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Bob Minton reported developments in Scientology's campaign to discredit
him for business dealings in Nigeria in the 1980s. 

"From the very beginning of Scientology's operation to destroy, discredit
and jail me, OPEC's Rilwanu Lukman, a long term Scientologists, has been
the key Scientology operative/facilitator on the Nigeria side of the
equation. There is no doubt that Lukman, with his Scientology handlers
hand-picked John Fashanu to be their boy for the frontal assault on me. The
Scientology PI, David Lee/Lebow, using the alias of Robert Clarke, did the
infamous Fashanu Report and wiretapped Fashanu to be sure of his
loyalties. Lee recently played an audio tape in Washington D.C. of Fashanu
talking on the phone with a Nigerian Senator discussing how they were
going to blackmail some Nigerians whose names and offshore account details
had been uncovered by David Lee.

"Fashanu can't get out of the Scientology blackmail trap. There's no where
Fashanu can go to extricate himself from this quagmire. Lukman has been
peeping out from behind the Scientology mask. In June he personally
arranged for the Nigerian president Obasanju, during a state visit to
Switzerland, to meet with David Lee to hear the Scientology spin on the
Fashanu report."

>From the Nigerian newspaper Vanguard on July 16th:

"One person whose role have been x-rayed maximally in recent times is that
of the successful US professional banker, Mr. Bob Minton. His role was
recently further celebrated by the announced 'discoveries' of former
footballer, John Fashanu, of some assumed debt buy back transaction
carried out in the former President Ibrahim Babangida regime with Minton
as a principal beneficiary.

"In his own published records, Minton said the initial plan of his group
was to make profits of approximately 1 per cent of the value of
re-purchased Nigerian debt, and by the close of 1993, they had collected
'1.1 billion dollars of CBN Promissory Notes and approximately 3 billion
dollars of Nigerian Bank debt. These were external debts of foreign
currency of banks all over the world such as Barclays, Standard, Chartered
Bank, etc.' How also could our top rate investigators ignore the Minton's
revelation that $4.5 billion of debt was bought back for the country with
the average price of that debt being 34 cents on the dollar? It is also
remarkable that Minton's insistence that the transaction was good for
Nigeria has not been publicly refuted by any concerned government official
or even Fashanu himself.

"I believe this because Fashanu has not responded satisfactorily to
charges that he is being used by the Church of Scientology, an
organisation that considers Minton to be their greatest enemy. It is said
that he could not have done the so-called investigation on his own, while
his investigator is allegedly a full time worker for Scientology. What is
his response to the position that he was given the report to discredit
Minton as an effective critic of Scientology in USA, Europe, France and
Germany? Minton has been quoted undisputedly as saying: 'This is a
vendetta on Scientology's part against me and they are using Fashanu and
Nigeria as a tool to beat me on the head with the clock and that is the
bottom line.' The investigator, Robert Clark for Fashanu goes by two other
different names i.e. David Lee and David Laubach. With this explanation
therefore, why should a whole government get involved in mudslinging?

"Persons with ulterior motive should not be accommodated in the bid to
tarnish the image of this man - a bid that cannot succeed, given the usual
triumph of good over evil, of truth over falsehood and of righteousness
over unrighteousness. Nigerian government should more significantly not be
brought into the smear campaign. Let's leave Minton, a man who closed
business with Nigeria early 1993, before the dark days of Abacha, alone."


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