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How the scientology cult trains its staffs. Gulags. 

Total delirium

This demonstrates that scientology cult can't make "OTs"

It's an excerpt from the scientology mag High Winds #18, near 1995, pages 56-57. Quoted for critic and education reasons. [Notes from the webmaster between square brackets; important passages in red color for those who don't have much time]



In the early days of the Sea Org, LRH personally trained and drilled the first Sea Org members ab ard the Flagship Apollo. He took new recruits, many of whom had never stepped aboard a ship in their lives, and turned them into a crack, professional team capable of handling any situation at any time..../...

As the Sea Org's responsibility for the planet grew, so did the standards of competence required.
[the author does not even realizes that he pretends here that the present training is better than LRH's one] In 1969 LRH described what he meant by a Sea Org member: "So we define an SO member the way you do an OT: at cause over life, thought, matter, energy, space, time and form." When a Sea Org member signs on, he agrees to meet that expectation from here on out. [he agrees therefore is already an OT, a superior being]

Thus each new recruit is put through a tough and thorough training program consisting of the Sea Org basics LRH himself personally implemented aboard the Apollo. This initial training is called the Estates Project Force (EPF).
[it is hardwork, mainly for building and heavy manual work, accomplished to "rise the confront, while in fact to have very cheap manual workers - slaves to make more profits]


While doing rigorous deck work to increase control of MEST
[MEST=material works here] and one's confront of the world in which he lives, new recruits concurrently study basic Sea Org Flag Orders. They study a course in ethics; listen to LRH tapes which lay out the purpose, esprit de corps and ideals of the Sea Org and its officers and crew, and firmly welcome the new Sea Org member to the big team; study and drill Sea Org standards and learn their basic hat as Sea Org members. These courses comprise "Product Zero."

The backbone of this training program is strict and intensive drilling - drills that improve leadership and Sea Org beirigness, drills on operating as a member of a team and drills to become proficient
in handling all possible disasters a group might encounter. [strange to observe that hubbard could speak of disasters... while saying he had all the solutions from "auditing"] The more drilled a crew is, the more their competence increases, so they will be able to deal with any situations on post and in life, no matter how seemingly impossible.



The EPF at the Flag Land Base is led by a 24-year veteran Sea Org officer. It is the biggest EPF of any Sea Org installation on the planet and consistently trains a large volume of new Sea Org members for the entire Flag Land Base.
Since the beginning of this year alone, the Flag EPF has successfully trained and graduated more than 150 new Sea Org members. [supposing only 300 new ones are trained each year, but many fail and leave during that enslavement program]

This EPF follows the same rigorous schedule of deckwork, training and drills required to make on-Source crew who live up to the high standards expected at Flag, as the mecca of technical perfection.
Several times a day they Chinese school [verbatim parroting, not] basic Sea Org datums, so as to learn these verbatim.


As basic SO technology is of such importance to Sea Org operations and success, all Sea Org veterans who are promoted to International Headquarters, the top strata of the Sea Org, do a special Estates Project Force program when they arrive and before assuming any post duties. As seasoned Sea Org members, these vets have a firm reality that the application of Sea Org basics ensures our longevity as a group. They are put through this program to raise their standards of discipline, teamwork and competence to an even higher level. These crew are expected to take on leadership positions in the expansion of Scientology at international level. Their basics must be unshakable.

[this demonstrates that redoing a level already largely attained is a manic in scientology; avery long timer has done and redone some courses a large number of times]

Every vet is examined on the same basics studied by new recruits, restudies all basic Sea Org courses in a new unit of time and is expected to demonstrate perfect application. Heavy MEST work is accompanied by arduous and detailed drilling.
[insisting heavily on the brainwashing practiced there]



As those beings entrusted to salvage this sector of the galaxy, [shows the real totalitarism of scientology] Sea Org members are on the auditors' side of the E-Meter just as a trained auditor has total certainty on his ability to apply the basics of TRs [repeated exercizes] and metering, so every Sea Org member must have an unflinching certainty that his own basics of Sea Org technology contained in LRH Flag Orders are in.


As LRH wrote, "Above case gain is COMPETENCE. If you want to see a nine foot tall OT, look at one who is also competent! And knows it." [Hubbard avows himself that nothing in his system is better than the professional competences - wherever they come from, explaining in fact that he does not care of his "discoveries" and "breakthrough", as long as people produce for him]

Only an organization composed of such OTs
[again] is capable of halting the downward spiral and in this brief instant of time, changing the course of eternity.

The EPF makes such OTs. [again: now, the auditing and OT's processes have no longer any interest for Hubbard; only hard manual work helps] And that is why tough, standard EPFs are the foundation of the success of the Sea Org. [conclusion: seeing how bad the Sea Org works in fact, I can't suscribe to his allegations of success; corollary: the EPF is o more able to make "OTs" - those faked superior beings - than the processes of the "Bridge to total Freedom" are]

[follows a "success letter" expressing satisfaction, but not explaining why : I'd say that they were so satisfied to leave the hell]



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