Quelques références de pièce parlant de la scientologie; journaux, transcriptions de télévision etc.

C'est une partie du rapport Emmons, un officier de police de la Police de Clearwater.

La secte criminelle a tenté de faire disparaître ou interdire l'accès à ces pièces, car on se doute qu'elle ne lui sont pas favorables.

Certaines sont traduites dans le site.

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1991 . 112191 (See CPD Intel Rpt section)
Affidavit from Barry Silvers, a former law enforcement official working for
the Church of Scientology. Affidavit is related to a false premise he gave
to a Richard Behar , who was writing a story for Time magazine titled Scientology:
The Cult of Greed.
1/10/91 (see CPD Intel Rpt section)
A Private Investigator, Peter Comras while employed by Scientology, pretended
to be working for the Israeli Government. He contacted several individuals
as well as
Clearwater PD in attempts to gain information on Scientology. He eventually
information through this deceit from former Scientology members, Margery
Wakefield and Steve Fishman.
1/19/91 SR3.1
Steven Fishman wrote up a "Knowledge Report" of various activities which
he had participated in for the Guardian's Office of Scientology.
1/23/91 (See CPD Intel Rpt section)
Information was received that a Private Investigator, Bill Socha was hired
by the Scientology Law Firm of Bowles and Moxon in California.
1/24/91 St. Petersburg Times: "Be Fair to Scientologists"
A letter to the editor by Richard Haworth, The Church of Scientology.
1/30/91 St. Petersburg Times:
"Men Guilty of Money Laundering"
Three former employees of Bernstein, McCaffrey and Lee pleaded guilty to
Federal money laundering charges. The business, which was at 601 Cleveland
Street has been closed since authorities raided the office and confiscated
inventory in 1989. .
2/7/91 (see CPD Intel Rpt section)
Two Private Investigators, Maggie Dellerson and Richard Mueller were employed
by Scientology through the Law Firm of Bowles and Moxon. They pretended to
be the
aunt and uncle of a 19 year old member of Scientology that was due to inherit
a large sum of money, and wanted the member to get out. They targeted Dr.
Walter Geertz,
Margery Wakefield, Richard Behar, and Attorney Barry Van Sickle. They tried
at one point to get CPD involved in this fictitious deprogramming. .
2n 191 Tampa Tribune:
"Judge Exempts Some Activities, Church Says"
A Federal Judge exempted some activities of the Church of Scientology from
a controversial City Ordinance regulating charitable contributions.

2/8/91 Pinellas County Review: "Renovations Cost $17 Million"
The Church of Scientology has spent seventeen million dollars in upgrading
its properties in the last seven years- .
2/8/91 Tampa Tribune:
"City Wins Access to Church Records"
A Federal Court ruling gives Clearwater the power to enforce a financial
disclosure ordinance on charitable organizations, including the Church of
Scientology. .
2/8/91 St. Petersburg Times:
"Donations Are Open, Judge Rules"
A judge upheld a city ordinance designed to make most churches and charities
open with their finances- .
2/10/91 St. Petersburg Times:
"2 Men Charged In Theft Of $300,000 In Rare Coins"
Dm Beynon and Norman Lester were arrested with connection of a theft of at
$300,000 in rare coins and silver coins from Loyal Loan & Pawn Shop in Clearwater.

2/12/91 Tampa Tribune:
"Pair Arrested in Theft of Rare Coins"
Arrested in connection with the theft of coins valued at between three hundred
and four hundred thousand dollars, were Norman Eric Lester and Dm Beynon.

