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Happily - The Power and The Treason 


Note: Please, excuse the clumsy language and errors of syntax.
That text has been written down after having been inspired partly by the translations I did of Joe Cisar's essay, Scott Mayer's essay, and half the one of Arnie Lerma's text prized by the Ars literati challenge generously imagined by M. Bob Minton. I've not yet read or translated the other winners' texts. It has not been presented to the challenge, its author thinking he had not enough syntax to be a challenger. It has therefore profited of what was already read by its author, regarding some excellent ideas.

I'm dedicating it, like the book I wrote before on the subject, to those I have hurted while in the Company, and adding the many friends I have who have decided it was not too late to act before a final catastrophe for humanity.

It'll be translated in french later.

The Treason : Moving forces

Starting by the most difficult is not the best way to do. Anyway, I have to.

Happily enough for me to-day, I've become a traitor against some of those I felt - and feel - I could no longer help to make happy themselves - I mean, while them allowing me to give them advices or help or by use of my abilities, or allowing me to act for them like I would like to do when helping them, or allowing me to really be sincere with them. I'm speaking of me here; who else could I speak from, if I want to relate the things right as they were felt ?

We could perhaps learn why I could be happy or satisfied to be such a traitor to-day. Traitors are not so well-thought of, generally, they are rather ill-considered. Yes, I'm agreeing with this - though not always.

Is there any truth in the whole universe that can be The Total Truth? Such one would, according to some... have no significance (neither mass, etc.)

Things without significances give not much concept of truth to me, as I'm unable to understand a no-significance; it's already difficult to conceive a no-mass "thing"etc., as this would have already the implied significance of a missing something. The no-significance of this "thing" derives directly from its other definition given: that truth would be a nothingness.

What sort of significance could really have a nothingness, as there would exist not the least thing to give it a significance? Well, let's abandon that.

That's looking quite unsignificant for the moment.

Besides, I should have to compare things to be able to see any significances at all, or abilities, potentialities etc. If nothing is there - neither me to observe, what could I compare to what else, I don't know.

And how could I compare it to anything but nothing, I don't know either. Is that paradoxal? Then the source could be a paradox. But I would'nt like to speak only from paradox, or oxymorons, or syllogisms, or anything like a bicephal universe if no universe existed and no creator had done it to start.

Things are relatives to things, to environment, to ... individuals -- those individuals being supposed to be the truth themselves, - till their truth is no longer their truth, but happens to become another's or others' truth.

That last bit [one's truth becoming another's truth] is perhaps something which was missing in that written axiom, or was it a logic? Why do we feel compulsively pushed toward reasonings that could prove someone else wrong? Perhaps because that person could be wrong, sometimes; or that we could be wrong, kowing it, but nevertheless wanting to win.

I would have believed axioms were truths, by definition. Even if undemonstrable ones. The fact that logics, in some works, could be really impossible to differentiate from the axioms they accompany leads me to think that they could be, after all, mere definitions of things the author could want to pass to your mind, the axiom title making unattentive readers dull about the checkings to do.

True, if one can demonstrate an axiom or a logic as wrong, if it had been a truth perhaps would it be that truth could not be demonstrable? I don't like much of that sort of things which make my logic fail.

I'm not always logical either: I'd be the source of logic or logics, while I'm only the source of my own logic, and can imagine that the source of all logics can understand them all, but that his own creations could not always necessarily understand the logic of others. So. We are back then on the starting point : it was about my treasons - or about traitors, more generally.

My traitor's trend was a long, long way to behave in my life. If it was never to my real advantage to be so, that has neither been to the real profit - and rarely to the real disadvantage - of others. Treasons are sometimes very short and of little importance.

I'm adding some few almost every day, sometimes even against myself, like when taking a cigarette, or a glass too much, or if not eating because I want to end some job or take a break instead, etc.

That was the case to-day, that real to-day where I became again a traitor against some (who had already declared me being a traitor while I was helping him/them like a mad and with fine results, and was certainly neither a traitor to him, neither doing anything against him/them or his/their main visible purposes). Could it have been against his/their rules, that I was a traitor, or did he/they had hidden standards? Possibly. Though his/their rules were there, they said, to be broken if needed, while having hidden standards was reputed evil by him/them.

Did I liked to become a traitor? Certainly not. I was just leaving a position of power on someone else, or many others - the power of making him/her/them happy, or more probably, supposedly so, which was about, for me, almost the only power that could or should be exercized on others.

At least, by Saints. But we aren't Saints, are we? So, that small question remains unanswered: I'd like to get it answered by others. Who will?

But is that a power, to make one's possible to get others satisfied? Perhaps that could be perceived as such. Is that a God's power? I don't think so, I'd say it's the main power of an individual regarding others.

That's a real final product, for which one get mostly happy oneself, even if not really profiting of one's activity to get it realized. But in such a case, helping people who don't help themselves - like someone said - would not make you happy, while it does; so, there must be too something missing here in what the guy said about those not succeeding in life. Reversely, selling - or giving for free - some help that does not exist in fact to people, does not make one happy either - neither them, unless believing it's the best one can do for others, or them believing it's the best they can get from life.

Becoming a traitor, or an enemy, is that a natural thing for humans? Perhaps for some of them; at least, that's what I suppose; according to some, 2,5 % are the real traitors, [supposed to have enormous problems with life since eons] and, as 17,5 other percents are supposed to be the victims of these 2,5 %, they could as well be possibly dangerous - potential traitors.

I've observed a group for years, where the percentage of such potential traitors or of traitors was more or less 100 %. Could it be that its executives were only taken from the 2,5 % qualified as dangerous? I don't think so, as they were also leaving the group (treason?) more than often, so, they were only potential traitors and traitors in the group, if I take some hard time following my line of logic. I'm not clear enough, I fear. But that group was'nt clearer, I could say if I dared.

