Scientologists making fools of themselves. The have lost the north (did they ever had it?) Their attacks against France 

They insult, either through their man of straw, Labruyère, or another using the same words : 'flip'

Finally, scientologists do establish their "Courts of Exceptions" against members of governments

Plus: methods used by scientologists to subvert justice: a message from Stacy Brooks

a press conference given by order of - and paid by - scientology. Here is their "press release". Labruyère is the author of a defaming sheet, book and site, as well as the president of a minuscule association called "Omnium des Libertés", (33) 01 46 27 01 38

Readers could think that the comments done here against a scholar or scholars do not demonstrate politeness or respect. They are right; I'm no longer intending to show respect for some people who do not respect their own integrity or their readers or spectators. Indeed, lying is not showing much respect for others.



Following the strong reactions generated by the MILS report and its propositions for "laws of exception" french, belgian, spanish and american experts will meet in Paris on march 3d 2000, to debate on religious discrimination in France. They'll evaluate the situation seriousness just after the publication of an e-nième report on religious minorities. Their meeting shall be done under the authority of:

Révérend N. J L'HEUREUX, Jr.

Secretary of the Committee on religious Liberty, executive director Queens Federation of Churches New-York;


Founder of the Friends of United Nations


Président de l'Omnium des Libertés [urls here]

organizers of that day, to which numerous french experts** will join

You are invited to the Press Conference on

March thursday the 2d, at 3 p.m.

Maison des Polytechniciens

12 rue de Poitiers 75007 PARIS

Lecture where their conclusions and results of their discussions will be presented.

Contact : 01 46 27 01 38

[as numerous "experts", we have M. Dericquebourg, a french apologist for cults, linked to Liliane Voyé, belgian president of the WW association of sociologists of religions; Gast, a journalist known for his positions toward cults; and some members of various cults such as the Raelian "priestess" Nayah, a singer; or Maité Castano, french guru of a dismantled group having caused deaths and sentenced before the courts, plus the unavoidable Danièle Gounord, president of french scientology paris branch.]

another fantastic and defaming document sent by flip@stcom.net to french congressmen and senators

26 février 2000

E-mail list: To: The Deputies and Senators of the French Republic

Mesdames, Messieurs,

I'm honoured to send you this file on advice from our friends and counsellors.

Indeed, it is worrying to observe that to-day, some deputies are using their powers and statutes to handle and lure the public opinion.

The France of Inquisition, new picture for mafia plans. We'll quote to-day only M. Alain Vivien who, to make forget his forfeits but as well, to reestablish his own pedigree,, copying the Inquisition methods and Gestapo's ones, himself and his henchmen have reinvented the 'witch hunt'. To help the pharmaceutical trusts gangsters, to collaborate with the thugs of the politico-financial milieus, and to support the networks dealing into organs traffic and pedophily, M. Alain Vivien does not hesitate to create and to sue the anti-cultists".

There and how the UNADFI [sic] associates itself to CCMM, [litteral translation of the nonsensical sentence, not]

After Mein Kampf..... the parlamentary report on cults and money....


[to be compared for the french reading readers to http://www.multimania.com/omnium then find the "Extraits de bulletins", on Dr Dietrich]

And here, the third document: a letter sent to Alain Vivien, président of the interministerial Mission to struggle against Cults (MILS) by a so-said and self-said unexisting "COMMISSION INTERNATIONALE D'EXPERTS SUR LES VIOLATIONS DES DROITS DE L'HOMME EN FRANCE".

Note: a detailed search on such organization gave a 0 response.




Convocation à: Monsieur Alain Vivien

Président de la Mission Interministérielle de Lutte contre les Sectes

Monsieur le Président,

The International commision of experts on human rights is composed of a panel of international independant experts having to investigate on human rights violations in France.

The Commission has been seized, by the Church of Scientology, of certain facts about you, which could be contrary to Rights conferred by the International Conventions of Human Rights and french Constitution.

It wished to have a hearing with you about the following abuses:

1 - Hate enticement against members of religious communities having led to physical violences or possessions degradations.

2. - Advicing an "exception's legislation" against people due to their membership to a religious movement.

3 - Using one's official status to counsel a beliefs ruling, contrary to the french constitution and international texts.

4 - Reinterpreting the Constitution and the international treaties on Human Rights so as to exclude of their protection the belief of the religious minorities.

5 - Fabrictaing erroneous accusations against spiritual minorities.

6 - To abuse of an official status to interpret justice decisions, violating thereof the principles administering Human Rights.

7 - To abuse of an official status to publish erroneous informations regarding spiritual minorities, to different Departments, under pretext of ministerial coordination.

8 - To issue into media defaming declarations on associations, leading to the following damages for their members:

    • Refusal of the french nationality because of religious membership
    • Ostracism at job
    • Closing bank accounts due to religious affiliation only
    • administrative harrasment
    • discriminatory treatment fater some issuing of a decision locally or nationally
    • official employements refusals
    • Refusal to rent a lecture room or an exposition room
    • Personal goods destruction
    • Physical violence and moral harrassment
    • Interdiction to participate to caritative local activities under the frame of a religious practice

      The Commission wishes to hear you on march 3d, 2000, at 12, at FORUM DE GRENELLE, 5, rue de la Croix Nivert, 75015 Paris.

      La Commission

      [illegible signature].

