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(the title given by scientology to the european meeting)

Quelques détails: la fédération européenne des centres de recherche et d'information sur le sectarisme / Fecris

Story board: On April 23d and 24th, 1999, the FECRIS (European federation of "anti-cultics", to make it short), organized a big european meeting between most of the organizations and some of the private individuals aimed at criticizing coercive cults.
The second day, scientologists were all over the congress room, picketing and photographing participants, and were dispersed by the police.
Nevertheless, I got some paper from one of those a bit later.
Here is the content of their usual trivial answer to our general efforts to get some honesty in the delicate folder of coercive cults, with some observations. [observations between square brackets]
I'm quoting their freely distributed leaflet - resuming some parts ; after all, they have copyrighted a free leaflet, but what is a copyright when they made such efforts to give it freely to everybody they could?


"On 23d and 24th of April, the 3d underground room of National Congress will be under strong watching measures. One of the most secret meetings of this century's end shall be there for two days. Is that a meeting dealing with french security? Or a meeting dealing into strategic measures about citizen's future?  No. Here are the "cults hunters" from all Europe who are polishing up their campaign for the "religious purification" of the XXIth century's Europe."

[We should evidently note the stupidity of scieno allegations: if that meeting was held with some quiet measures, it's to avoid being continually harrassed and followed and photographed by scienos and other coercive cults members. It's also very easy to answer their rantings: did they ever invite us to come to their inner meetings dealing with how to harrass, sue and more generally, to try to disturb everybody's lives? Besides, I'd bet that some of their friends has been able to come into that meeting: scienos are infiltrating under many guises]

"Such manoeuvres do not bear the curiosity of french people. They don't like more the look of religion's specialists."

[I've myself invited their most beloved 'specialist of religions', the attorney Introvigne, to come there, since more than one month. He declined: I'd bet he would not have been much at ease while faced to people who had some inkling in the subject where he acts since decades - Further, such a 'specialist', in fact an attorney specialized into copyrights and industrial property, is in no way a true and honest scholar for cults: he's more of a cult apologist and  cult defender than everything else, and has never cared to check any ex-member accounts about the atrocities committed into such criminal cults as scientology.]

"Besides, the press attendants were highly selected. It is well known that medias critics could destabilize the cults hunters, whose only gurus are a small gang of zealous Inquisitors whose ideas about religion freedom get us back directly to our History courses on Middle Ages."

[Should I really remind that what the critics of the coercive cults  are reproaching to cults, is the Middle-Age methods of those cults?  Besides, some very rare newspapers are not always agreeing to our own measures or demands against cults, as they are so badly informed by scienos and other lying groups.]
A small clique of politicians and some self-proclaimed experts have started since years a medias campaign and are leading a hidden struggle against the new religious groups.
Those militants, who are few, no more than ten, do not hide their extremist thoughts, which is their right. But they extended their influence into the highest State's inner circles."
[Really? How is it that scientology was able to get up to the President or some of his nearest counsellors, such has been demonstrated into the Serge Faubert's book "Une secte au coeur de la République"?]
Alain Vivien ( the french Interministerial Mission against cults president, ex State Secretary) comes back after his 13 years old report: issued in 1985, this report had been strongly criticized. The newspaper "Le Monde" characterized some propositions done as 'fearsome'. J. Seguy, searcher into the CNRS, judged them "dangerous and worrying" (Réforme, 20/4/85). "
[then they extensively quote Jacques Maury's opinions on religions etc; I'd bet that the articles quoted could give a very different image about what some of those persons said; I'll therefore not care myself to quote partial and unchecked quotes from scientology, knowing well how such are taken out of context in such circumstances.
Then the scientologists 'analyze' some of the propositions done then by Alain Vivien, without quoting them correctly, and do some amalgam between those wrongly quoted texts, and quote then at length the various desiderata expressed by the OSCE meeting held in Vienna, where at least two scientologists and some cult apologists held important posts. Nobody is better placed to defend than oneself, Further, OSCE is more americanly led than europeanly: it's not much credible; USA have 'created' and defend most of the worse cults from XXth Century]

 gag: the scientology newspaper calls itself "Ethique et Liberté" - le Journal des droits de l'homme de l'église de scientologie." That's fine, as they are no  longer much human rights in that self-called church, and its high executives do not know what ethics is, even if they remember very well what punition is.



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