Some people can even have very different intents (evil ones?) than others: it looks so. Some can be led by much different resorts/motivations than us or others, their own moving forces/motivations acting as the last ones to get what they believe to be right for them, or perhaps, though less probably, right for others.

But then, their intents would'nt be qualified as evil; being right for others has not much disadvantages unless everyone is wrong at the same time.

Becoming an enemy or a traitor against those exact people who you thought once and since long to be the best-of, the true saviours, is that really a good action? It depends of their viewpoint. But also, from your opinions. Someone said once - or did he wrote it?- that good/bad, ugly/beautiful, were only considerations without any bases than opinion. I'm not sure he was right, do you? Unless considering only his viewpoint, perhaps? But it could drown our opinions. So.

Is there some more general justice or judgement or values here or abroad? Is there something that could be used by some to leviate and act on the very best feelings from others, while sending them simultaneously to the Hell? Oh, Dr Faust's Mephisto, oh, Mephisto, I believed you were dead enough - but could you even die? I'm sure it's not for to-day, or to-morrow. On another planet perhaps? If we don't get there by chance, hitting your troubled ways again?

Short story as a traitor

I went a traitor very soon in life, by the way. First perhaps against myself, if I choosed it - as would say some - by being born in a troubled - a very troubled - period. Some people abroad had decided others should become their slaves. It was'nt the very first time during humanity's story, alas - some sort of habit from some enslavers to copy others before.

The ones I speak of were not bad people, though - perhaps they wanted to make others happy, their way, with their own music - a very fine one?

Like USA or some other western countries right now, wanting to make other's happy with their PCs, hypercars to kill oneself and/or others, and their powerful machines to kill or to make oneself right and others very very wrong - wrong to death, as said "some"?

These other people before had decided (most probably, only their dangerously mad -but charismatic- chief had thought of it) that it was of prime importance to eliminate some few millions "underworld" supposedly dishonestly enriched and powerful boys and girls, supposed to have long curved noses, in order to take their power-money - I dunno if they were supposed to have their power or monies in the long noses, but wait, it does not matter much.

I had also had the bad (I don't think really this, though) idea to be born of parents who had themselves had the bad idea (i don't think it was so bad, though) to meet while both very ill in a sanitarium, and I had the bad idea or fate - some say it's some karma or my fault, to be deprived of my mother soon after being able to understand anything at all from life; true enough, I was so young, but some say that's no excuse, that as a being, I was only a being in a small body, not unlike those having big ones.

Perhaps are they right? I've some doubts if I take a look at my own kids, even after they went adults. Are we really so guilty, so as to miss a mother or a father, soon in life - or later on? Or could it be the mere effect or fate or hazards of the life itself? Some say definitely No.

At 4, perhaps my guilt karma gave me an absurd computation: I went full speed into a tree, head first, having not targeted correctly my feet-brakes on the sled I was playing on since that morning. It opened my headbone right on, with some blood on the white snow. So what. I am unsure I had really sinned against anybody before, though I tried much ways to figure older crimes I could have committed.

But who knows? Some say I was responsible for my doom and had it all done by myself. Okay, I am responsible, all by myself. So, could I be a traitor, a responsible one? Vielleicht. Peut-être. Or was it a sin to picture when playing with my ill mother, some 'wolves' on her legs, to 'eat' her, while I was laughing at this idea with her? What would you say? Was it the sin? Or the old stories fantazised in the stars, were they my sins? That's just one thread, but I've imagined thousands of others later.

Anything can happen in life, and I presume that one can also learn from one's errors. Otherwise, there could be no sports, no games, no life's experiences. Some said that absolutes are unattainable. That's right, excepted for God, but that's the one who decides what is an absolute - or is perhaps one, so, it's easy for him, not for us. And he can change his mind about what it is.

Like you and me, by the way. We can also change our roles. From bad boy to good boy, or bad girl to good girl, for instance.

Later, I had to be excellent at schools, to have good points and no dunce's caps. Or I would have been again a traitor. Schools went in succession one after another, some months here, some two years there, etc. And I had good points: it costed me no efforts, the machine was shaped to listen and repeat what it had heard, to compute okay and so on. What else to do when you're there?

But now, decades later, I doubt I've the straight edeitic memory for which I've paid lots of money and hours and months and years before winning that status - while thinking I had won the products promized; probably something, at the moment I wrote that I had finished, was distracting my attention?

The next steps to better abilities? Whatever, I don't even remember most of the names of my best friends, or my preferred professors, or their visages, sizes, but for some. Some, I can remember playing games with them, or falling when struggling, or things like that. Perhaps those others elements have been too much cleared of my mind, by some processes?

Even some sins, like the day I had stolen my dad some money to buy a book on butterflies, I can't remember the hell where I've hidden the fruit of my theft, or what was on the cover of that book or its title.

Some would say that's because I've not yet said everything about it. But what could I say more? Though having been able to learn a 200 long verses poem in few days, I could no longer recall people or facts I've seen for years? Is there something I've missed here?

That memory of the theft looks erased, but for the - now little - shame. So, it's not erased at all, if the sensations or feelings are still present. Should I invent some more details, in order to get some few underpaid people happy to listen to such unsignificant old story, then writing it down in knowledge reports, with these few invented edeitic details of that story, just because that's what make them happy about me?

