Ce document a été saisi par la justice américaine et présenté dans le procès Hubbard contre Etats-Unis d'Amérique





This document is an extract from the Ability Magazine claiming lots of regulations to be made against Medicine, doctors, psychiatry etc.

[...] that he should have charge of the administration of drugs; that his use of antibiotics is beneficial; and that wherever he immediately and curatively addresses structure he is of use in a community. The only place we would limit a medical doctor is in the field of treatment of psychosomatic medicine, where he has admittedly and continuously failed, and the only thing we would ask a medical doctor to change about his practice is to stop taking money for things he knows he cannot cure, i. e., spiritual, mental, psychosomatic, and social ills.

With regard to psychologists, medical doctors, and psychiatrists, then, what would one say in talking with them? But again we have section 10 of the Code of the Scientologist. You wouldn't expect this psychologist, or psychiatrist, or medical doctor to get into an argument with you on how to get rats to find their way through mazes, how you would set a tibia, or what voltage you would put on an electric shock machine. Therefore, and equally, do not permit yourself to be put in the situation where you are discussing privately or in public, the methodologies of your wisdom. The attitude of a Scientologist toward people is these professions should be: "I have my techniques. It took me a long time to learn them just as it took you a long time to learn yours, and I am not going to try to make a minister out of you, and you are not going to try to make a medical doctor (psychiatrist, psychologist) out of me. I am an expert instructor only where it is intimately involved with the human spirit. I can produce my effects. You can produce yours. In view of the fact that you do not pretend to operate in the field of the human spirit, and I do not pretend to operate in the field of structure, I do not see how there can be any discussion. But thing s that I can't handle in structure when called upon I will be very happy to refer to you, and I shall expect that when matters of the spirit come into question you will have enough understanding of life, where we are all specialists, to refer them to me." A quiet explanation of this character will do a great deal to place you as a professional man in their realm of understanding of professional men.

Should anyone challenge you for having suddenly secured a relief in a hospital or an institution from some dire malady which balked the efforts of the professional men in charge of it, and should you ever be "called upon the carpet" for having "interfered" with the progress of a case, you should be extremely dismayed, and act it, to find yourself in the presence of barbarians who do not believe in the power of prayer, in the will of God, or the
promises of Jesus Christ. And you should point out that, whereas the body was in their keeping, they did not at any time care to take purview of the human soul. And if anything has occurred because the soul, in your province, then reacted upon the body, you believe that they are unwilling to admit the will of God in their treatment of human beings, and if this is the case you now [sic], while you are being addressed by such people, discover yourself to be in a strange place where men pretending to be Christians doubt God, the the [sic] Son of God, and the power of prayer. Your entire address to such people, in such a situation, publicly or privately, should be entirely overt, accusative, and not at any time apologetic. And you should immediately make it your business to place this matter before the proper authorities, that people are in charge of an institution here, are not Christians, and do not believe in God, and you should inform your accusers that you are going to do so.

Should you ever be arrested for practicing Scientology, treating people, make very sure, long before the time comes, that you have never used drugs or surgery, and that you have never prescribed a diet, or vitamins, and when that time might come, make very sure that you immediately and instantly, within two or three hours after your receipt of the warrant, have served upon the signer of that warrant, a personal civil suit for $100, 000.00 damages for having caused the arrest of a Man of God going about his business in his proper profession, and for having brought about embarrassing publicity and molestation. Place the suit and WIRE THE HASI IMMEDMELY. Make the whole interest during the entire time of such an unfortunate occurrence the fact that the signer of such a warrant, who would ordinarily be a medical doctor in charge of the medical department of some city, had dared fly in the teeth of religion. And use what is necessary of the earlier passage above to drive the point home. DO NOT simply fall back out of communication if you are attacked, but attack, much more forcefully, and artfully and arduously. And if you are foolish enough to have an attorney who tells you not to sue, immediately dismiss him and get an attorney who will sue. Or, if no attorney will sue, simply have an HASI suit form filled out and present it yourself to the county clerk in the court of the area in which your case has come up.


In other words, do not, at any moment leave this act unpunished, for, if you do you are harming all other Scientologists in the area. When you are attacked it is your responsibility then to secure from further attack not only yourself but all those who work with you. Cause blue flame to dance on the court house roof until everybody has apologized profusely for having dared to become so adventurous as to arrest a Scientologist who, as a minister of the church, was going about his regular duties. As far as the advices of attorneys go that you should not sue, that you should not attack, be aware of the fact that I, myself, in Wichita, Kansas, had the rather interesting experience of discovering that my attorney employed by me and paid by me, had been for some three months in the employ of the people who were attacking me, and that this attorney had collected some insignificant sum of money after I hired him, by going over to the enemy arid acting upon their advices. This actually occurred, so beware of attorneys who tell you not to sue. And I call to your attention the situation of any besieged fortress. If that fortress does not make sallies, does not send forth patrols to attack and harrass, and does not utilize itself to make the besieging of it a highly dangerous occupation, that fortress may, and most often does, fall.

The DEFENSE of anything is UNTENABLE. The only way to defend anything is to ATTACK, and if you ever forget that, then you will lose every battle you are ever engaged in, whether it is in terms of personal conversation, public debate, or a court of law. NEVER BE INTERESTED IN CHARGES. DO, yourself, much MORE CHARGING, and you will WIN. And the public, seeing that you won, will then have a communication line to the effect that. Scientologists WIN. Don't ever let them have any other thought than that Scientology takes all of its objectives.