      Secrétariat temporaire à Paris

      82, rue de Paris - 92110 Clichy [sic]

      Lettre expédiée à M. le Sénateur About, 26 février 2000:


Convocation à: Monsieur le Sénateur About

membre de la Mission Interministérielle de Lutte contre les Sectes

Monsieur le Sénateur,

The International Commission of experts on Human Rights is composed of a panel of international independant experts having been asked to investigate on human rights violations in France.

The Commission has been seized, by the Church of Scientology, of certain facts about you, which could be contrary to Rights conferred by the Internhational Conventions of Human Rights and french Constitution

It wishes to hear you on the following violations:

1. Enticing to discrimination against members of the religious communities

2. Publishing defaming informations about religious communities

3. Counselling a "legislation of exception" against persons due to their affiliation to a religious community

Le lieu de notre réunion vous sera transmis prochainement.The Commission wishes to hear you on friday march 3d, at 2p.m....

La Commission

(signed: illegible, more or less the same as the letter above).

Secrétariat temporaire à Paris

82, rue de Paris - 92110 Clichy

A message from Stacy Brooks denouncing methods used by scientology to subvert judges:

Stacy Brooks <stacybrooks@mciworld.com> a écrit dans le message :
> A friend of mine just told me that OSA called a mandatory meeting today of
> all FCCIs (FCCI is how they refer to Flag public pcs -- it stands for Flag
> Case Completion Intensive) to order them to sign an amicus brief stating
> that they have had great benefits from their Scientology auditing and that
> the state of Florida is discriminating against them by putting their
> "religion" on trial. This is then going to be filed in the McPherson
> case as a way to put pressure on the judge to dismiss the case.
> Guess Miscavige had to go back to the drawing board when Judge Downey
> to bow to C of S pressure to step down.
> Reminds me of 1985, when a Portland jury awarded Julie Christoffersen $30
> million for the damage she suffered at the hands of the Church of
> Scientology. About a half hour after the verdict was announced, Miscavige
> all of OSA US on the speaker phone in the Legal Bureau and announced that
> were responsible for getting every Scientologist in the world to Portland
> massive street demonstrations to force the judge to reverse the jury's
> decision. That was the birth of the Religious Freedom Crusade.
> For the next two months no one in OSA did anything else. We chartered
> planes to fly Scientologists in from Europe and all over the United
> We spent $2 million to produce a special edition of Freedom "exposing"
> Armstrong (who had been a witness for Julie) as a paid informant for the
> Of course, Gerry was nothing of the sort. But on Miscavige's direct orders
> personally "edited" the videotapes of the failed sting operation Mike
> and Dave Kluge ran on Gerry to try to get him to admit on hidden camera
> he was. I had to take out all of Rinder's and Kluge's leading questions
> entrapment to make it look as if Gerry actually was an agent.
> The reason we had to publish this Freedom about Gerry was that Miscavige
> showed this supposed videotaped "evidence" in camera to the judge in the
> Christoffersen case to get Gerry thrown out as a witness, but it
> Far from convincing the judge that Gerry was an informant, the tape proved
> the judge beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Church of Scientology
> in exactly the kinds of dirty tricks that he had been warned about. After
> judge threw out the bogus "evidence," DM decided we would have to tell the
> story to every citizen of Portland. As the Freedom editor I had to fly up
> Portland and stand by DM's chair in his condo at the "command center" of
> Religious Freedom Crusade while he personally read and approved every word
> copy for that Freedom. Then we printed enough copies to deliver it to the
> doorstep of every single house in Portland and DM made sure the judge
> out about it.
> John Travolta was ordered up to Portland, and he flew up in one of his
> private planes. Chick Corea was ordered to put on a free concert for the
> people of Portland. By the time we were done I think about 40,000
> Scientologists ended up in Portland. Lo and behold! The judge bowed to the
> pressure and threw out the $30 million decision.
> I've always felt that the Christo reversal was a pivotal moment in the
> development of DM's way of dealing with the world. He came up with an
> outrageous idea for how to turn a disastrous decision around and took out
> the stops to make it happen, and it worked. It was stunning. None of us
> believe it when the judge reversed that jury's verdict. It was totally
> because of the pressure we put on him. That win went to DM's head. After
> that, DM knew for sure that with enough pressure he could make anything
> happen. Sure enough, a few years later he hit the jackpot. Against all
> he got the IRS to give him tax exemption.
> So what DM knows above all else is that pressure works. Whatever kind of
> pressure it takes.
> Now he's trying the same tactic on the McPherson case.

[and this is exactly the same tactic they are using in france right now: look
at what they tried on the french interministerial mission against cults:

I'll add your post to the french and english parts o that page, Stacy. It's

> So far it's working pretty well. He's gotten one judge off the case and
> he's gotten the medical examiner to change her findings. And he's managed
> get the most politically well-connected law firm in Pinellas County on his
> payroll.
> Not bad, DM. Your methods of applying pressure have gotten more
> sophisticated, not as obvious, a lot quieter. You've gotten a lot smarter
> about how to spend your money. But you know, DM, a bully only has two
> options: either terrorize a person or buy them.
> What if people stopped being afraid and refused to take the money? What
> a bully do then?
> For the sake of Lisa and all the others who have been harmed and betrayed
> your organization, I'm praying Judge Downey will be able to survive your
> arsenal of dirty tricks and money.

For those wanting to know who were the members of the presidency of that self-called scientologically-named "commission of experts":







His "organisation"



Labruyère: his delirium is presented here and in his site:

or my critics: http://www.antisectes.net/omnium.htm


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