Later, I went into more schools, and became then anew a traitor, as some of their teachings were not my taste - looked a waste, in fact, or could be human creation without relationship with anything I could see or feel true, so, I was not so good than before, and went to make both my father, mother in law and school managers unhappy at times. My best solution, as I had not been taught another one, was to flee a bit more into fantazies rather than make some of these supposed truths mine.

So, I was not to be trusted to be learning every lesson coming in. An enemy position, leading me to betrayal. Nobody there asked me to make new promises coupled with amends, and nobody was there to clear parts to help me in these topics, as I was understanding almost everyone if not all of those parts; for me, it was rather laziness and other interests centers that distracted my work.

It was just more interesting to have some look at some few girls, or butterflies, or books with stunning stories of people making things really big, or anything but the topic supposed to make me soon a man with competences in everything.

My traitor story continued a bit later when I was forced to become a legal potential assassin. Happily enough, the hazard did well, as I had never to kill anybody, or even to shot after any: I'd have hated it, and that intent (not to kill when supposed to) was in itself a treason against my group, would say some. Better taking cardboard targets, or a boar if available: one can eat it after.

I was as well really out-of-exchange then, as most of the time, during that insane war period, I had nothing really tiring or challenging to do there, but was paid -badly, that's true -, was fed, dressed (sometimes in full regalia, the true flying man without a plane) - and even, had something to smoke and to look at, or game-sport, sea baths, or to hunt or fish (goose, ducks, boars, fishes, as well as the famous french frogs), and something to drink too, and to read, to sing, all things I liked to do.

But as I did not like much of the rules aimed at disciplining me into a robot-like warmachine, or just - if that was my idea, because I wanted to say "shit" or "f* off" to some - executives : but that sort of activity or speech could also be punished by some days in jail, with trash-cleansing as an amend or, more probably, as a mere tool to keep us active while remaining of some profit for others.

Some others I met later could have sent me there for lesser sins into other jails, with projects to rehabilitate me, adding indoctrination or even upper-indoctrination to encourage my very own soul or myself-the-soul to become more of a real army man, ready for the war against enemies.

I don't know against who, now, as there are new laws forbidding to do the exact things we were supposed to do then.

And the others I met later were really unable to define what was or is their enemy, or why it should have been called that, so, most of time, they felt compulsive and are more or less defining anybody not of their clients or direct prospects or allies to be an enemy.

But these army being - but for some ONE only hero from the old US Navy, times ago, sure -, as would say some of his followers - these army men were supposedly mostly crazy, degraded beings - warmongers etc, (for me, just ordinary people whose some had had a hard time in life and were working there like one could elsewhere) - I was therefore sometimes in treason, without any jail sentence ever leading me to become the good boy ready to kill and obey anytime at any order.

They did not care to brainwash me with mind precepts or body tortures or soul's indocs. They never forced me to run after I was really too tired to do so. Or to speak to women - or anybody else, by the way, sayin' "Yessir", and nothing else. Or to work when I was really ill, some other person possibly touching first my body with his fingers to "cure" me. Or to get rid of, separated from, my parents or friends not much enthusiast about armies or weapons.

Sex Treasons

After that intermede of small treasons, I went back to civil life, where I went married to the girl I loved. And became again a traitor too: I don't know really why; but I felt I was not her future happiness, and perhaps was I a bad man that age for a good girl that age, too weak-or-whatever to make her happy each time I would have liked to?

Possibly so, but when one is stupid on some things, would say some, it's because one has misunderstood parts on these topics. I had not much parts -or so popular ones -if not trivial - on that topic, and possibly not one had ever been misunderstood; unless I had not had enough mass and demonstrations, sculpture training, on that study (?!) of the subject of love and sex with a girl (or a boy, that does not matter much) one loves?

Or was it possible that a mere inexperience could have been the cause of problems? Or could it have been old sins untouched and unsaid, keeping on to make me dumb, as already proposed above?

Or, as some said later, was it just because it's really impossible to get anything from this sex affair, as anything of it comes from oldies anima-sciences horriblies stories, and is just plain automatism - robotism of unknown (we'll see later, if we get time...) origins for us, poor souls homo sapiens, dramatizing past terrible pains and losses from wicked pervert mind-controllers -

Reading this could make me think as if these mind-controllers had also controlled my sex, which is strange, because I can get much joy from it, and the pains and so forth do not appear before some human abuses. True enough, some said I was in a total status of confusion, never to be allowed to be undone by the only ONE company able to do it, so, I could be stupid about the confusion between joy and pain. Do some others have such strange possible confusions? Unless such confusions have been cultivated into their minds by a new process, while reading?

Moreover, I cannot figure out how this joy sex-feeling could be linked to such hatemongers, as it has always been far more exhilarating for me and the girl, with girls I loved than with the few ones I just wanted to get my hands on for a sex break - or who wanted to get their hands on me for the same reason (none of these intermedes ever gave me pain sensations either, even if I could'nt promise that the girl felt the same joy every time: no perfection exist on earth, true).

Therefore, some problems accumulated between my loved wife and me, despite love. And despite children. Happily enough, we were not under the crazy love spell, since someone else could have said we had known each other at very old times, and probably already killed mutually. But no, we did'nt kill in the past, neither later; that could have been deemed a severe treason: I've heard - what an horror - that sometimes some people had ordered some of their perceived or supposed rivals to be killed by their own past friends, or by other persons. Or if not killed, at least, destroyed, utterly ruined - almost no difference.

The purpose was to win that planet, it seems, or to get that planet without struggle - but better to make war first, said another - or the same. [Can I add that I don't see very well the point of making war to get rid of wars? Obviously, it's in my own logic that I can't see that. Would I adopt their logic, I could. Should I, or should we, just to get more agreement inbetween]. Well; perhaps tigers have special minds?

