec les écritures sacrées d'Hubbard]
[Note please that this forbidding does not suffer exceptions, so, the RTC/scientology should have been in fact unable to depose those materials in the copyrights office in USA, unless it has disobeyed Hubbard's writings. I could bet the originals or copies have never been into copyrights office]


4. Mr. Hubbard died on January 24, 1986. As part of his estate plan, Mr. Hubbard's will contained specific directions regarding the disposition of his Estate, which were implemented in part by the property transfers described below.

5. While plaintiff RTC had previously been granted the United States rights in the Advanced Technology, by agreement dated November 30, 1988, all of the non-United States rights in the copyrights to Mr. Hubbard's unpublished works comprising the Advanced Technology were granted by Mr. Hubbard's estate to RTC. RTC was granted authority, inter alia, to enforce all rights belonging to the holder of the copyrights in the Advanced Technology materials. At all relevant times that agreement has remained in full force and effect. A true and correct copy of that agreement was filed with the Court on September 2, 1996.

6. All of the assets of the Estate of L. Ron Hubbard, including the copyrights pertaining to the Advanced technology materials, were distributed in 1993. In an agreement dated November 29, 1993, the successor in the interest to the Estate affirmed RTC's November 30, 1988 license to all copyrights pertaining to the Advanced Technology materials with the right and obligation to enforce all the copyrights in those materials. A true and correct copy of that agreement was filed with the Court on September 1996.

7. As a result of these agreements, RTC has the exclusive right to control the use and dissemination of the Advanced Technology materials.

8. Because of the confidential nature of the Advanced Technology, RTC licenses only seven Churches of Scientology to use the Advanced Technology materials in conformity with strict guidelines. While many of the basic Scientology scriptures are publicly available, as dicussed in paragraph 2, the Advanced Technology materials are considered confidential and are available through these seven churches only to those approved parishioners, who have attained the proper level of spiritual enlightenment. The Advanced Technology is also a source of substantial revenue for RTC in the form of licensing fees paid by the Churches that are licensed to use the Advanced Technology. These Churches pay RTC six percent of the donations made by parishioners in exchange for any services ministered to their parsihioners in which any of the Advanced Technology works are used.
[explications indiquant comment ces secrets appartiennent désormais au RTC et comment celui-ci en autorise l'usage par sept organisations scientologiques dans le monde]


9. The Advanced Technology is divided into gradient counseling levels. Each level has to be fully completed before the next is started. The list of these counseling levels, which are delivered by the autorized Churches of Scientology to select parishioners and are involved in this case, have been reffered to in this litigation, namely OT II, OTIII and NOTs.

10. The copyright registrations for the Materials have previously been provided to the Court on September 2, 1996.
Il dit que les enregistrements des droits d'auteur ont été communiqués au tribunal...[mais là, je mets fortement en doute ce que dit Mc Shane: à mon sens, ces documents secrets n'ont jamais été déposés au Copyrights office des Etats-Unis]

11. No individual can legitimately gain access to the Advanced Technology without being invited to participate in these services after RTC has confirmed that individual's eligibility. An individual must be a Scientology parishioner in good standing who has demonstrated a high ethical character and who has passed stringent eligibility requirements. Even before a person ever reaches the point of seeking RTC approval, an evaluation of whether the person has met these requirements is done in several independent steps, by the individual staff members who are in charge of each are of qualification.
11. Aucun individu ne peut légitimement avoir accès à la technologie avancée sans avoir été invité à y participer, après que RTC ait accepté son éligibilité. La personne doit être un scientologue "en bon standing" ayant démontré un caractère éthique élevé, et passé par des étapes  d'éligibilité difficiles. Bien avant d'atteindre ce niveau de demander son éligibilité au RTC, on effectue une évaluation en plusieurs étapes indépendantes effectuées par plusieurs membres du personnel responsable de la qualification.

[mensonge pour plusieurs raisons:
1/ le RTC n'existe que depuis 1981-82, et n'avait pas d'équivalent auparavant.

