In "L'Hebdo", a swiss magazine, Aug 12th, 1999,pages 22-23, Cathy Macherel exposes us the last scientoloy trick to conquer a country - preferably small, poor, and almost destroyed.

They would'nt have choosen Afghanistan, for sure, as there, the cultic assassin Talibans would have killed them without discussing, USA vetos or not: being some 1000 years back, Taliban have some excuses to their bloody mentalities, while it's not excusable for scientologists.

I'll just resume the article in french, as The Hebdo deserves a good selling of their issue, but as it does not come to US, I'll translate it for english speaking people, hoping they'll use it there and for newspapers, to buy the article to "The Hebdo".

Français: résumé:

Les scientologues ont écrit dans leur numéro d'Ethique et Liberté tiré à 100 000 ex. en Suisse romande (éditeur, Suzanne Montangero Crausaz, la patronne du groupe sciento lauzannois) que 19 d'entre eux avaient aidé plus de 10000 réfugiés dans les camps albanais en leur faisant des séminaires de 2 ou 3 jours sur la dianétique et en ayant distribué 20000 ex. de leur livret de morale "Chemin du Bonheur", avec la bénédiction de la croix-rouge internationale. Celle-ci nie formellement, par l'intermédiaire de son porte-parole Urs Bögli, mais ne veut pas porter plainte, pour ne pas perdre son temps. Ils ont communiqué des lettres de remerciements - signées d'initiales pour la plupart.

Les scientologues avaient déjà prétendu avoir aidé pendant 10 000 heures les secours croix-rouge lors du tremblement de terre de Los Angeles en 1994.

ce qui, entre nous,représenterait de toute manière moins d'une heure de travail par scientologue présent là-bas, car c'est dans cette zône des USA qu'ils sont les plus njombreux, et de loin...

english -clumsy! - translation

(c) L'Hebdo, 1999

Title: Kosovar refugees

Scientologists trap the Red Cross

The church of L. Ron Hubbard did proselytism into refugees camps in Albania. Allegating they were supported by the Red Cross; The Red Cross denied formally.

Has the church of scientology cooperated with the International Red Cross during the Kosovo war? It's what it lets to understand in its last issue of "Freedom", whose Romand swiss issue was 100000 copies. Into an article entitled "Contributing to build a stabler society", the cult wrote indeed how a certain Michael Edwards and 18 other volunteer ministers (unpaid people on area, for scientology) went to Albania during all the recent war and "came there to give service spiritual council and dianetics" (a method designed to alleviate sad feelings through the mind) to "refugees of both camps" [the journalist author could not possibly say, but i can bet this: they did not help any Serb, for sure]. In the article, one can read "Collaborating with the International Red Cross, volunteer ministers offer an efficient help" - then we are taught that dianetics seminaries - two to three days long - have been organized in the camps, and "allowed to alleviate the emotional sufferings of 10000 refugees".

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The Lauzanne church of scientology, editor of the article through data given by its american management, allegates that 20000 copies of the booklet "The Way to Happiness" (the moral guide for scientologists) have already been distributed to albanese camps, and that its action keeps on in the Kosovo. Between communities, some parts of Kosovar refugees are circulating too, (see photo), saying their happiness to have had Hubbard's teachings, spiritual chief of scientology. Most of these pieces are signed with initials only. "The church of scientology does a fantastic job there to alleviate people lacking of spiritual bases", pleads Suzanne Crausaz-Montangero, manager of the Lauzanne issue of "Freedom" in Lauzanne [note: Freedom is called Ethique et Liberté in french speaking areas] .

If the Tirana scientologists have also translated the "Way to Happiness" in albanese, they deny any collboration to the any Red cross branch, contrary to the Lauzanne scientologist. The International federation of the Red Cross, managing national branches, insists also on this: "We never heard of such a thing, and we did never see anything they did there", says Jessica Barry, back from one of the 8 Kukès camps. And I questioned my collegues there, who don't have any more informations about that."

Same sound from the CICR (International committee of the Red Cross): "The CICR has a principle: never working with any church or religious community. Pretending this is ridicule. It is nevertheless possible that scientologists wants to get international credit by using abusively of our name", said Urs Bögli, their public relations man.


It's not the first time that national Red Cross associations have been used by scientologist activities. An L. Ron Hubbard woman adept has been filmed teaching "curing" techniques to the Indonesian Red Cross. In its publications and on Internet, the church of scientology validates some works done on a local plan. "During the 1994 earthquake in Los Angeles, volunteer ministers, some of them collaborating with Red Cross teams, have spent 10000 hours to help and make people more comfortable.[...] their action has been so efficient that dozens of them got formations from the Red Cross to reinforce the two organizations links": we can also read this from another article dedicated to Volunteer Ministers. Or this comment elsewhere: "As those ministers are efficient, the Red Cross asks them whenever a catastrophe happens". A picture and a photograph with the Red Cross symbol makes believe that scientology has links to any Red Cross branches.

Either into the CICR or into the Federation, one is worried about that situation, but no complaint is to be done about it. "It would make a fuss for nothing", says Urs Bögli. Scientologists have another conlusion from this reaction: "Officials don't generally dare to say that they are asking scientology collaboration; but believe me, do you really believe we could get into jails, like in USA, or come into refugees camps, like in Albania, without their support?", replies Suzanne Montangero-Crausaz.Meanwhile, with or without whoever help, the kosovar work of scientologists seems to have continued. When we called the albanian antenna, its president Ms. Ardiana Radoni was travelling near Pec with Michael Edwards, we were said. And from Lauzanne, the church of scientology announced that new helps would be gotten into Balkans, targeting children. This time, will scientologists yet speak of helping the International Red Cross?

Cathy Macherel

(photos of people... with that legend:)
Scientology church published a color publication about the action toward Kosovar refugees in Albania. Documents with witnessings from refugees run between scientology antennas. This one says about some "Fasquet", albanese refugee, "My father said that the only thing that could be given by the war was to have gotten such friends as the volunteer ministers, and to receive those informations (dianetics). Every day, we enjoy to go to the seminaries and the dianetics one. The legend adds: "hundred of thousands of people live under tents into refugees camps and The Dianetics is near to be recognized as the only method to regain some hope, to get a purpose and to believe one can get a new start".