Back to treasons. I was not much certificated, so, I had to start a bit low on the social scenes. To get up the rungs, I had to leave my posts and those who awarded me some donations - sorry, I wanted to say "salary, or pay", as it was in exchange of my work. I was therefore times after times leaving and announcing publicily I was doing that, a high crime for some, and therefore a very important treason, for the same person, though none of the bosses I left has ever treated me as a traitor, or sued me, or insulted me. Probably something was different there: these bosses wanted to get profits, paid their staffs to get these, and could understand that their staffs also wanted more profits, which is probably different from wanting to be alone on the highest peak of the highest mountain, all competitors - and clients - having been damned or sent to hell or enslaved.

A Bit more of the Story about bosses who have been betrayed

I never had one of my employers asking me to buy my tools or devices to work, or the documentation to learn how to do this or that for his profit; none deprived me of my salary if I had done some errors - sure, some people were thanked for big errors, but that was rather rare.

None of these asked me neither to pay for my professional formation.

None asked me to pay my travels to get that formation in far lands.

None lied to me, saying that an eighteen months learning period was only two or six weeks long.

None said that I should repay him high costs for each and every single item of new ability I had possibly gotten while working for him, if ever I wanted to leave his company before a preconvened period of incredible duration - was it many decades? or some few centuries?

That does not make sense, as I don't suppose to live more than 100 years, which makes some 40 years average to work before retirement for anyone. Perhaps was it only only five years? No, I recall some extraodinary long era. Sort of new era, the fifth, the EAD. (I'll not translate EAD; this can be understood only by pros).

None of these bosses either said that I should pay for my retirement and social insurance all by myself (or had added as an argument that his techniques were able to cure me for anything I could have, implying as well that material problems were of no importance after all - but for himself with his Jags and castles, I mean, or for what he was to find in his everyday plates and wine glasses).

None got me blind to be unable to see whatever he was doing himself when I was acting as he had ordered: was it perhaps that they were not ashamed to be bosses and people wanting normal money for their work or creations, without encurring the liability of being sued by tax people?

None said I was totally responsible for his very own heartcore, I mean, his wallets, plants, shops, libraries, staffs, incomes, etc.

None said that his shareholders or associates were his property, or acted like if they were his property.

I must say that someone wrote that such boss could very well be a degraded soul, unless some others, more rarely, were described as ignoring the power solutions to keep on getting more and more power. (In fact, such solutions included, as far as I remember well, the sound of bodies falling dead during nights, or worse details about woman's legs in a corpses stock).

But the same author could have been somewhat disinspired, by instance, pretending "MAXIM ONE: Any idea no matter if badly executed is better than no idea at all." I've never see that one to be of any efficiency as an executive or executer. Strangely, it's taught in a very expansive 12 big volumes course, delivered in few locations of the company. Unless choosing as definition for executed "killed", in that sentence!

Now, if I want any idea, like "Can I get the Bank of America's lot of money dishonestly", and if I try to execute it no matter how badly, I'm unsure I could say later that it was better than having had no idea at all. But that's just an opinion.

Stranger yet, none bosses I know or could know had copyrighted some ways to wash his cars or his castle windows (unless he was a car-cleansing or glass-cleansing products maker).

Moreover, I've not seen a boss who asked his staffs to write the companies rules and then copyrighted them under his own private name, so as to get all royalties for himself instead of these going to the company employing the staff writer: that could have deemed him for embezzlement of companie's funds or goods.

I've never met any boss who had written a sort of code for almost every post or function in his enterprises; someone related though that such a boss existed years ago, and sold many of these codes to his employees; the strangest here is that some of these codes articles could never be applied, as they went into complete contradiction with other rules and codes.

Exemple: (from the code for a true member of a group): The group member should demand a flexible strategy and a scrupulous execution of that strategy. Any member of that group being asked first to obey without any discussion, I can't really figure out or mock-up any member demanding anything like flexible rules or strategy, unless imagining that the group's very first prime essential rule was that they were none.

None of the bosses asked me to leave my wife, to divorce, or asked my wife to do so, at the end of many nights of mental tortures furbished by his true (?are they still there?) staffs, after having said I could be someone very dangerous for his visible operations, while unable to give any proof of what he or his henchmen said, because none existed, despite the numerous spies sent to check everything in my life and job...

I have heard of some bosses who chained or blocked their staffs in iron cages in backdoors basements (such basements could not exist, according to their own damned sold souls).

But the ones to which I worked before have not been known for such barbaric behaviour, though I've also heard that similarly self-called groups were still doing it to-day, in Japan.

Not unlike what was happening in old times on wooden sailing ships, I heard of a modern boss throwing his disrespectful-of-rules staffs at sea, or hitting some, or making them push "erdnusse - cacahouètes " with their noses on a wooden deck till their noses were bleeding; or chaining them into anchor rooms, publicly, before his distinguished clientèle and marines, as a good spectacle to start the morning, while not fearing the ridicule or bad repute he could endure even from his own young daughters and his third wife. I've not met him when he chained - some said it's true and it has never been denied - a 4 years boy into the same anchor room, because the kid had swallowed some telex tape.

True enough, such tapes were so important for that boss, with secret nummers of secret accounts, secret figures of secret incomes, that one can very well understand that he was too urged and troubled to get the said telex retransmitted to him, or rewritten to his correspondants.

Such bad boys chewing telexe tapes, I mean, should be killed right now for such crimes. But he did not kill him, though: a vague humanity left? Or was it just because he feared some other consequences?

I've not seen much weapons either by those to whom I worked, and if they were fences, the gates were opened at any time, but at night, for staffs or clients to come in and out; the fences were just to inhibit thiefs at night, or security problems with dangerous chemicals or so.