2/ Aucune étape d'éligibilité particulière n'existait avant ces dates, il suffisait de signer un document vous mettant à l'amende de 5000 dollars en cas d'indiscrétion, et de répondre à quelques questions auprès du responsable des auditions des organisations avancées.
Une éligibilité "technique et financière" faisait le reste: on ne pouvait accéder à ces niveaux qu'après avoir attesté l'état de clair; mais j'ai personnellement vu entrer sur les niveaux confidentiels une personne qui n'avait, en tout et pour tout "bagage", que 10 heures d'audition élémentaire, un cours d'auditeur de dianétique et quelques cours de débutant scientologue. Bien sûr, elle avait été déclarée "Claire naturelle" - une fantaisie d'Hubbard en 1978-79, qui faisait que presque n'importe qui pouvait se faire passer pour "clair" sans difficultés, et accéder ainsi aux niveaux secrets.
3/ C'est vers fin 1982, peu avant que je quitte la scientologie, que sont apparues des étapes "d'éligibilité" plus complexes (exigeant la délation envers d'autres scientologues, même parents).
4/ Même des gens ayant eu des "problèmes d'éthiques" nombreux durant leur parcours étaient autorisés à faire les niveaux, et le sont encore, si j'en crois les affidavits de M. Mickael Pattinson et de Mme Ariane Jackson.
5/J'avais moi-même souvent été "bloqué" pour des problèmes "éthiques" durant mon parcours... mais n'ai eu aucune espèce de retard ou d'ennui pour passer dans les niveaux supérieurs, en dehors du fait que peu avant, on m'avait exigé de signer une attestation notariée à mes frais comme quoi je ne demanderai jamais mon remboursement. Cette attestation n'a aucune valeur, car ignorant ce à quoi je m'engageais dans ces niveaux, je ne pouvais signer en connaissance de cause.

[this passage is a lie for many reasons:
1/ The RTC did not exist before 1981-1982, and did not have any equivalent before inside the scientology cult.
2/ No eligibility step were there  before, it was only needed to sign a bond of 5000 $ which forbid us to speak of the secret materials, then,the next step was  to answer some questions to the DofP - the director of processing - of the advanced organization. The remaining of "eligibility" was quite simple: financial and technical level were asked. I've myself observed a person coming onto OT levels after having received only 10 hours auditing in lower levels, plus one dianetics course, and having only six months part time  scientology membership: she has attested being a "natural clear" without difficulty of any kind, and had been "invited" to do her OT levels; having the money, she went there as soon as she could. This "natural clear" was a Hubbardian fantasy and invention who 'fabricated' lots of clears in the 1978-80 period, till some brakes to this overflow of "natural clears" were put down in the lines, most probably as almost nobody would have still done the "lower levels" and that would have broken down any lower level orgs without permitting advanced orgs to develop fast enough to handle the flow of those coming in.

3/ It's on end 1982, few before I left scientology, that came in those new steps of eligibility: they asked, between else, for delation against scientologists, including one's own friends and parents.

4/ Even people having had "ethics problems" very often during their scientological past were allowed - and are stil allowed presently, from what I read into M. Pattinson and Ms Jackson's affidavits - to do the upper secret levels.

5/ I've had myself numerous ethics handlings during scientology, but, apart from a notarized statement before the OT levels, by which I abandoned my rights to get a refund from scientology services, I had no problems getting onto upper secret levels. I can add that this notarized statement has no legal value, as I had not the least clkue of what could happen on the secret levels, so, i could not abandon something I did not know.

12. The parishioner must also sign an agreement to keep the contents of the Advanced Technology secret and not to disclose them to anyone without authorization, and then only to those who have attained the proper level of spiritual enlightenment needed to assure proper under standing of them. Confidentiality agreements have been in use since the creation of the Advanced Technology.

13. Even parishioners who have met the eligibility requirements do not have unlimited access to the Material. In addition, the level of access to particular confidential materials depends upon the confidential level in question.
(explication du fait que les scientologues  doivent passer par des étapes sévères de vérification avant qu'on les autorise à lire ces documents, et que même quand on le leur permet, ils n'y ont pas un accès illimité)

14. OT II and OT III are delivered in two stages, always in a controlled, secure environment. The parishioner is never given copies of the materials to reatin. First, the parishioner studies the confidential materials of the level and then he counsels himself on the level. He is supervised on each step to ensure that he ministers the Advanced Technology to himself correctly and that he obtains the exact expected results from each level.