2/13/91 St. Petersburg Times: "Scientologists Sued Twice"
Two lawsuits were filed against the Church of Scientology by people seeking
money they say Scientology owes. Those filing the suits were Mark Lewandowski,
and Maria Echavarria. .
2/14/91 St. Petersburg Times:
"Hotel Evacuates For Bomb Search"
Bomb threat at the Ft. Harrison Hotel. .
2/16/91 St. Petersburg Times:
" A Victory Each Side Can Share" .An article by Bob Henderson. .
2/19/91 St. Petersburg Times:
"Clearwater To Discuss Records Disclosure Law"
Clearwater may require most churches and charities to release annual financial
V- disclosure statements

2/20/91 Tampa Tribune:
"Scientologist Strikes Back At Detractors"
Church spokesman Richard Haworth detailed in letter form numerous allegations

against Cynthia Kisser of the Cult Awareness Network. .
3/1/91 Tampa Tribune:
"Role Model Olympic Gymnast Lakes Gives Children Advise, Motivation For Success
In Life"
An article about Gymnast Charles Lakes who recently spoke at the True School
in Clearwater. Lakes credits his success to L. Ron Hubbard's book Dianetics.

3/19/91 St. Petersburg Times:
"Lower Courts Told to Restudy Damage Cases"
The Supreme Court told lower courts to restudy seven disputes over punitive
damages including a huge award against the Church of Scientology. .
3/19/91 Tampa Tribune:
"Gray Moss Inn Likely Sect Buy"
The Church of Scientology has scheduled a news conference to announce an

unnamed land acquisition. Speculation is centering on the landmark Gray Moss
Inn. .
3/20/91 Tampa Tribune:
"Disadvantage For Pinellas In Sect Case"
Discusses the tax exempt status of the Church of Scientology.

3/20/91 St. Petersburg Times:
"Scientologists Plan Training Center"
The Church of Scientology announced its plans to tear down the Gray Moss
Inn and build a six story, forty two million dollar religious training center.
3/20/91 Tampa Tribune:
"County, Church Talking Secretly"
Mediation proceedings are taking place behind closed doors regarding the
Church' s seeking a settlement with Pinellas County over five million dollars
in back taxes. .
3/25/91 (See CPD Intel. Rpt section)
A civil suit was filed by Scientology members, Marsha Lovering and Alice
Herbin against Gabe Cazares. They were suing him over his having them removed
from a
Democratic Executive Committee Members meeting. Also included is a response
Mr. Cazares. .
3/29/91 St. Petersburg Times:
"2 Are Rejected From Meeting"
Two people who attended a Pinellas County Democratic Executive Committee

meeting this week were ejected after party chairman Gabe Cazares discovered
they were Scientologists. .
3/30/91 St. Petersburg Times: "One Cool Chick"
An article about musician Chick Corea. .
3/31/91 St. Petersburg Times: "It's Not A Private Party" .An editorial. .

4/4/91 Tampa Tribune:
"Scientologists File Eleven Suits to Get Access to IRS Audit Records"
Scientologists filed eleven federal lawsuits against the IRS seeking information
about agency audits of them. .
4/15/91 (See CPD Intel. Rpt section)
These are transcripts of several hundred pages of court documents concerning
Scientology's legal battle with the Internal Revenue Service ( IRS ), court
number 89-488-MISC- T -15-@. .
4/23/91 St. Petersburg Times:
"Scientology Church On Trial In Canada"
The Church of Scientology went on trial in Toronto charged with stealing
of documents from government offices and law firms. .
4/24/91 Tampa Tribune:
"Meet Prozac: Salvation or Doomsday Pill?"
An Article written about Prozac and Scientology's desire to have FDA ban
the drug.

4/28/91 New York Newsday:
Reports on Time magazine's article concerning Scientology.

4/29/91 VMS
A transcript of a show on KCAL TV. .
4/30/91 St. Petersburg Times:
"Time Takes A Critical look at Scientology"
A article concerning a story on Scientology done in Time magazine. .
4/30/91 VMS
A transcript of a story done on KCOP TV, News 13 in Los Angeles.

511/91 Tampa Tribune:
"Scientology Bashed In Time Article"
Reports on Time Magazine article on Scientology and claims the Church of

Scientology plans to sue Time magazine. .
5/2/91 Tampa Tribune:
"This Creature Won't Let Go Of Clearwater"
An article about Time magazine's story on Scientology. .
5/3/91 VMS
Transcript of station WNEP TV on Newswatch 16 in Wilkes-Barre, P A.