Regarding fences, I've not seen any company -but some banks having the money of their clients to defend against intruders - using such devices as miradors, electronic devices to detect moves even outside the premises, etc. I'm not even sure the Police would have allowed these possibly justified users to do this without essential motives.

No boss ever asked me - or any of my collegues - to kill or to commit suicide. I would'nt be able to figure out what could have been their profit doing so.

Rather, that could have been highly risky for them. I've heard that some others have been sent to jail for manslaughter after suicides almost asked, if no money was paid for some more services.

No bosses I met ever called their clients, suppliers, bankers, staffs sometimes, etc. crude steaks, cockroaches, niggers, bad clients, underserving clients, - especially after the client had paid and worked a lot to get the product - or whatever despising characterizations demonstrating a sincere hate of all these under-humans.

No bosses I've ever met had been known to launch his troops against a dissatisfied client; none sued a client before he would have even thought to sue that supplier for bad supplies, none used old confidential data gotten under mental tortures against the clients to make them abandon a complaint, in fact, I've seen more clients "torturing" their purveyors than the reverse case, if any.

None broke the consumers laws by assuring a mere three months illegal false guarantee, moreover only actionable under special circumstances and after that boss had forced that client to come back into his plants to visit dozens of absent (or long waited) persons, to get their own personal Okay for a refund of a bad or even of an undeliverable product; I've rather met bosses sending their flatest excuses to unsatisfied clients having had a bad valuable final product from their company.

None of the bosses I knew was asking his clients for extremely private affairs or details written and signed under duress before his own staff while using a lie-detector, neither asked his clients to make obligatory reports about the very private whereabouts of other clients, neither asked any of his clients notarized declarations if ever one of his clients had seen once or twice a mind-controller or "anima-curer", or if the client ahd thought sometimes about suicide.

Moreover, none of these bosses I met was sometimes taking one of his clients before some sort of internal private Justice Courts late at nights, and declared that client guilty of misuse of his own production or such fantazized misdemeanour or crime, if not high crime.

I've never seen bosses refusing clients just because they were officials, or judges, or journalists, or relatives of someone who did not like the products of that supplier, or who just "wanted to try that product to see if it was a good one" - asserting for the last quoted that such potential clients were only enturbulation [sic] sources because unable first to observe anything by themselves.

I've yet to meet the boss who could be "expulsing" one of his staffs, declaring him a very bad staff (one-between-the-worse-ever, publicly), just to use this tricked wrecked fraud to have that staff working apparently against the bosse's own company - but in fact spying other companies, clients or ex-staffs, or charged of delicate hard missions able to lead him to jail, therefore working yet for that boss. Looks a cheap spy story, isn'it?

But reversely, I've heard that this bosse's staffs were taught to take people in the street with large smiles and incitations to come in, promising them a quite remarkable free ride on an Eton's psychological test as well as a free picture to see, with a specialist interpreting the curves of Eton's test few minutes after the endoctrinating and desperating picture.

What the staffs were, quite strangely, looking at, it was those people who were showing the lowest graphs possible! Then, after some sales of their products supposed to correct such catastrophic (but, as another ex-staff proved, totally underestimated) graphs, they wanted absolutely and suddenly to get the person with that catagraphic (randomly filled, as said the boss), right now, into their staff team!

They asserted it was to save the planet, sofort, maintenant, fissa-fissa. (I cant' figure out why it was needed to get the most supposedly destroyed people possible on their staff to save the planet, unless the real intent behind this was to destroy the planet? Or just, to get some more slaves to help making more money? Or was it because that Eton [or was it Cambridge?] thing showed everytime a bad graph, whatever the marks on the questions answered by most newbies? Does someone else has an answer to this interesting question? Thanks!)

Oh yes, and I've not seen such supposed-to-be-a-traitor to be forced to accept by his boss to commit suicide - would he have been trapped by police while commiting illegal activities for that boss; or at least, forced to say he was acting in direct abuse of the bosse's - or his execs' - "legal" orders, such as killing enemies, stealing documents everywhere, burglarizing justice in some countries, blackmailing officials or judges or critics, buying their silence, or buying accomplices as well as hatchet men to intimidate supposed enemies, or , or...

Did someone take a look into his secret communications networks computerized files, to determine what could be the or, or...?

So to speak, something looked quite strange to me: I've once heard of a boss refusing that his employees could go to MDs or hospitals if ill, and even forbidding undirectly his clients to do so. Unless his clients knew some MDs whose soul and morality had been sold to that boss, and who would propose some placebo to his cancerous clients, such as feeding them with cloves to cure them, they did no longer accept to see medics.

I've not yet observed bosses asking their clients to fill-in lots of papers before buying a product, except the normal order, with a delay to pay or a cash payment for an immediate delivery; I've neither heard of others promising hell if their clients were unsatisfied and unwanting to continue their buyings there, neither of clients forced to miss their planes back home to sign up more quasi-notarized declarations that they were more than satisfied of the products just delivered (sometimes after years of delays), neither of clients having to make their way off the company through some ten employees in different locations of the company, without a guide, and sometimes while unable to find these endals.

I've not met either any boss who forced his clients to buy specific big dictionaries to use with his products, whose directions for use could absolutely not been understood with normal dictionaries, as the words used in those directives or services were used by him in internal metalanguage's new definitions, just impossible to find anywhere in any dictionary outside his owns.

Neither did I meet any company where thousands of unclear abbreviations needing hours or searches were used into internal documents. Could it be a new method to hide trade secrets, or to veil some scam?