15. OT II consists of 27 separate works written by Mr. Hubbard and ten confidential films in which he demonstrates the techniques and processes of this level.
[il dit qu'OT2 correspond à 27 oeuvres séparées et dix films confidentiels... j'en ai vu moins que ça lorsque j'ai franchi cette étape: ce niveau a donc dû être refait?]
[from what I remember, I've not had any 10 films on OT2; i'd say that I've seen only six parts of a film on the "Clearuing course" which were mandatory to OT2, so, I'd say that there were non films and not the same materials at that time... strange]

The Works found in Panoussis' posession and which he posted contain 10 of the 27 written OT II works. Sixteen of the works Within this level describe OT processes that Scientologists believe free the individual from traumatic events that occurred aeons ago and which, because of their imprint on each individual, serve as barriers to one's spiritual well-being, and enlightenment. OT II auditing is designed to enable the individual to overcome the effects of these traumas, and thereby,achieve heightened spiritual awareness. The remaining three Works within this level describe "how to" audit various OT II processes, including those described in the OT II works encompassed in the other Works which Panoussis has. These 10 works are all crucial components of this level. A chart has been created that shows the percentage of each work copied:
Attachment No. 1  2 62
Attachment No. 2  3 84
Attachment No. 3 2 100
Attachment No. 4 2 100
Attachment No. 5 3 20
Attachment No. 10 1 94
Attachment No. 11
OT Course Part One B
1 100
Attachment No. 12 2 75
Attachment No. 22 2 100
Attachment No. 23 10 7
 (il s'agit du tableau démontrant les pourcentages de telle ou telle oeuvre de OT2 que Zenon Panoussis aurait dévoilée au public suédois, le tableau suivant représentant les parties d'OT3 dévoilées, celui d'après, les parties de NOTs dévoilées)

16. At the OT III level, the Scientology religion presents Mr. Hubbard's discoveries of the means to eradicate those mental factors arising from past spiritual trauma which stand in the way of peace and tolerance for mankind. This level is central to the Scientology religion. It consists of 37 works which contain a systematic methodology for countering effects of the spriritual trauma caused by events that Scientology posits occured 75 million yeras ago and earlier. The OT III materials found in Panoussis' possesion and which he posted constitute 15 of the 37 written OT III works. A chart has been created that gives specifics about the infringement:
HCOB 17 Aug 1983 
Attachment No. 1 - Data
3 100
HCOB 4 May 1968 
- Character of _________ 
1 100
HCOB 17 Aug 1983
Attachment No. 2 2nd Note
5 100
HCOB 17 Aug 1983
Attachment No. 3 1st Note
1 100
HCOB 5 Feb
The Basic ___________
1 100
HCOB 4 May 1968
- __________ Auditing
1 100
HCOB 17 Aug 1983
Attachment No. 4 - instructions
4 100
Section III OT
Notes on Running
2 100
HCOB 2 Oct 1968
1 100
HCOB 4 May 1968
Overrun on OT III
1 100
HCOB 12 April 1970
Running OT III
1 100
HCOB 13 Oct 1969
OT III Errors
1 100
HCOB 25 Oct 1969R
2 100
HCOB 26 Aug 1969
OT III Case Supervision
3 29
HCOB 16 Aug 1983
Ruds Going Out
2 66

17. The next level at issue due to Panoussis' postings is New OT V. This is called "New Era Dianetics for OTs" ("NED for OTs" or "NOTs"). The NOTs level is ministered to the parishioner by a highly trained and trusted minister of the Church. The parishioner never actually sees or studies the materials covering the procedures and theories of this level, but simply receives the counseling. IT is the individual ministers, referred to as auditors, who are trained to deliver the religious counseling, who study the actual NOTs materials.