5/5/91 KFI-AM-640
Radio transcripts from KFI-AM-640 in Los Angeles, the Jone Norris Show. .

5/5/91 WABC-AM/New York
Transcripts from WABC-AM/New York. The Curtis & Lisa Sliwa Show.

5/16/91 TIME Magazine
Cover story titled "Scientology THE CULT OF GREED, How the growing Dianetics
Empire squeezes millions from be/ievers wor/dwide ". This is an extensive
expose on the numerous allegations of unethical and illegal operations surrounding
Scientology. It led to a multi-million dollar lawsuit against TIME by Scientology.
(TIME magazine eventually prevailed).
5/16/91 The Christian News: "The Cult of Greed"
Concerning Time magazines story on Scientology.
5/17/91 Cable News Network:
Cable News Network, Business Day transcript.
517/91 St. Petersburg Times:
"Three Are Sentenced In Money Laundering"
Relates the sentencing of Grant Boshoff, Lawrence Spencer, and Ronald Bemstein.
Three former employees of Bemstein, McCaffrey & Lee.
5/17/91 Tampa Tribune:
"County, Scientology Continue Tax Talks"
No end in sight in negotiations between the Pinellas County and the Church
of Scientology over the Church's $5 million tax bill.
5/9/91 Tampa Tribune: "Scientology"
A letter to the editor
5/10/91 Tampa Tribune:
"Church Whiffs While Trying To Whomp Wogs"
An article about Time magazine's story on Scientology.
5/17/91 Tampa Tribune:
"Church's Court Records Are Public, Paper Says"
Attorneys for the Tampa Tribune argued that sealed court transcripts involving
the Church of Scientology and a Church dissenter should be made public. .

5/17/91 "E" Entertainment Television
"E1' Entertainment TV, News Week in Review. A TV transcript. .
5/20/91 Religious News Service:
"Two Christina Scholars Blast Time article on Scientology."
An article concerning Time magazines coverage on a story on Scientology.

5/21/91 WPVI- TV
Transcripts from WPVI- TV Channel 6 in Philadelphia. . .
5/21/91 St. Petersburg Times: " Develop More Downtown'-
A letter to the editor by Albert Barsion, owner of the Ritz Restaurant in
Clearwater. .
5/22/91 St. Petersburg Times:
"Scientologist Tax Break Irks Some"
A letter to the editor by Wilby F. Anderson. .
5/24/91 (See CPD Intel Rpt section)
Intelligence report outlining a weekly cable access show called The Road
Freedom. The host is Richard Haworth. It is sponsored by Scientology and
usually features a Scientologist listing the benefits they received from
Scientology. .
5/28/91 "Larry King Live"
Interviews with Lisa Halverson, Church defector and President Heber Jentzch.

Responds to Time magazine story. .
5/28/91 "Larry King Live" (video tape)
A transcript from CNN entitled, The Church of Scientology: Religion or Business?

Interviews with Heber Jentzsch, Lisa Halverson, Jerry Whitfield, and the
Rev. Donald Sills
5/28/91 USA Today Newspaper:
Two weeks of ongoing series titled "The story that TIME couldn't tell' This
was a two
week paid insert into the national newspaper USA Today by Scientology to
attack TIME Magazine reference to Richard Behar's cover story on 5/6/91.

5/29/91 St. Petersburg Times:
"Scientology Lambastes Time Magazine in Ad"
Scientologists slammed Time Magazine in a full page ad in USA Today.

5/29/91 St. Petersburg Times:
"Scientologists A Blight On Clearwater"
A letter to the editor by Mrs. Donald S. Abelio. .
5/29/91 St. Petersburg Times:
A letter to the editor by Gabe Cazares. .
5/29/91 Religious News Service:
"Writer Says Time Treated Scientology As A Business Story" .An article about
Time magazines report on Scientology. .
5/30/91 USA Today:
"The Church of Scientology Takes On Time"
Scientologists respond to a Time Magazine article by placing a full page
ad in USA
Today. . .
5/31/91 USA Today:
"Scientologists' Ad Feud Causes Rumble"
Concerning an ad in USA Today from the Church of Scientology. .
5/31/91 St. Petersburg Times:
"Let Scientologists Call It A Religion"
A letter to the editor from Brent Yaciw of Seminole. .
6/91 The Psychiatric Times
Article titled " National media begins to reveal Scientology 's anti-Psychiatry
tactics II
Exposes numerous overt and covert attacks on the Psychiatric field in general
by various Scientology front groups, some of whom are identified by name.