I've never meet bosses using some horrible rooms - sometimes old ugly and dirty bathrooms to receive and "process" the best clients, or some old henhouse for his best staffs to sleep, while receiving some others into palaces built by his own private molested and abused slaves, under armed guards trained to kill those wanting to flee.

I've not seen either a boss making staffs running hours around a pole in the full desert to teach them something of the moral to use into his enterprises.

Someone else wrote that he had met someone who could have met - I'm not sure - a boss of a multinational who was so crazy about his company money (unless it was his own embezzled dollars?) that he could'nt send any of his employees alone anywhere without some others to guard mutually, in case they could have fled with or without money.

What I can attest, that's that I've seen on a TV show, a high exec of such company asking one of his clients or staffs to stop speaking to a prospect before the TV cameras - perhaps in case she could have said something wrong about the products?

Or was it because of possible copyrighted materials were under discussion, and should'nt be taught before the public having not yet paid?

Or because such public was supposed to be far too imbecile to ever understand what was at stake, the whole future of humanity for the next infinite number of trillions years? (a figure I can't really... figure in human terms or perceptions; could it be a mere estimated and encoded datum of the number of more dollars that that company postulated to get in its reserves for the next few years, before being definitely closed by justice's decisions?).

Unless the trillion years or quadrillions, or more, are there just to make things look impossible, unreachable, outside of human realities, more fantastic and divine, with cherubins all around us, vulcanoes , galactic evil gods and galactic good ol'relatives of humanity able to travel 1500 times the lightspeed in Douglas-Campbell 8 fuse-planes models, for centuries, from such planets as Coltice, though it has never been rediscovered yet, or was it for milleniums?

This, being done so soon as 75 millions years ago just to open some picture indoctrination center, not unlike some still in use on earth presently, and solding people in 'stations' on Earth? -specifically in Hawaï and Las Palmas, which did not exist at all some 75 millions years ago, may I inform the honourable readers, whom I'd not like to confuse in geographical and geological matters) -

This was supposedly done just to get us under a spell, till a red-haired-genius-godlike would appear out-of-the-blue of a (starred-and-striped) country to discover that we were not really ourselves, neither our bodies ours, but complete disordered and dull conglomerates-clusters of thousands of old relatives speaking us and controlling us and our fragile ill-prone mortal bodies more than often?

That, would we be able to buy the various ways to get rid of such supposed bodies-spirits-conglomerates, we could then be freed of the needs of bodies, and could act as powerful gods?

It should be also noticed that we don't observe many companies advertizing a product, then delivering a much different one without excuses, at a similar price - or at a ten times more expansive price immediately cashable, for a much lesser valuable final product. Someone explained it was a merchandising/marketing solution. Sure.

But only a dishonest one could do it, and could well drown any company once for all. I don't see many Mister Rolls Royce having your order for the very last top laser-like Corniche model, then delivering you the modernest but most modest skoda-lada-buzzi-buzza, and moreover refusing you any guarantee for that last model, unless your payment for the next Boeing plane would be cashed right now.

Without saying that the said plane could sometimes, but most rarely; be delivered more or less okay, but most probably, your plane payments in advance would be transferred onto your - if available - training to become a real supposed to-be-pilot.

And omitting as well to add to the client that if any of his security staffs refused that the client could even take a simple single look at the sold plane when available, the client could lose the entire payment in advance. Or use it to buy the new last skodisch-buzzisch-buzzasch, perhaps?

Unless the monies were used by long weeks to wait into the hotels - properties of that same boss, when not enough clients were available, or if his workers slaves whose tasks were to show or demonstrate the plane to the client were unable to unveil it, or not yet enrolled sometimes?

True enough, these hotels were qualified as retreats, perhaps in order to get the client the vague impression he was to wait for some extraordinary show next from his supplier/servicer?

That hypothetic (sic) plane hard-seller, I've not imagined him precising in his contracts, that most those having tried that plane - always the same plane could be used on every client, (just the color differs sometimes according to the bulbs used to light it) were either dead, either went crazy, or never used it again unless being forced to a floating jail aboard a JailedWinds white yacht in Carribeans, as slave of this boss, to hard sales to new prospects of said plane.

I heard some, who had seen their image in the plane: they had just been shown a mirror while the plane was doing some loopings. Wholly ill after the experience, they had left and never to come back for a next trip, but could not get back the some 3-5 millions dollars paid to get aboard the plane.

Some said that the plane did not even exist, or that its painted and decorated mostly cardborad and paper wings were totally unable to support the Bodies of the clients. But these cardboard and paper wings were nevertheless totally hidden from anybody but a few autorized persons (themselves under guards), using electronics keys to detect any piece of the papers that could miss more than some few seconds: if ever that could happen, special measures of highly intimidating if not lethal importance could be launched in few seconds against a possible trespasser - voluntarily or not. Factually, the clientele had to pay for a product they could never use like they would have liked; any error being possibly subjected to severe punishments or privation of the prepaid products.

I heard once also, though not able to prove it, (as the materials could be still unpublished, despite the fact that hundred of thousands have them in their computers) that ... [now you can all by yourself add here almost everything that could come to mind when looking for synonyms of the words fraud, dangerous system etc, without being much liable that it could not qualify or characterize some inner topics of the strange affair]...

Back to treasons

I was not so great a mathematician/logician while in schools, though not a great traitor against that topic. But lets go make a try on these, as a new approach of my last lot of wide treasons from studying some figures.

First, if one takes the logic plan again into view, why would some producer be so hard with his clients, if he were able to be the best - or the only one - on the market?