18. In all, there are 55 NOTs works which comprise New OT V. Fifty three of them are included among the Works at issue in this case. Although these NOTs works are part of an integrated methodology for dramatically increasing one's spiritual awareness, each of the issues is highly valuable in its own right. For example, NOTs Series 1 provides the theory on which NOTs auditing is based, defines terms and describes phenomena that will observe in auditing the level (although it does not describe the OT processes themselves). Other NOTs series Works set out methods and procedures used to correct difficulties a person may be having in auditing on any section of the NOTs level. A chart has been created that gives specifics about the infringements:
NED for OTs Series 1 5 100
NED for OTs Series 2 1 100
NED for OTs Series 3 1 100
NED for OTs Series 4 1 100
NED for OTs Series 4
Attachment 1
3 99.8
NED for OTs Series 4
Attachment 2
2 100
NED for OTs Series 5 2 100
NED for OTs Series 6 3 99.5
NED for OTs Series 7 4 100
NED for OTs Series 8 1 99.8
NED for OTs Series 9R 1 100
NED for OTs Series 10 1 100
NED for OTs Series 11 3 100
NED for OTs Series 12 4 100
NED for OTs Series 13 2 100
NED for OTs Series 14 2 100
NED for OTs Series 15 2 100
NED for OTs Series 16 1 100
NED for OTs Series 17 2 100
NED for OTs Series 18 2 100
NED for OTs Series 19 2 100
NED for OTs Series 20 2 100
NED for OTs Series 21 2 100
NED for OTs Series 22 2 100
NED for OTs Series 24 3 100
NED for OTs Series 25 1 100
NED for OTs Series 26R 1 50
NED for OTs Series 27 11 91
NED for OTs Series 28 5 100
NED for OTs Series 29 1 100
NED for OTs Series 30 1 100
NED for OTs Series 31 1 100
NED for OTs Series 32 3 100
NED for OTs Series 33 2 100
NED for OTs Series 34 3 100
NED for OTs Series 35 1 100
NED for OTs Series 36 1 100
NED for OTs Series 37 2 100
NED for OTs Series 38 1 100
NED for OTs Series 39 1 100
NED for OTs Series 40 1 100
NED for OTs Series 41 2 100
NED for OTs Series 42 4 100
NED for OTs Series 43 2 100
NED for OTs Series 44 1 100
NED for OTs Series 45 1 100
NED for OTs Series 46 3 100
NED for OTs Series 47 6 80
NED for OTs Series 48 11 99.8
NED for OTs Series 49 7 85
NED for OTs Series 50 4 100
NED for OTs Series 51 1 100
NED for OTs Series 52 3 100
NED for OTs Series 54 2 100
NED for OTs Series 55 1 100
HCOB 10 Nov 1981 Confidential
OT III and OT III Attest
1 100
HCOB 22 Dec 1979 Confidential
Qual Corrective Action on OTs Series 2
3 100
HCOB 11 Jan 1979 Confidential
Qual Corrective Action on OTs Series 3
5 100
HCOB 10 Nov 1981 Confidential
Handling Correction List on OTs
1 100
HCOB 15 Nov 1978R-1
Addition of 15 Oct 1981
Confidential NED for OTs
Advanced Courses Specialist
Course Checksheet Part Two
12 90

19. Numerous measures have always been taken to ensure the physical security of any materials that contain Advanced Technology and to protect these materials from unauthorized disclosure. In general, security systems have been used all times which strictly limit physical access to the matarials and, futher, limit access only to those who have met the requirements described in paragraph 11 above, and have agreed to be bound by agreements to maintain the confidentiality of the materials. The security systems employed have always limited access, and, as security technology has advanced over the yeras, the systems employed to protect the confidentiality of the Advanced Technology have become more sophisticated.

19. Nombre de mesures ont toujours été entreprises pour assurer la sécurité physique de tous les matériaux contenant la Technologie Avancée, pour les protéger afin qu'ils ne soient pas dévoilés. Des système de sécurité ont généralement toujours été utilisés pour limiter l'accèsphysique à ces matériaux et aux seules personnes ayant atteint les qualifications décrites au paragraphe 11, personnes qui sont liées par un accord écrit de maintien de la confidentialité des matériaux. Ces systèmes de sécurité ont toujours limité l'accès et sont devenus de plus en plus sophistiqués au cours des années. (suit une longue description des méthodes de sécurité actuelles, impliquant nettement la paranoïa complète de la secte envers ses propres membres, et démontrant à mon sens de façon indibitable que le principal critère d'acceptation sur les niveaux secrets reste le portefeuille ou le dévouement - dans de rares cas - des personnes envers le groupe.

20. The courses utilizing the Advanced Technology are delivered in separate churches called Advanced Organizations. RTC issus each of these organizations a limited number of copies of the materials containing the Advanced Technology. Each copy is numbered and logged. Historically and currently, the metarials have been maintained in locked filing cabinets in rooms with locked doors, which only authorized people may access. At each of the Advanced Churches, the building itself is equipped with security personnel trained to respond immediately to any alarm indicating a potential unauthrized access to the Advanced Technology, and the staff who work in the area where the Advanced Technology materials are kept are also trained to respond to any alarm related to materials. All of the buildings have video cameras and motion dectectors to protect each of the confidential courserooms which contain the Advanced Technology materials.