6/3/91 USA Today:
Letters to the editor from Richard Warner, Stan Dubin, and Rachel Hutcheson.
6/5/91 USA Today:
"Prozac Maker Offers Doctors Legal Help"
The maker of Prozac said it will pay the legal bills of any doctor who is
sued prescribing it.
6/6/91 Los Angeles Times:
"In Battle Against Time, Scientologists Put Money On Ads" Concerning Time
magazine's report on Scientology.
6nl91 USA Today:
Letters to the editor from Riggs Eckelberry and Linda Barrow. .
6/17/91 St. Petersburg Times:
"IRS Loses in Scientology Case"
A Federal Appeals Court in Boston ruled that Scientology did not have to
show the IRS thousands of requested documents that included financial and
membership information. .
6/11/91 USA Today:
"Prozac's Critics Hurt Mentally Ill"
An article concerning the anti-depressant drug Prozac. .
6/11/91 St. Petersburg Times:
"Clearwater Should Be Re-named Hostage City" .A letter to the editor from
Wilby Anderson. .
6/11/91 USA Today:
"Stigma Can Lead to Discrimination" .An article concerning mental illness.

6/14/91 St. Petersburg Times: " An Unwelcomed Comeback"
A letter to the editor from Bill Hoth of Clearwater .

6/15/91 St. Petersburg Times:
"Church of Scientology Places Ad Attacking Time Magazine"
A 28 page advertising supplement was put in USA Today as the Church of Scientology
continues its attack on Time magazine. .
6/17/91 USA Today:
"Courts Say It's A Church"
A letter to the editor by the Rev. Heber Jentzsch, President of the Church
of Scientology, Los Angeles, CA. Months long paid attack on Time magazine.

6/18/91 St. Petersburg Times: "Transplanting a City's Heart'-
Officials are hoping to bring an upscale shopping district to the downtown

7/9/91 Sally Jessy Raphael (video tape) .Church of Scientology. .
7 n /91 st. Petersburg Times:
"Ex-Publisher Being Sought By Creditors"
At least six companies are chasing Rex Publishing's George Chelekias, seeking
more than half a million dollars. A Hillsborough County judge ordered him
to jail, however his whereabouts are unknown. .
7/16/91 St. Petersburg Times:
"Lawyer Claims Scientologists Kept Him From Daughters"
Kenneth Wasserman, a former Scientologist, alleged in a lawsuit that the
Church of Scientology inhibited him from visiting or talking to his teenage
daughters who are members of the sect. He also claims the sect owes him more
than $15,000 for counseling sessions he paid for but did not use- .
7/20/91 St. Petersburg Times: "Scientology Defended"
A letter to the editor by M. Friedman. .
7/20/91 Creative Loafing:
An ad entitled "Think More Clearly, Call the Dianetics Hotline".

7/25/91 St. Petersburg Times:
"Vault to Get Hubbard's Writings"
A letter from editor Bob Henderson. .
7/31/91 (See CPD Intel. Rpt section)
A civil suit was filed by Scientology member, Dorothy Jean Dickerson against
Sally Jesse Raphael, Cult Awareness Network, Cynthia Kisser, Steve Hassan
and several
other unknowns. This was the result of a broadcast of the Sally Jesse Raphael
Show featuring Scientology. .
8/4/91 St. Petersburg Times: "Publicity Hurting Prozac"
The manufacturer of rozac said there is no question sales have suffered from

warnings Prozac causes violent behavior and suicidal thoughts, after an ad
campaign was begun by the Church of Scientology. .
8/6/91 (See CPD Intel. Rpt section)
A civil suit was filed by Scientologist Angel Casillas against Jerry and
Whitfield, along with 25 other unknown individuals. This was the results
of Casillas being temporarily detained by LAPD when he was observed following
the Whitfields.

