FLAG - le  QG (la Mecque) de la Scientologie 

C'est ici qu'est morte Lisa Mc Pherson.
(photo provenant de : http://public.lib.ci.clearwater.fl.us/econdev/downtown.html)
Le bâtiment avec le toit orange situé dans le centre est l'hotel Fort Harrison, où Lisa Mc Pherson est décédée. Le terrain vide en face est l'emplacement du bâtiment "super power" que les scientologues sont en train de construire, mais dont le projet traîne depuis huit ans, en dépit de millions de dollars versés par de généreux donateurs de la secte- voir liste en-dessous

Ce nouveau bâtiment est censé recevoir 1500 auditeurs, or, les chiffres démontrent qu'au début de l'année 2001, il y en a peut-être 50, voire moins.


(message non traduit donnant un aperçu de quelques noms de contributeurs américains au projet du "super power building" de la sciento)

>Subject: Re: 1 MILLION dollar $uper Power Contributors
>From: "roger gonnet" gonnet@antisectes.net
>Date: 12/26/00 10:30 AM Eastern Standard Time
>Message-id: <92aenq$314h$1@news4.isdnet.net>
>Zorrosblade.......Z <zorrosblade@earthlink.net> a écrit dans le message :
>> The names of the 1 Million dollar 'Legion of Honor' contributors for the
>> $uper power building construction site was just released in the new
>> 'cornerstone newsletter' from Flag.
>> I'll list the names below, but I think it would be interesting to get some
>> biographical/feedback from this NG as to who these people are, in and
>> scientology and what they do in life to allow them to just fork over 1
>> million of their own money for a $cientology 'cause'.
>> The top spot of fleeced '1 million' dollar contributors has to go
>> the entire
>> *Feshbach* family;
>> Joe and Cindy Feshbach-------1 million
>> dollar 'contributors'
>> Kannon and Kurt Feshbach----1 million
>> 'contributors'
>> Kathy Feshbach------------------1 million
>> dollar 'contributor'
>> Mathew Feshbach----------------1 million
>> dollar 'contributor'

Feshbacks deal in stocks and investing with extremely high rollers. I sat with
someone who worked with them once. I heard him say as his feet were up on the
desk while he smoked his cigar:
"JIM...if you don't have 1.5 million to THROW AWAY>..we ain't doin business".
True story. They deal with Shorting, I believe the term is. Someone else can
Matt F spent two years at least regging money weekly for the Super Power
building, and he was the only public who was given Super Power.
>> Elizabeth and Michael Baybak-----------------------1
>> million ""

Micheal Bayback owns a PR company
MICHEAL BAYBACK and ASS's. They are good people, she is on OT 7 last I heard.
He has been struggling to get up the Bridge for years, and meantime donating
big bucks. She is on the OT committee, that I know of. Both old friends of
mine, and people I will miss greatly.
>> Trish
>> Duggan-------------------------------------------1 million ""
>> Bob
>> Duggan-------------------------------------------1 million ""
>> Meir
>> Ezra---------------------------------------------1 million ""
>> Aviva and Gal
>> Ezra--------------------------------1 million ""
>> Sally, Craig, Laurel and Marissa
>> Jensen------1 million ""

Craig J owns Executive Software, a huge operation that has made him lots of
money. Again, a good man, hard worker, and believes in the tech. Craig was
giving weekly meetings at CC, helping get the OT 7;s who were off of OT 7 back
His wife runs the OT 8 committee..who are supposed to be getting stats for
doing good things in the community. Both are on OT 7 last I heard.
>> ` Mirielle and Ron
>> Pollack-----------------------1 million ""
>> 500,000 dollar contributors:
>> Dr. Lloyd Austin
>> Rosa Prieto & Jose Serrano Barrera
>> Marilena & Franco Baggio
>> Ruth and Bill Bowen

Remember...Ruth and Bill Bowen are the people who ripped my husband out of $50,
000 that was decided in a WISE arbitration that they owed him.

Bill went to the ship that night (that the decision came out) and the next
thing we heard: The entire ISSUE that the WISE arbitrations were based on was
cancelled that night! That was after one YEAR of fighting for this money owed.
At the time they had TRT (TITLE RECON TRACKING) which had about 200 people
working for them. Bill went to Flag, his wife ran this very strange "ethics"
shit on people, and the group dwindled to about 4 people in a matter of
months. Last I heard, they are still in business, but not too highly thought of
in the S community due to anitics they pulled.
I went to the place where they put on the Literacy Crusade, and there were Bill
and Ruth, big donars there.
>> Phil Carlson
>> Laurie and Douglas Dohring

Dohrings had a company "The Dohring Company" which was big, and I think (heard)
they had sold it. No data on what they are up to now.
>> Linda, Miles and Michael Drazkowski
>> Ingrid and Chet Eccles & family
>> Sikica & Jeff Feldman
>> Emma Garces
>> Claire Guignon
>> Kezbom, Turbin, Marsh & Novitsky
>> families
OT 7's, who all moved to Clearwater I think.
>> Jenny and Kurt Listug
>> Sandra & Eric Mitchell
>> Phyllis Mueller
>> Adriana Salamerenda
>> Felicidad Serrano &German Perez
>> Reed Slatkin
>> Barbara and Rolf Springer
>> Jim Tomlinson
>> Dr. JoAnn & Dr. Randy Yamada
>> June Zwan
>> Dr. Bryan Zwan

A NOTER: Le couple Zwan a ensuite versé 5 millions de dollars pour avoir droit au titre "Legion of OTs". La société de Zwan (Digital Lightwave) est actuellement sous enquète de l'équivalent américain des "gendarmes de la bourse".
>Those last should have some 235 millions to pay to Brian Haney, isn't it?
See notes about individuals. Remember, since C of S is a "church" this is a
write off for all.



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