Now, why would a producer be so harsh against his customers, like saying them I'll increase my prices from 5 % each month, or ten percents a month, for some months or years. We have that inflation thing delayed too long, (when that inflation was some 10 % a year, not a month; 10 % a month makes 230 % a year)

There can be a main cause here: feeling the bad quality of the products has been found out by some many knowledgeable customers or officials, or by honest ex-staffs, therefore, that 'inflation rate' was a solution to accelerate the filling of the Switzerland's or Panama's or Barbados' etc. strongrooms owned by the company, before the official and enemies could drown the plants under suits.

Therefore, not only the coffers could be maximized, but as well, it could help to the visible next legal battles at stake.

It could even get new sympathizers of the companies' poor victims of such official oppression/intolerance. And help to prepare a reconversion into new forms of financial delinquency copied or inspired from the late one.

It could help lobbying, by many ways (financial, or more probably by blackmailing them), the most powerful persons of the most powerful country of the planet: that would allow an important room to manoeuvre the scam.

That's one of the best methods known, actually; specially if such commercial companies were able to get rid of most of the tax liabilities linked to their services, by setting some fumes screens before the realities of their true activities.

One could suppose, by instance, that a highest placed commissionner of taxes, could have been trapped by a manipulator, and videotaped with some 12 years pretty girl, petting her a bit; or that a president of the richest group of people of the world could have been observed, while a student, doing illegal or shameful things, by someone becoming later a high executive of the scam company.

These are evidently only doubtful questions as far and must probably be taken as mere rumors of an unknowledgeable individual acting without proofs, and merely supposing various hypothesis, which would follow nevertheless the already long ago established trend of that company's past story , and while reading official though secret texts saying that one should fabricate faked complaints against a bishop [supposedly an critic], by sending him a person wanting to confess, saying him horrible things, denouncing him to the Pope as a rabbi, etc.

Or having paid for male prostitutes to be vidoetaped with the homsexual son of a US judge, or killed the dog of another, or sent prostitutes to trap a third, etc.

No surprise here that such rumors as above about commissioners or presidents could be born out of nothing, or is it out of something?

Great finances allow also to publish and send free to thousands of journalists, a big beautiful large book, full of PR lies on the companies' products and successes from the first page to the last - so many of them that nobody could possibly prove them all lies, even if he had large finances, because that would be too long and could be desperating before start. Meanwhile, lots of these lies are swallowed and regurgitated into various points - well choosen ones - of the planet.

The company could have bought directly or undirectly, one could say, an almost complete branch of studies into colleges, especially in USA and Italy, could we say, though some of those can appear sometimes in Belgium, France, Germany, Sweden, etc.

That branch of scholar studies once conquerred by the company, could then try to make the faked postulates of the company as if they were true, by instance, speaking of the very moral behaviour of its staffs, or the so-called spiritually inclined behaviour of its leaders, of the progresses done, of the so-evident charities delivered to so many public sections, insisting specifically on the weakest points of the society at large.

By instance, (unpaid )sheriffs named by the company could be lured to go in the street asking for a world without drugs, chanting that the company has the real drugs able to get rid of drugs by druggies, has the drugs to deliver criminals from their criminalities, has the drugs and principles to deliver the whole society of the rampant dishonesty, has the drugs and processes to deliver the countries of their dictators and tyrans, especially insisting in those countries where the governements do not look too much money-sensible or false-arguments-lurable, going up to accuse such governments of activities as dehumanizing and lurid than those committed decades before.

The company, in its wicked ways, could use some of its new resources to federate other concurrent companies having similar - though sometimes really opposed - products, to help these concurrents and - mostly - to be helped by them, before phagocyting them if possible, and at least, to the point where the company could buy a whole fantastic source of trade secrets maintained against such concurrents by an old consumers association named the BOX. Now, the company could have bought that box to use its docs, isn'it, against any enemies or concurrents.

Then, having these secrets about concurrence, luring it to learn some few facts to get it more dependant of the company, and more ready to help it - or even start negotiating its products, rather than their old ones - not always so profitable.

The company could even, in some cases, try its chance by leviating on some of the possible leaders of a country, preferably small and poor, so as to become the self-called saviour of that country.

It would not worry much the company if it had been a devastated one, or one whose people beliefs have nothing that could be compared to the company's main "philosophies"; being cynic, its Board of Directors would not worry that much about that country beliefs and ways of life, as long at it could give them some entry point into the international political milieus, a thing it has for the moment been unable to gain, despite it's uncle Sam's many friendships.

In some other circumstances, that company, always hidden or unknowlingly of authorities, could try to get accesses to weapons plants, weapons centers and cities of large countries disoriented by political changes, and to armies having the bomb command.

Such a tool could greatly help the company to get heard and listened, if not obeyed, into political circles, and as the company managed to make believe to its most devoted employees that they were now capable of resisting any sort of radiations, through a supposed miraculous entirely physical procedure using heat and chemicals, it could even convince - if needed - those same employees to work into nuclearized zones after any incident - the word the company master had choosed to call anything that could happen in life, thus minimizing its implications, particularly the most tragic ones. It has even some deadly touched real youngs who could be used, as whatever , they are very ill. Such company could be cynical enough to do that.

One should note that such projects or purposes could have been quietly disclosed by the most violently speaking opponents, most of them having been lured into that company for the sake of their lives and the sake of their cherished ones' lives, but having not completely been lured, or having been unjustly and stupidly fired off company, would have now some unknown accounts against the company, to ask the redressment of, if not for themselves, for others in the future, as the company does not look to stop its criminal ways of gaining influence and power.

Such opponents are labelled traitors to that multinational group; they open their big mouths wherever it looks possible, by any way they can, with mostly only their own personal few means, or big ones, for a small handful of others.

