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On december 3d to 5th, 1999, I went to meet friends to Clearwater, Florida,
a city under siege since a quarter of a century.

The friends: a large part of them used to participate to the siege of the
city, directly or undirectly, because they were then the assailants, the
scientologists. They were, like I had been, members of the sinister cult of
$cientology, best described under those words: The Criminal Cult.

Others were city or US citizens, or human rights defenders from USA or
elsewhere - as far as Australia, who had been scandalized by the criminal
cult behaviour, either toward their parents, relatives or friends, either
toward the city, or toward humanity. Or toward freedom of speech on

On Dec 5th, 1999, they were reminding the atrocious death of Lisa Mc
Pherson, dear young woman who once had been a fervent adept of the criminal
cult, but had been betrayed to death by its devious and tortuous methods of
brainwashing. The cult did not accept her wanting to leave once she became
conscious she had been deceived by their methods.

Scientology applied strictly one of its own grand rule number one, contained
into their most known "policy letter", (Keeping scientology working series
#1, page 8) :

"We'd rather have you dead than incapable".

But they had never proven conclusively to Lisa Mc Pherson that she could
really be more capable with the cult's "techniques". So, she needed help,
and wanted to get out of there. Just to get out. They had never proven
either that she was incapable. In fact, she was rather capable, as shown by
her high pay checks. And by the colossal sums she spent into scientology.
Her main inability had been to observe the fraud before the day she wanted
to leave, on november 17th, 1995.

On december 1995, she was died. After having been "cared for"
[scientologists words] by their upper technical worldwide "mecca of
technical perfection", the Flag Organization, Clearwater, after a 17 days
stay "for religious retreat".

Since the circumstances of her death have been known in 1997, she became the
emblem, the symbol of scientology criminality and abuses against everybody,
including its own best clients. That's why we were there, with her own
family, aunt, uncle and cousin, near the Flag scientology building. That's
why we were wearing picket signs with "Scientology kills"


The conference

I'll not repeat the many excellent speeches, which are already accessible on
Xenu-TV, from great opposants to scientology, like ex-mayor of Clearwater
Gabe Casares, writer Steve Hassan, Attorney Ken Dandar, Gerry Armstrong, Rod
Keller, and many others having exposed the facts, the truths about the
criminal cult.

I'd just like to complete or remind my own intervention during the
conference, as it seemed to me that much political and economical issues are
at stake as soon one would consider scientology.


I guess that USA government is not much conscious or aware of what it is
defending now, under the guise of so-called "freedom of religion" or
"religious tolerance", if not under "human rights banner", when it defends
scientology. It's not quite conscious it is really defending the rat into
the fruit that US citizens are eating.

Scientology has its own internal systems of laws, rules, and money handling,
which is totally divergent of any known other system, but those totally
totalitarist ones. It is far more extremist than any known country system
has ever been. It asks its adherents not only to give more than half of
their revenues and capital to the cult, but as well, to take loans far above
their financial possibilities. And to subdue to any of their internal rules,
policies and laws, to the least one, even if unknown of them.

When confronted to the real business world, most scientology companies do go
bankrupt or cease to exist in few years; three main reasons exist:

1/ members have to keep on supporting scientology elaborate "technical"
frauds, by paying more and more to get the next "spiritual development"
steps; - from which they are never getting any really stable result, but
instead, get a visible "ego hypertrophy", which means they start believing
they have super-powers when they have only super-delusions.

2/ being often very excited at what they are supposed having discovered into
scientology and life, new people having little or no experience start
running new companies - often consulting or similar ones, and go bankrupt
because of their inability to do what they intended to produce. Many of them
don't have any standard scholarship or abilities to expose in the
non-scientology world.

3/ WISE, the "world institute of scientology enterprises" asks them
important contributions to allow them to use "Hubbard's Management
Technologies". Not only the percentage asked is quite high (between 5 and 10
% of the companies GI), breaking the rentability, but worse, Hubbard
management technologies are insane; Hubbard says by instance that one can
waste as much as needed to make any small profit. Anybody knows that wasting
does not give profits in the long run, and is deadly dangerous.

A fourth cause of bankruptcy could be added: scientologists are badly
perceived almost everywhere in the world. Their stablity is not part of
there repute. In fact, they are only partly honest within scientology, and
badly dishonest most of times with non-scientologists. The "Lie -Training"
is often part of their indoctrination.

Just one example: most french scieno-led companies are losing their clients
as soon as they are recognized as scientologist companies; in Germany, one
can't have some posts or be a member of certain groups if one is a
scientologist. Distrust is normal: nobody likes to have enemies and spies
into one's rank.

So, what would happen in a world led by many scientologists? Either they
would make wars between themselves (such as the present "scientology
free-zoners" against scientology main group), either they'd ruin any company
disagreeing with them, as shown in many case, being at war with any

No votes or political campaigns would be allowed: the Scientology major head
would get any other important head of any company or country fired, by force
if needed, and would send him into scientology gulags - unless killing him
or her. Not an ounce of press freedom would be allowed, inhibiting further
any data's circulation, and any correct decision from financial managers.
(if you can find any criticism of any "standard" scientology organization in
their publications, I'll be curious to see it: it has probably never
existed, as any critic or facts opposed to scientology is totally forbidden

What about european governments now, and their distrust about scientology -
as well as against some other criminal cults, while US government looks
rather indulgent against those?

