United States, sanctuary for cults

Interviewing Dave Touretzky, scientology specialist in USA

Does scientology play a political role in USA?

Yes, it attempts to make allies of many politicians to its cause. It has its own congressman Sonny Bono. With Moon, it's the most active politically.

How does it perform?

It acts mainly through its front groups like the CCHR, the comittee of Citizens for Human Rights. That one organizes lectures on various topics, in every state.

What are its main battle's topics?

It has combatted the use of Ritalin for hyperactive kids. It lobbies against the NAMH, the National Institute of Mental Health. It has tried to stop a law allowing the same social refund rate to psychaitric cures than for other medical ones. There was also a law in Texas forbidding Mds to have sexula relations with their patients: scientology attacked that law.

How does Georges Bush behaves regarding cults?

He initiated recently allowing the govt to finance churches having social services. People feared that it could finance cults. So, to defend himself, Bush denigrated scientology. It seems he does not have links with cults, but in his office, some are near Moon. Like it is for Bush father.

Are they US citizens ready to defend a law against cults ?

Religious freedom is a sensitive topic here. No american would like to see a group forbidden. But we would see the cults more seriously punished for their illegal activities. By instance, many pàeople would like to see scientology indicted for its responsability into the death of Lisa McPherson [a scientologist mysterioulsy died in 1995 in Clearwater, a scientology town: she was underfed, dehydrated, his body had blows and contusions and cockroaches bites. The investigation is running.]