En bref, D. Minkoff est ce médecin scientologue ayant d'abord prétendu que Lisa serait morte d'une infection fulgurante (probablement pour défendre le point de vue de la secte qui lm'avait fait mourir).

Il a signé un compromis pour 100000 dollars qui sera payé par les assurances à la familel.

 David Minkoff

The St. Petersburg Times published a report on Dr. David Minkoff's
settlement with the estate of Lisa McPherson.

"A Clearwater doctor who declared Scientologist Lisa McPherson dead when
she arrived at a New Port Richey hospital in December 1995 has paid her
estate $100,000 to settle his portion of a wrongful death suit McPherson's
family filed against the Church of Scientology and others. James Felman,
the Tampa lawyer who represents Dr. David Minkoff, said two medical
malpractice insurance companies paid the entire amount.  'It wasn't our
idea to settle,' Felman said. 'But given that the insurance company is
going to pay the money, it is a pittance compared to the millions and
millions they were asking for.'

"Ken Dandar, the Tampa lawyer who represents the McPherson estate,
declined to discuss details of the settlement. But he said he agreed to
accept Minkoff's offer because the doctor's involvement in her death was
based on false reports he received from others. 'He saw her after she was
dead, so he couldn't cause any damage to her,' Dandar said. 'Dr. Minkoff
was extremely nervous and anxious to settle this case.'

"McPherson has become the subject of World Wide Web sites where
Scientology critics have published autopsy pictures and copies of the care
notes taken by Scientologists in the days before she died. Critics also
picket Scientology centers all over the world with McPherson's picture and
accusations that Scientology killed her."