8/8/91 St. Petersburg Times: ."Preserve Hubbard's Writings"
A letter to the editor from Richard Haworth, Church of Scientology. .
818/91 St. Petersburg Times:
"Scientologists Deserve Respect"
A letter to the editor from Ben Kugler. .
8/8/91 St. Petersburg Times:
"FDA Support of Prozac a Milestone in a Sordid Controversy"
A letter to the editor from E.A. West of the Eli Lilly & Co. drug manufacturer.

8/13/91 St. Petersburg Times: ."Church Lists Economic Value"
A report for the Church of Scientology describes the impact members have
on local
economy. .
8/13/91 St. Petersburg Times:
"Scientologists Sue IRS For 120 Million Dollars"
The Church of Scientology has filed a 120 million dollar lawsuit against
the IRS charging the IRS has used illegal acts to gain information about
the group. .
8/14/91 (See CPD Intel. Rpt section)
Former member, Donald Dahlin contacted CPD seeking a refund from the Church.

8/14/91 Tampa Tribune:
"Papers Denied Access to Scientology Court Records"
The 11th.S. Circuit Court of Appeals denied the Tampa Tribune and St.Petersburg

Times access to court transcripts involving a former member of the Church
of Scientology. .
8/15/91 Channel 10 News (video tape)
Impact of Scientology in Clearwater. (Economic)

8/19191 "Geraldo" (video tape)
Scientology , Time magazine, Prozac, and Citizens Commission on Human Rights.

8/20/91 Tampa Tribune: "Scientology"
A letter to the editor from John Quails. .
8/23/91 St. Petersburg Times:
"Democrats Seek Ouster of Cazares" Former Democratic Party Ken Steinke and
fonner acting chainnan Dan Marelli collected more than 30 signatures on a
petition calling for Cazares removal. .
8/24/91 St. Petersburg Times:
"Scientology P. R. Campaign is a Sham"
A letter to the editor from Mrs. D.S. Abelio. .
8/24/91 St. Petersburg Times:
"Scientologists Letters Free Propaganda" .Letter to the editor from Gabe
Cazares. .
8/26/91 Wall Street Journal:
"Law-Legal Beat: Staff Reporters of the Wall Street Journal"
Regarding Time Magazine's article on Scientology. .
8/27/91 St. Petersburg Times :
"Scientology Plan Called Tax Avoidance"
Pinellas County Property Appraisers discovered that the Church of Scientology

Religious Trust, a California based group that is exempt from federal taxes,
will be developing Scientology's new religious training center in Clearwater.
Because the
trust currently holds a federal tax exemption, it may have a stronger case
for avoiding county property taxes than the Church of Scientology Flag Service
Organization, which owns other parcels in Clearwater. .
9/91 Spy Magazine
Feature story titled "L. Ron Hubbard vs. Wall Street". The article is about
Joe, Kurt and Matt Feshbach. Brothers who have a questionable reputation
as short sellers in the stock market- .
9/12/91 St. Petersburg Times:
"Man is Accused of Attempted Rape"
Paul J. Meyer, who is a staff member of the Church of Scientology, was arrested
attempted sexual battery , burglary and kidnapping-
*see also Tampa Tribune, and related St. Petersburg Times on 9/13/91 .
9/17/91 Tampa Tribune:
"Suspect in Rapes Charged"
Paul J. Meyer, who lists his address of 551 North Saturn Avenue has been
linked to a
sexual assault that occurred several months ago. .
9/21/91 St. Petersburg Times:
"Panel: No Link Between Prozac and Suicide"
A panel of experts told the FDA there is no sound evidence that Prozac or
any other antidepressant causes suicide or violent behavior. .*see also Tampa
Tribune .
9/25/91 Tampa Tribune:
"Give Em Both Brass Pipes, Brass Knuckles"
An article by Neil Cote concerning the Time Magazine article and Scientology.