[Il explique comment la sécurité est actuellement mise en oeuvre, mais cela ne correspond pas avec ce que moi-même et d'autres ont vécu dès 1976: ainsi, je sais indirectement comment quelqu'un a copié les matériaux d'OT3 et les a ramenés chez lui.

Je sais aussi que le directeur des auditions de l'organisation européeenne avancée de Copenhague m'a dit qu'un journal hollandais avait publié in-extenso, paraît-il, le texte principal du niveau OT3.

Il me semble également que le Directeur éthique de l'organisation danoise, Freddy Hunkeler, avec qui j'étais assez ami, m'a avoué connaître le contenu des matériaux avancés, alors qu'il n'avait pas atteint le niveau où on y accède avec permission; si mes souvenirs sont bons, il en avait entendu parler lors d'interveiws "éthiques" auprès de gens ayant atteint ces niveaux "OT": j'aurais ainsi pu en parler avec lui, si je n'avais été conscient du fait qu'il n'avait pas ateint ces niveaux, car il occupait une fonction de commandement et de responsabilité vis à vis de tous les membres du staff et du public de l'organisation, et je n'étais pas censé savoir qu'il n'avait pas atteint ce niveau.
[Here, he explains how the security of the materials is done presently, but it does not fit to what I've experienced since 1976: I know someone having copied the OT3 story in 1976
I know also that the DofP - director of processing - of the advanced org in Copenhagen said to me that she knew some nederlands' newspaper had published before 1979 the story of OT3, though I can't say when and which newspaper.
I'd say that the ethics officer from the danish organization, Freddy Hunkeler, with whom I was friend, said , as far as I can remember, that he was aware of the content of upper levles, though having not been allowed "legally" to read them; I could have spoken of these secrets to him, as he had a hierachical position on every staffs and publics in the org, if I had not been conscious of the fact that he was not on those upper levels. It's probable than many publics were not aware of the fact that he was not up to this level - on any ethics officer in that org, as well.
I've also given the whole story (not the texts, that I did not had then) myself on a report to the french anti-cult association ADFI in 1984, and the Figaro Lyon published my own resume of that OT3 secrets on april 6th, 1990. I've taught its content as soon as 1983, to many ex-scientologists in order to get them out of the mystery surrounding it, and I know I was not the only one to speak of those secrets.
No camera was surrounding the secret courses rooms during the day, neither movement detectors, as said Mc Shane. As far as I can remember, they were security alarms for the night and the drawer and room were closed solidly.
While studying those courses, we have been often out of the courses room to search for some other OT student to check us on some parts of the materials; the door of the course room was neither closed neither specially protected, adn I've been alone in the course room - perhaps even with the drawer containing the materials opened.

Moreover, while "solo-auditing" the long and tedious OT3  level, we had to take parts of the course secret materials to home, to have some location where audit ourselves. We would have been able to copy themù hundreds of times, had we desired to do so.
And finally, I've had to retranslate or to translate correctly a lot of the materials that were used either on OT2 or on OT3, and I know also the three other main persons having transcripted and corrected and/or translated those materials. Two of them were John Mc Grew - founder of a scientology mission in Paris - and Jean-Jacques Delance, who had studied with Hubbard and was the co-founder of Paris organization.

J'ai moi-même non point fourni le texte original lui-même aux journaux, mais raconté très précisément l'histoire d'OT3 dès 1984 (par un rapport complet à l'association de lutte anti-sectaire française "ADFI", et le Figaro Lyon a publié précisément mon propre résumé de l'histoire en France le 6 avril 1990); j'ai aussi enseigné le contenu de ces niveaux à nombre d'anciens scientologues dès 1983,
Aucune caméra de surveillance n'existait dans les locaux où se trouvaient les matériaux durant la journée, pas plus que des détecteurs de mouvement, comme prétend Mc Shane; au contraire, la porte de la salle des cours confidentiels n'était pas souvent fermée, et je me suis souvent trouvé seul dans la salle, armoires peut-être même ouvertes (??), des heures durant, soit à étudier, soit à regarder les films ou à écouter les bandes des cours confidentiels.