Strangeley enough, it does not look that such company could have been managed intelligently enough, so as to lure its new or old enemies, silencing them by new deceptions. It looks that, keeping on believing that all what was written by its manager/managers was or is true, absolutely true, they kept on making more and more opponents from every stratas; that almost every opponents it has attacked has been transformed by its aggressive activities into a more and more struggling one, but for the few already named above, I mean, some members of the US government, which is still right now the biggest allied of that scam company.

Is that because, as said some author, that company looks the true Laboratory of the Future, for people whose aims are quite similar to the main purpose of the company, that is, leading the planet - and the universe, if possible?

Is that because that company's preferred god, is "power plus dollars", not unlike some US puppets, disguising their true intents behind the veil of an unexistent love for democracy and human rights, as shown at lengths since it supposes it is the true leader of the world - which equals for me as well for many others, as being the world's true dictator?

Disguised under productions of very contestable usefulness, such officials, somewhat elected by some people having not seen the dangers to come, would like a worldwide government, and possibly , would like to divide it as much as possible behind small companies whose apparent products could be to leave populations happy of their lives - such as they could be "given" by a worldwide government.

I'm quite surprised to consider such a solution - perhaps final ? - as of any value for humanity as a whole; I' would'nt like much to see such cloned people and peoples or populations of such diversity - cloned in their intentions, basic purposes, basic tastes for hamburgers instead of true foods, basic tastes for faked spiritualism instead of more profound thoughtfulness. Do I dream - with others - of a better world, but a diversified one, rather than a bunch of united nullities running mad after nothing of real value, of real significance? Perhaps. I'm not wanting to impose and less yet, to sell an ideal: that could end up in a scam too.

Sure enough, I'm not running at all to get the next guru's throne, not only because this job looks quite devaluated those times .

Is it also because many so-called intellectual/spiritual leaders have tried to sell something not only of no value and somewhat dangerous, and that they are becoming more and more like the in-and-out rascals they pretend to eliminate from our lives by making everybody a good boy or a good girl?

Think about it twice before answering too fast.

Besides, I'd certainly be then a traitor to myself and others if I did become indeed some sort of that money maker.

Better no money at all than such enslaving money. Who are really the slaves, in such an example as the "hypothetical" company above? Are they the staffs, the clients? Or is it the leader, who enslaved himself to death, tricked into his own lies, treacheries, deceptions, mental vices, traps, snare, scams, pitfalls, tricks, subterfuges, ruses, devices, artifices (even some religious ones), yaps, gobs, mushes of every sort, as long as they concur to the unsaid finality of the system.

Self-denouncing major senior traitor

It should'nt be surprising though, to discover that such a company founder was of extreme naïvety and gullibility himself. Indeed, how come that he could believe that his own utterings could always been believed by others, while those others were seeing him dying from alcoholism, cancer, drug abuse, attacked by supposed or real illnesses, or by supposed body-spirits all over ?

How come that he could believe that, but himself, everybody else on this planet was merely a form of a corpse animated merely by mechanisms such as a postulated under-mind, that would have been under, but more active and more controlling than the uppermind? And how come that, as a friend of mine said, this uppermind was easy to control was its under-bad-wicked halphazardly done copy, was yet able to control entire lives, without the upper minhd knowing it, and less yet, the person owing thse minds?

How come, as another has justly observe, that such a guy with some evident qualities for analysis, could err to the point of believing he was above gods and God himself, as he was already able to lure so many mortals? How come that he could think he had lured even all these few millions who listened him for some time, while most of them - somewhere near 99% of the lot - had left him and kept leaving him and his gang to their criminal occupations?

Despite the explanations and techniques to lure those persons to keep on buying that multinationale's products, specifically the main procedures to blackmail the customers (well named here, customers and accustomed having a same root), to make them confess imaginary crimes, to make them guilty of being bad boys when they were just in fact trying to survive with so much to do around, despite all the policing procedures, processes, reports, good faith of most the goodwills around and fine first impressions of the products on the publics, despite all the legal machinery highly overpaid (relatively to the number of suits lost, specially the biggest ones), despite all the defamations done against possible soon-to-become-possible-critics, or on already critics, officials, judges, supposed-to-be-concurrents, despite the deaths ordered to underhands, the ones having been eliminated silently at night, that gullible poor soul kept to assert he was the senior major superior genius of every universes. He ended up being the victim of his own lies, which proves he had entirely made a fool of himself, all by himself, though all his servants, wives, kids, or inferiors, had been so often helping him or showing him his own foolishness. But he preferred to keep that line of behaviour till he was unable to do it consciously.

I presume, but could be much wrong on this, that he punished himself, getting a plain wagon load of his own deception potion all at the same moment, some sort of auto-punishment his own created karma got him into.

Perhaps, after all, one of his own precepts used to trick us was true.

Man is basically good.

If no backmind is grafted onto his mind, saying him he's a traitor to himself and others.

Traitor again

As a form a conclusion, I feel that I am the "good" traitor, this time. Sometimes I was indubitably the bad one in my life, sometimes I was unvoluntarily the neutral one - or not susceptible to be called like that, and now, having betrayed the (scam) company made me righter than before - even than when I was a true member of the Group apparently acting for humanity's betterment.

Would I have to give a company's founder proof of what I'm allegating there, I'd say that I know where I am, I know who I am, I know who are the friends, the human, the God, and so forth, and I try to act the best I could using the few things life gave to me to experiment.

Life in that special company was probably the most interesting experiment I ever did about human brothers, about good and bad, and about myself. But that was nevertheless the most painful ever.

Death must be more tender for people, that's perhaps the reason why so many have choosen to get rid of that problem by leaving their lives.

Roger Gonnet, 7th and 8th October, 1999.


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