Another point directly in the interest of keeping the general public to the general public communication line in good odor: it is vitally important that a Scientologist put into action and overtly keep in action Article 4 of the Code: "I pledge myself to punish to the fullest extent of my power anyone misusing or degrading Scientology to harmful ends." The only way you can guarantee that Scientology will not be degraded or misused is to make sure that only those who are trained in it practice it. If you find somebody practicing Scientology who is not qualified, you should give them an opportunity to be formally trained, at their expense, so that they will not abuse and degrade the subject. And you would not take as any substitute for formal training any amount of study.

You would therefore delegate to members of the HASI who are not otherwise certified only those processes mentioned below, and would discourage them from using any other processes. More particularly, if you discovered that some group calling itself "precept processing" had set up and established a series of meetings in your area, that you would do all you could to make things interesting for them. In view of the fact that the HASI holds the copyrights for all such material, and that a scientific organization of material can be copyrighted and is therefore owned, the least that could be done to such an area is the placement of a suit against them for using materials of Scientology without authority. Only a member of the HASI or a member of one of the churches affiliated with the HASI has the authority to use this information. The purpose of the suit is to harrass and discourage rather than to win.

The law can be used very easily to harrass, and enough harrassment on somebody who is simply on the thin edge anyway, well owing that he is not authorized, will generally be sufficient to cause his professional decease. If possible, of course, ruin him utterly.

A D.Scn. has the power to revoke a certificate below the level of D.Scn. but not a D.Scn. However, he can even recommend to the CECS of the HASI that D.Scns. be revoked, and so any sincere Scientologist is capable of policing Scientology. This is again all in the interest of keeping the public with a good opinion of Scientology, since bad group processing and bad auditing are worse than bad publicity and are the worst thing that can happen to the general public to general public communication line.

The best thing that can happen to it is good auditing, good public presentation, and a sincere approach on the subject of Scientology itself. Remember, we are interested in ALL treatment being beneficial, whether it is Scientology or not. For bad treatment in any line lowers the public opinion of all treatment.


[...] motive than confusion. They don't know what any of these things are about and are afraid.

But when these attacks assume a public crescendo, it has been discovered in the past that the attacker was a criminal by record, thus you can see the ease with which such people can be handled. Oddly enough, there are only about twenty people in all these five years who have made such attacks, and who have caused difficulties for this work. Not all of these are known to be criminals, and not all of them have committed actual crimes while making these attacks so far as we know, but the most serious of these attacks WERE made by criminals. Therefore, an individual auditor finding himself confronted in an area by scurrilous and vicious attacks has only to trace these to their actual author and then trace the actual author, through police or "private eyes", to find that he has far more upon which to base charges than merely a dislike of Scientology. Normally such attacks are motivated by a frantic need for secrecy and the fear that any subject which could if it wished penetrate to the inmost secrets of a being would disclose things which such people feel would disgrace them forever.

Now this matter of punishment is not a very happy subject, but neither is it a very happy subject for individual auditors or an organization to be engaged upon a provenly sincere course of intent in civilization, and yet be balked by people who have no understanding or who represent the baser elements of a society. If we find all this uproar and entheta stemming, over a period of five years, from only twenty people, we can see that twenty people meaning no good can create a considerable communication bloc to us. Thus it is the responsibility of the individual auditor in his area, if he wishes to guarantee himself a quiet, pleasant, beneficial and remunerative practice, to be very alert, and quite punitive where unauthorized persons and uninformed persons go on an all-out attack against him, against Scientology, against its organizations, or who illegally use or misuse Scientology.

And all of Scientology holds such a member or auditor as their hope in smoothing out our communication lines. It is an entirely moral duty to be punitive against strangers and outsiders who would stop the progress of this civilization.

It might be felt at times that by becoming posessed of a greater wisdom a greater freedom, an individual has to some degree separated himself from the human race. True enough he has separated himself from the more stupid elements of the human race, but it is not true that he has divorced himself from the foremost and fundamental drive of man. He has, quite the contrary, come much closer to it and the truth of living by being in Scientology. When one has the feeling that he has become an outsider by becoming a Scientologist, he has the tendency not to use the civilization or its processes themselves in carrying forward his course of existence.

A member, or certified auditor, being himself a saner and more civilized person, and being closer to the actual goals of government and society, which are, of course, in any actually civilized land the betterment of that society, has more right to use the government and activity lines of a people than those who would do less by their fellows. In other words, a member of the HASI or a trained Scientologist has full and complete rights to utilize whatever governmental facilities, licensing agencies, institutions, courts, police, legislations, and communication lines of that society. A member or trained auditor confronted by disagreement from specialized interest finds himself confronted by people who would like a member or trained auditor to believe that they, not he, represent the legal side of the society. This is not true.

The person with the purer intent represents the civilized side of the society, not the person who exists solely for vested interest or personal gain. Remember that courts of law, officers of the law, institutions, regulations, legislatures, congresses, are more yours than they belong to your opponent. A Scientologist is no outlaw in a society, but is the catalyst of that society, and as such he may and should use every facility that society posesses to pull itself up to higher levels of beingness In other words, if a Scientologist finds somebody doing wrong in the field of healing , he has the full and complete right to use any and all police courts, legislation, to right that wrong.

The HASI exists to back up any such move made. Remember, the HASI does not exist to punish communication and action, but to further it. When it cuts communication lines it is not cutting any SCIENTOLOGY communication lines.

America was civilized by a militant ministry, and when that ministry ceased to be militant we saw on every hand the decay and decline of civil government. We saw a rise of crime and a lowering of public morals. Civil[...]


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