Nous sortions par ailleurs de la salle assez fréquemment pour entrer dans la salle d'attente (non confidentielle et non protégée, pas fermée à clé ni interdite aux personnes non autorisées) et demander à une autre personne supposée autorisée de nous vérifier sur tel ou tel document du cours.
Enfin, lors d'OT2 en particulier, niveau très long à parcourir et exigeant qu'on soit en possession des "platens" du niveau - des documents indiquant le déroulement supposé du niveau, comportant des dizaines de pages d'éléments disparates à "auditer en solo", j'avais donc constamment ces documents à ma portée et j'aurais sans aucune difficulté eu le temps de les copier des dizaines de fois chaque jour, sans que quiconque puisse s'en apercevoir.
De plus, j'ai moi-même traduit ou retraduit ou corrigé bon nombre de ces documents essentiels, car certaines traductions étaient bourrées de non-sens et de faux-sens. Je connais aussi les trois personnes qui avaient transcrit les films secrets de l'époque et les avaient traduits en français; on trouve entre autres John Mc Grew, fondateur d'une franchise de scientologie à Paris, et Jean-Jacques Delance, qui avait étudié sous les ordres d'Hubbard et avait co-fondé l'organisation de scientologie de Paris.

21. I have had photographs made of the current security facilities at one of the Advanced Churches which RTC licenses to use the Advanced Technology under strict conditions. The photographs fairly and accurately depict the procedures and personnel which currently protect the confidentiality of the Advanced Technology. While the pictures show a Scientology staff member posing as a parishioner who is commencing an advanced service, what is depicted and demonstrated in the photographs are exact same procedures anyone authorized to do so would go through to recieve and partake in services using the Advanced Technology. The exact steps that each eligible parishioner goes through are fairly and accurately re-enacted in these photos, and the procedured being demonstrated in these photos are the precise security procedures employed each day. These photographs are set forth in a binder filed herewith, and I incorporate these photographs and their captions as though set forth in full in this declaration, and I describe below whatb they depict. The photograph which corresponds to a particular piece of text will be noted by reference to a Tab number.

22. When a person comes to an Advanced Organization, he must go to the Advanced Courses receptionist to be directed to the service for which he is arriving. (Tab 1) The receptionist gives the person a routing form that sets forth each of the steps that he must do in order to be permitted onto the service he wishes to commence, including steps by which his eligilbility for the service is verified. (Tab 2) The parsihioner also recieves and signs a confidentiality agreement, as described in paragraph 12 above. (Tabs 3 and 4)

23. After he has done the eligibility verification steps of the routing form, the parsihioner goes to the office of the Religious Technology Center representative located at the particular Advanced Church, in order to obtain an invitation to begin an Advanced Technology service. (Tabs 5 and 6)

24. Once a parishioner has received an invitation, he goes to Security and presents the invitation, thereby showing that he has met all eligibility requirements in order to receive a security card which will permit him to access to the area in which the particular Advanced Technology service is ministered. (Tab 7) Before being issued a security card, the parishioner must study the security rules and directives on confidentiality. (Tab 8) Once that is done, a security guard enters identification information about the parishioner into the security computer and prepares a security card. (Tabs 9 and 10) The security card and a confidential personal indentification number (PIN) are then given to the parishioner. The card is on a chord, so the parishioner will wear it around his neck and not lose it. (Tab 11)

25. At the entrance to the area where the actual delivery of the services utlizing the Advanced Technology occurs, there is a locked door with admission monitored by video cameras and security card readers. These doors can only be opened by passing a duly issued security card through the card reader. (Tabs 12, 13) Only idividuals who have been issued a photo-identity card and a password by Security are able to open the door to enter this space. (Tab 14) When the parishioner has put his card through and entered his PIN, and it has been accepted by the computer, the magnetic lock om the door is released, permitting the outer door to the Advanced Courses area, which is otherwise locked, to be opened. (Tabs 15 and 16)

26. The outer door opens onto a foyer that leads a passageway. Off this passageway are several doors which go into the various course rooms, as there is a different course room for each level studied, and parishioners must separately qualify for and be invited to begin each one. (Tabs 17 and 18) Whenever the outer door is opened, all of the inner doors automatically lock. (Tab 19) The inner doors are also secured with magnetic card readers, and access is only possible with valid security number and PIN. (Tab 20)

