Voici la liste des associations qui participent à la Conférence internationale organisée par INFORM en
Here is the list of the associations which will participate at the international Conference organised by
INFORM in 2001

Un mot: il s'agit d'associations connues pour leurs grandes amitiés envers les sectes.

Note: these are associations well known for their friendship toward cults.

CESNUR (Centre for Studies on new Religions) Italy
INFORM (Information Network Focus on religious Movements) UK
ISAR (Institute for the study of american Religion), USA
RENNER (Research Network on new Religions) Denmark
REMID (Religious Studies Media and Information Service) Germany
FINYAR (Forskning och Information om NYA Religisa rrelser) Sweden
MMMMM (Myth, Magic and Miracle Meet Modernity) Norway
ISORECEA (International Association for the study of religion in Eastern and Central Europe)

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