10/6/91 St. Petersburg Times:
"Scientology Church Loses Libel Suit"
A jury in Toronto ordered the Church of Scientology to pay 1.4 million dollars
in damages for libeling an Ontario prosecutor. .
10/9/91 St. Petersburg Times:
"Wheels of Justice Turn in Victim's Absence"
Article about subject Kevin Callahan, who says the anti-depressant drug Prozac
induced him to attack his wife with a butcher knife- .
10/17/91 (See CPD Intel. Rpt section)
Former member, Joanne Bergmann contacted CPD seeking a refund from the Church
over $12,000.
10/18/91 Tampa Tribune:
"Records Concerning Scientology School Held"
A judge refused to allow the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office to release
information concerning an investigation of a Church of Scientology school.
The Scientology
Cadet School is operated by the Church of Scientology and used mainly for
children of Scientology staff members. . .
10/20/91 Tampa Tribune:
"Former Scientologists Attack Church in Book"
Englishman John Atack accuses Church leaders of bilking members and using
and threats to make a profit. The book is entitled, A Piece of Blue Sky.

10/20/91 Tampa Tribune:
"The Religion That Sells the Sky"
A story about Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard. .
10/20/91 Tampa Tribune:
"Hubbard Alive, Well City Directory Says"
L. Ron Hubbard is listed on page 252 in the 1990 version of the Polk Directory.

10/21/91 St. Petersburg Times:
"Red Ribbons Help in War on Drugs"
Red ribbons will be tied to signify the dedication to the war on drugs during
11/16/91 St. Petersburg Times:
"Scientologists' Panels Exposes Wrongs".
A letter to the editor by Richard Haworth of the Church of Scientology .

11/18/91 St. Petersburg Times:
"Readers Respond to' Scientology's Children"' .Letters to the editor. .
11/22/91 St. Petersburg Times: "Scientology"
A letter to the editor from Cheryl Juchau.
12/3/91 (See CPD Intel. Rpt section)
A local Clergyman reported confidentially that he was helping his faith's
members that had been involved in Scientology and was called by a staff member
and told to stop
interfering. He reported three separate incidents involving Scientologists
and persons of his faith that he assisted in leaving town At least one had
information on possible immigration violations committed by Scientology.

12/11/91 Tampa Tribune:
"Scientology Sues County Over Taxes Again"
For the ninth straight year, the Church of Scientology filed a lawsuit to
avoid property
taxes. .
12/11/91 (See CPD Intel. Rpt section)
The Clearwater Executive Director of "The Way to Happiness Foundation", sent

CPD 23 letters from various officials commending the Way to Happiness group.

12/12/91 St. Petersburg Times:
"IRS Out of Control, Whistle Blowers Say" .Article regarding Internal Revenue
Service. .
12/12/91 Tampa Tribune: ."Scientologists"
A letter from Richard Haworth, Church of Scientology . .
12/13/91 (See CPD Intel. Rpt section)
A publication by the Board of Mental Health for the State of Oklahoma on
the Findings of Fact regarding the Narconon Chilocco application for certification.

12/14/91 Daily Oklahoman:
"Board Denies Certification For Narconon"
A state board denied certification for a controversial drug and alcohol treatment
center and gave the facility seven days to move out its patients. The action
ended a Red Ribbon Week. .
10/23/91 Tampa Tribune:
"Court Okays Scientologist's Suit"
George H. Powell has grounds to sue for a refund of his 1984 and '85 taxes.
He was granted the right to sue the IRS which disallowed the tax deduction
he took on contributions to the Church. .
10/23/91 St. Petersburg Times:
"Leader of Democrats Stands in Victory's Way" .A letter from Bill Hoth, Clearwater.

10/26/91 St. Petersburg Times:
"Scientology Story Continues to Get Lots of Attention"
A letter from editor Bob Henderson. .
11/1/91 Tampa Tribune:
"Stamping Out Deviousness in Property Deals" .A letter from Editor Neil Cote.

11/7/91 St. Petersburg Times:
"The Other Side of the Scientology Story"
A letter from Richard Haworth, Church of Scientology.