Differences between US and European perception of "religions"

I observed by instance that there was some 10 pages of churches ads in the
professionnal pages of Clearwater phone book. This is extremely high when
compared to the Lyon/Rhône area (3 millions souls here, 10/15 times the
Clearwater area); in Rhône departement, we find 1 page of catholic churches
(the main religion here), plus one and a half column of other faiths.

I have also observed that any major newspaper runs ads from churches on one
page or more, each saturday, or that many churches in USA have their own
busses, Universities, etc. Much money here in the religious market (term
used by the Swiss National Council). (I'm not criticizing the true religions
for having money).

So, one could not be surprised to see every sort of religions or supposed to
be religions, going mostly unchecked by US state authorities, while european
people are easily distrusting some of these religions or self-called
religions, when they happen to be money-makers instead of relatively poor
preachers or ministers.

In fact, religions look far more serious in Europe; almost nobody changes
his own faith in major religions, unless some major event happens in his/her
life. If someone changes religion, it's mostly to get rid of his past faith,
but not to go in another denomination, as it happens in USA.

So, US government can't really understand what european think about that,
and why european governments have been more prudent regarding all these
supposed to be "new religions" or "NRMs".

Regarding scientology, some US government people have been:

- lobbied for decades

- infiltrated up to the congress and senate, if not to the Presidents,

- spied ,

- most certainly corrupted sometimes

- and the worse now, some high officials in politics and justice have been

by the scientology criminal scam.

It's no wonder therefore that some individuals or groups inside US offices
can be more than prudent (I mean: laxist) with scientology. No wonder either
that they tend to export their laxism and underestimation of the dangers of
scientology, before international bodies like the OSCE (Office for security
and cooperation in EU, Helsinki etc), or when they come to speak to foreign
countries offices, such as the French "Mission Interministérielle de Lutte
contre les Sectes".

But USA are not aware that scientology is just attempting to destroy each
and every bit of the capitalism, everyuwhere in the world, and wants to
replace it by Hubbard's sacred scriptures, which are, from my viewpoint as
an ex-consultant for companies, between the stupidest ways to govern a
company or a country (even the scientology organizations do suffer greatly
of the large gap between correct management and scientology management).
Everything in scientology is short termed, nothing stable, and, would that
group be really a large one, it could'nt profit in any way of such policies.
In a country, or for the planet management, it would be a real catastrophe
to follow Hubbard's rules.

One could even suppose that US government has some political ideas in head:
not attacking directly such frauds as scientology could be a good method to
get more voters inside, while getting more "US allies and spies" outside.
Or, some US politicians could be waiting calmly that foreign governments
make the job of destruction of such criminal cults!


1/ I presume that it could be fine to inform US government, far more often
than we do, about the reality of scientology infiltrations, its results for
the ECONOMY and the POLITICS for America. This can be done through every
channel, mail or letters or meetings with officials.

We could get much help from european government officials.

2/ We could get, as soon as possible, (that's what I'm trying to do for
french speaking countries) a complete database containing each and every
justice sentence having been taken wherever in the world, against or for
scientology, as well as each expertise or affidavit having been done on the
subject, and as well as any studies having been done by officials in any
countries, on the topic of cults and/or scientology itself.

We have already a great deal of them, many have been translated in english.
Getting them all translated would need a large effort, but is probably one
of the best means to get US offices more aware of the danger menacing human
rights, politics and economics all over the world.

Once the US officials would happen to know that there is a real danger for
their own jobs, lives and rights, they could be a bit more prudent, and
would cease to be the number one friends of the criminal cult.

3/ Third, we would be well advised to get as many letters as possible sent
to foreign countries governments, and to international bodies like Interpol,
CSCE, ONU etc., informing them of the dangers of scientology, and where they
could find our database, in case of need. Getting our database on a cd rom
could be useful.

4/ If possible, getting more help from ex-culties could be quite helpful,
whatever in USA or in foreign countries. This could need some ads into
newspapers, with the Lisa Mc Pherson fund adresses as a centralization point
(or, to local associations having the same purposes).

We could also get more help from psychiatry, medicine and health
departments. That's also their affair. Those people do not accept that such
a scam is still living and defrauding people.

5/ Getting ex-culties, whenever possible, to file suits against scientology,
for fraud, illegal mistreatments, illegal jailing, illegal money handlings,
lying advertisings and promises, illegal contracts, illegal demands of
"Freeloader debts repayments", illegal social insurance and pay check
handlings, criminal damages, etc etc...

As we would get new culties speaking, we could learn how and when
scientology has done its last crimes. We could perhaps even learn new
murders, and get the families to complain before Courts. An,d get many new
affidavits demonstrating that it has not changed its policies like Fair
Gaming, lying before Courts, etc.

6/ If we have enough data, we could get american justice sending FBI raiders
all over the country, and get the major keys to INCOMM system, which would
give the final blow to scientology. There crimes, names of infiltrated
people, new "snow white" plans etc are all there. We have to get officials
to find them.

That would be the end of the game. Perhaps we would'nt learn what and who,
but we could at least get rid of the whole system. And the story could teach american citizens and government that the hell is sometimes paved with good intentions. (1)

roger gonnet
dec 11th, 1999

(1): good intention here is the probable good intention of the Founding Father regarding religions. But who could have suspected two hundred years ago, that such criminal maffias could try to conquer the world?


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