Some definitions about scientology: LOL! 

 Barb's great idea: finding some definitions that could apply to some scientology wordings. Here are some participants having shared some..

M/U equals "You still ignore my lies and think the truth."

Ethics equals "Committing crimes for Scientology."

Out-Ethics equals "Being a good, decent, law-abiding citizen."

Copyright Terrorist equals "A member of the Scientology crime
syndicate who uses copyright laws to terrorize its critics. See Helena
Kobrin, aka da 'Ho."

Bridge to Total Freedom equals "The path to utter enslavement."

Teegeeack equals "Earth." :-)

Department Twenty equals "OSA."

OSA equals "Public Relations."

Public Relations equals "Gestapo."

Sea Org equals "Schutzstaffel."

Nazi equals "German citizen."

Evil Nazi equals "Anyone who objects to Scientology's Nazi-like

Suppressive Person equals "Anyone who told a truth about Scientology,
it's crimes, and / or its gross human rights abuses."

War Hero equals "Worthless, goldbricking, incompetent babbon."

Poet equals "Raving lunatic with a typewrighter, a bottle of rum, and
a near limitless supply of amphetamine."

Humanitarian equals "Psychotic sociopath."

Sociopath equals "One who is affected with a personality disorder
marked by aggressive, antisocial behavior. See Lafayette Ron Hubbard."

1.1ers equals "Those who have a life-long innoculation against joining
the Crime Syndicate of Scientology."

Private Investigators equals "Bozo The Clown in a cheap pin-stripe
suit who eats too many doughnuts and who doesn't like his or her
photograph taken."

Tone Scale equals "Arbitrary ravings of a madman who liked to chop up
an infinate continuum into a few convieniant, invalid categories."

Psych equals "Anyone who recognizes the insanity systemic and
intrinsic in Scientology."

Criminal equals "Anyone who tries to stop Scientology's crimes."

Human Rights Abuser equals "Anyone who tries to stop Scientology's
gross human rights abuses."

Bob Minton equals "Satan incarnate."

Helena Kobrin equals "Twenty dollar whore who will accept five bucks
when her stats are low."

Stats equals "Lies about Scientology's 'expansion.'"

Expanding equals "Contraction."

Eight Million equals "60,000 to 70,000."

Pre-Clear equals "Pre-brainwashed."

Tory equals "OSA shill doing a blatantly obvious 'black op' on the
Lisa McPherson Trust, et al."

Black Op equals "Crimes and abuses against innocent victims of
Scientology. See 'Ethics.'"

Training Routine equals "Brainwashing."

Rundown equals "Pseudoscience."

Pseudoscience equals "Dianetics."

Dianetics equals "Hubbard's abortion fantasies."

Mark Bunker equals "Tethered goat."

Freedom of Speech equals "Censorship."

> barb

Find their ruin = Find out what we can have the Scn'gst solve so they he trust us, if
you are a Scn'gst. If you are a critic, it means find out what it is so we
can destroy them. And if you are a Scn'gst who left, they already know what
it is.

upstat = producing for Scn'gy

Downstat = taking away productivity from Scn'gy

Potential Trouble Source = Trouble for Scn'gy. the person is exposed to
ideas contrary to the opinion that Hubbard was God and perfect.

Problems = inability to produce. All your problems must be washed away in
order for you to put full attention to production.

Buying a bridge; enough said

Clearing the planet; enough said

Enzo Piccone --

Ethics = you're [the Scn'gst is] wrong and I'm [Hubbard is] right.
Auditing = hypnosis
TRs = hypnosis
MUs = Not understanding exactly the orders given and not understanding what
Hubbard wanted you to know.
Sympathy = group process; sympathy is bad

I really don't have phrases for you. Sorry.

Enzo Piccone --

"human rights violation" = They caught us breaking the law again.

Consumer Alert: Scientology

Stop nattering = shut your mouth and put up with our abuse

Enturbulation = Exposing the truth, especially to other Scientologists

Entheta = any stories about Scientology that contain words on the Net
Nanny list

OT Material = bad sci fi by LRH

Monica Pignotti

Stop nattering = shut your mouth and put up with our abuse

Enturbulation = Exposing the truth, especially to other Scientologists

Entheta = any stories about Scientology that contain words on the Net
Nanny list

OT Material = bad sci fi by LRH

Monica Pignotti



Ethics or ethical = Follow our rules.

What are your crimes = We didn't pay our PIs enough.

Go Home! = I wasted a lot of money on that Tone 40 thing.
Ron of that ilk.

Religion = scam disguised

Cults = NRMs (new 'religious' movements)

Command Intention = criminality ordered

Sea Org = earth greed confraternity

spirituality = mental control on mind-alike things without any real
relationship to spirit and god

Blowing = recognizing the truth

Overts = good things done for humanity (not always true)

MWHs = resisting future possible blackmails

sociology of religion scholars = brainwashed cultists or people paid by
cultists [exceptions exist]

governments, justice systems, laws = enemies of scientology

GI = result of a scam correctly accomplished

stats = measuring the scam successes

beliefs = implanted thoughts [most true for scientology]

7th D = 8th D and, a bit further analyzed = 1st D [therefore no 8D exist for

ARC = getting people to agree with scn

handling = getting people in

wogs = targets to defraud

OCA = testing the person's stupidity when accused to be worse than she's.

Clears = craps believers

OTs = highly naïve believers in sooper sekrit craps

scn orgs = fraud shops, brainwashing factories, jails for souls, mind
control camps, gulags

Regs = #1s defrauders, invalidators

Ivory towers [C/Ses offices] and OSA = dictator's command offices


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