27. When the parishioner arrives at the course room (Tabs 21 and 22), he takes his eligibility certificate to the advanced Courses Course Administrator, who confirms taht he is eligibile to be in the area. (Tab 23)

28. The confidential materials historically were, and are currently, stored within the actual course room and controlled by someone whose responsibility it is to administer them. (Tab 23) Currently, the confidential materials are stored in the Course Administrator's office. The Course Administrator's office must be accessed via a card reader, and parishioners' security cards do not work on that card reader. (Tab 24)

29. The materials are bound in individual packs and are locked in secured and protected rooms. Each pack is monitored by the security computer which automatically alerts security personnel if the packs are tampered with. When an approved parishioner goes inte the course room to study the confidential materials on a particular advanced level, he presents the course administrator with his eligibility certificate, and the course administartor then logs the numbered pack out to the parishioner, unplugs the pack from the security cabinet or safe and hands the pack to the parishioner. (Tabs 25 and 26) The moment the pack is unplugged the door to the course room is magnetically locked and stays locked until the pack is plugged into a corresponding connection point on the table where the parishioner assigned to that pack to study. (Tabs 27 - 30) Additionally, an alarm sounds the doors lock if the confidential pack is not plugged into its connection point in the table within seconds. Even the pages of the packs which contain the confidential materials are manufactured and bound together in such a way that if they leave the designated security area, alarms sound and the doors automatically lock. As a result, there is no physical way any of the confidential packs can be removed from the room where they are kept.

30. The parishioner studies the course pack (Tab 31), and at the end of the study period, the security procedure is reversed. The pack is unplugged from the table which automatically locks the door. The parishioner unplugs the pag and hands is to the course administrator who has seconds to plug the pack back inte the cabinet or safe. (Tab 40)

31. Confidential cassette tapes are also used as part of the Advanced Courses. These are kept in filing cabinets secured by barlocks. (Tab 32) The Course Adminstrator takes the confidential tapes out of the filing cabinets and places them into a tape player that is in the Course Administartor's office that parishioners cannot access. (Tabs 33 - 36) In the course room there are sets of foot pedals that correspond to each tape player, and the parsihioner sits at the appropriate space to operate that foot pedal in order to hear the tape. (Tab 38) The course Administrator also unplugs the transcripts of the tape from its slot on the shelf, and the student must take the transcript to his space in the course room and plug it back in within 30 - 45 seconds, as described above. (Tabs 37 - 38) After listening to the tape and following along with the transcript, she student returns the tape transcript to the Course Administrator. (Tabs 39 - 40)

32. All Advanced Course areas are monitored by Security at all times on video screens, through remote cameras situated throughout the building. (Tabs 41 - 44)

33. If a parishioner needs to take with him the specific small segment of the materials of an OT level that is needed for the perticular auditing he is doing at a given time, which is different from the course materials studied on the course, he must carry those materials to the auditing space located within a secure location in a locked briefcase, and must either keep it with him at all times or have the materials, in the locked briefcase, in a locked closet. Those materials are signed back in, all within the secure location. A student who has done an advanced course does not retain possession of the advanced course materials studied. No one is allowed to leave Church premises with the packs of confidential course materials, either before, during or after taking these services.

34. To Scientologists, the OT II, OT II and NOTs scriptures are highly sacred and confidential. Pursuant to RTC's policies for protecktion of the Advanced Technology, no autorization has ever been given to defendant Panoussis to copy, aquire, use disclose, reproduce or display any of these works or any other Advanced Technology work. Neither RTC nor any of its licensees has ever given or sold Advanced Technology materilas to anyone. The only way that any confidential materials could be removed is by outright theft.

(sont ensuite décrits avec force détails les différentes étapes de sécurité dont les matériaux sont entourés actuellement)

35. The Advanced Technology works which Panoussis has posted and otherwise unlawfully distributed, have never left the custody of RTC, its predecessors or authorized licensees except through theft or misappropriation. The NOTs works were stolen from one of RTC's licensees in Denmark in 1983, for which one of the co-conspirators was arrested, tried and convicted in Denmark.

I am willing to testify under oath to verify the truth of the statements made in this declaration.

Signed this 5th day of September 1997 in the state of California in the United State of America.


Warren McShane

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