11/10/91 St. Petersburg Times: ."What Are Church's Beliefs?"
A story about L. Ron Hubbard and the Church of Scientology. .
11/10/91 St. Petersburg Times: ."Scientology's Children"
Part one of a story regarding the training of Scientology member's children.
11/11/91 St. Petersburg Times: ."Scientology's Children"
Part two of a story regarding the children of Scientology members. .
11/11/91 St. Petersburg Times: "On Education"
Discusses the teachings of Scientology as written by L. Ron Hubbard.

11/14/91 St. Petersburg Times:
"The Children of Scientology" An editorial.
more than year long effort by Narconon to win certification. .
12/16/91 St. Petersburg Times:
"Pinellas Democratic Chief Will Quit"
Gabe Cazares, the embattled chairman of the Pinellas County Democratic party,
he is resigning and will likely run for political office. .
1992. 1/3/92 Tampa Tribune:
"Ex.Scientologists Sues For Refund"
Howard Mintz of San Francisco filed a lawsuit demanding a $68,000 refund.

1/13/92 St. Petersburg Times:
"Scientology Leaders In Paris Detained"
Fifteen leaders at a Church of Scientology in Paris were taken in for questioning
former members claimed they had been swindled Police investigated charges
that the Church had taken a total of$750,000 from followers. .
2/4/92 USA Today: ."Lilly Lawsuit"
The Church of Scientology was to file a $20 million libel suit against an
Eli Lilly
executive who they claim had malicious intent to destroy the Church for speaking
out against Prozac.

2/10/92 Tampa Tribune:
"This Holy War Won't Be Over Anytime Soon".
Editorial, Neil Cote. Comments regarding Cult Awareness Network presentation.

2/14/92 "Night Line" (video tape) .Interview with David Miscavige

2/25/92 (See CPD Intel. Rpt section)
A civil suit was filed by a Scientology company, Emery Wilson Corporation,
as Sterling Management against the following; Cult Awareness Network ( CAN
Cynthia Kisser, Watchman Fellowship, Craig Branch, Priscilla Coates, and
approximately lOO unknowns. .
3/3/92 St. Petersburg Times:
"Scientologists Appeal in IRS Case to Get Day in Court"
The Supreme Court has agreed to review a dispute stemming from a long running

legal battle between the Federal government and the Church of Scientology.
said they would hear the Church' s appeal over documents sought by the IRS
in a tax / fraud case
6/20/91 Wall Street Journal:
"Scientologists Claim WPP Chief Backed Unfavorable Time Article"
Article about Time Magazine's article on Scientology. .
6/20/91 St. Petersburg Times:
"Scientologists Attack Magazine"
Church of Scientology is fighting back with a $3 million ad campaign against
Time Magazine for their story entitled "The Cult of Greed". .
6/22/91 Tampa Tribune:
"Scientologists Unfairly Attack Prozac"
A letter from R.F. Shumard, PHD, from Sarasota. .
6/27/91 USA Today:
Letters to the editor, concerning Scientology's ads-

6128/91 St. Petersburg Times: "Look at Scientology's Record"
Letter to the editor from Gabe Cazares, Clearwater. .
6/29/91 St. Petersburg Times:
"Scientologists Answer Critics With Advertising"
Church of Scientology is continuing its $3 million public relations campaign
to offset
a Time Magazine story. .
6/30/91 St. Petersburg Times: ."Expert Witness For Hire"
A story about Dr. Walter Afield, a favorite of attorney's seeking expert
who misrepresented credentials and gave opinions that fellow psychiatrists
call sad and unbelievable. .
6/30/91 St. Petersburg Times:
"Church of Scientology Accused of Not Paying Bills"
The Church of Scientology has been sued in the last year by several companies
say the organization has not paid its bills. .
7/2/91 USA Today:
"Cults Pose Grave Threat to Nation's Freedom"
A letter written by Patricia Ryan, President of Cult Awareness Network, Chicago,
ll... .
7/5/91 Tampa Tribune: "'"1 .b ."Prozac" r 1 .A letter written by Richard
Haworth, Church of Scientology. r#