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NEW YORK POST  Feb. 12th 1998
also in french on "Clinton-Travolta"

Under the title "White House and Gurus", Charlie Hebdo, a well known french satyrical hebdo, has launched this article, March 13, 1997 (near the Ron Hubbard's anniversary).
(C) 1997 CHARLIE HEBDO, Xavier Pasquini.

WHILE CLINTON DOES SOME GRACES TO THE CHURCH O'SCIENTOLOGY, Hillary Clinton writes into the Washington Post, a Moonist newspaper.

    Links between the President Clinton and scientology "church" are well established. In the last "Ethique et Liberté"tabloïd (laugh forbidden!), there is on page 17 an article aimed to drugs and signed from... the american president.

    Inside the text, not a single to instigate to become an adept to scientology: it would be too much! But the Clinton's signature is enough to get a banalization , a sort of official recognition. This is worse.

    Another trick, a big one, to Hubbardians gurufians: the position taken by el americano gobernemento against German Government and its own position regarding the Deutschland Church o' scientology: it had decided to undertake some actions against the cult.

    This one, with some 30000 members in Germany, is aimed at infiltrating the political and management structures. To prevent this from  happening, the Land of Bavaria forbid access to public functions to members of  the cult. How to accept, said the deputies of the Land, that could be employed people whose purpose is to use the structures in which they could be part  for a anti-democratic cult, whose most prevailing objective is monetary profit?

    AFTER REAGAN's ALLZHEIMER illness, the Clinton's Cultophily.

    In reaction to this, scientologists immediately launched a large mediatico-paranoïd operation. They compared first the Kohl's government with the nazis' one, and are playing victims. "In the 30's, it was against Jews; now, against scientologists." It must be that scientologists have some great influence over the american president for him to violently intervene into inside affairs of the German independant country.

    Those dangerous links  are no new things for american presidents: Reagan had already received Moon, and Bush is now giving lectures to an association being also a moonist front. Bill Clinton has also some good relationships with Bill Graham, an american TV-evangelist having paid for his campaign.

    Last, Hillary Clinton found a good job: she's currently used as a chronic writer by the conservative Washington's Time,  a property of Moon, Church of Unification's Guru and a Jail specialist.

    It's as it it is, by Clinton's. When will their daughter go to God's Children?

    X Pasquini.


    New York Post
    February 12, 1998

    TRAVOLTA ADMITS BILL USED SECTS APPEAL TO WOO HIMBy LINDA MASSARELLAJohn Travolta says President Clinton offered to help him with a pet
    project - getting Scientology accepted as a religion in Germany - just
    as he was about to play a character based on the president.

    Travolta was manipulated as part of Clinton's campaign to soften his
    fictional alter-ego's image in the upcoming movie "Primary Colors,"
    George magazine charges in its March issue.

    The movie is based on Joe Klein's best-selling novel about a lying,
    womanizing Southern governor - modeled on Clinton - who is running for
    president. George says the final product, set for release next month, is
    far more sympathetic to "Clinton" 0than is the book.

    "You have to be dead not see that the film favors Clinton," admitted
    Travolta, who gained 20 pounds and streaked his hair gray to look
    presidential in the film.

    "The script was always kind to him. We're talking about kind to a
    character, but indirectly we're talking about kind to the president.

    "More than anything, it promotes what a decent person he is."

    Travolta told writer Josh Young that just before "Primary Colors" went
    before the cameras last April, the actor was in Washington to promote
    Scientology - a controversial belief Travolta and scores of other
    Hollywood types embrace.

    "The next day, I met with Clinton," Travolta told George.

    "He told me: "Your program sounds great. More than that, I'd really love
    to help you with your issue over in Germany with Scientology.'"

    Clinton was referring to Germany's refusal to register Scientology as a
    religion because the government considers it a radical cult that cheats
    members out of their life savings - an allegation that Scientologists
    vehemently deny.

    "I was waiting for the seduction that I had heard so much about. I
    thought, "Well, how could he ever seduce me?'" Travolta recalled.

    "And after we talked, I thought, "Bingo!' He did it. ^Scientology_ is
    the one issue that really matters to me."

    For Travolta, Clinton reportedly went to the extraordinary length of
    assigning National Security Adviser Sandy Berger to be the
    administration's Scientology point man.

    Berger briefed Travolta in the same manner he would a senior senator,
    George reports.

    A White House official said last night, "it is perfectly normal and
    logical" for Berger to get involved in the Scientology issue because "it
    is in the general area of human rights concerns and this is something we
    have raised with the German government."

    In November, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright met with German
    Foreign Minister Klaus Kinkel - and urged him to stop being intolerant
    toward Scientologists.

    Clinton not only managed to charm Travolta - but director Mike Nichols
    and co-star Billy Bob Thornton were equally awed by him, George reports.

    Nichols - who with his wife, ABC's Diane Sawyer, were on the president's
    A-list for summer barbecues on Martha's Vineyard - said through "Primary
    Colors" he's trying to make moviegoers understand the nature of

    "A passion for people is expressed sexually too," he says.

    Thornton, the Arkansas author and star of the hit "Sling Blade," took
    the role of Richard Jennons - modeled on Clinton adviser James Carville
    - only after the president OK'd it.

    "It's a great role, and somebody's gonna do it, so it might as well be
    Billy Bob," Clinton told his friend, producer Harry Thomason, George
    reports - and Thomason passed the word to Thornton.

    Copyright (c) 1998, N.Y.P. Holdings, Inc. All rights reserved.


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